Recession is reality but certain elements can make it worse for your accounting firm. One can get ahead in any economical market, but you need to know what to do and what to avoid.

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CPA - Accounting Firm Marketing Newsletter:
Recession - the end of the world or an opportunity?

This issue of CPA Marketing Newsletter discusses marketing in economical downturn.

Is marketing at all possible in recession?

Is it worthwhile?

Or should be just dig our heels in and try to override the hurricane Recession that tears out businesses and homes and livelihoods by the thousands daily... still, after several years of mainly negative growth?

The current recession is definitely a big one. Nobody could try to insist that it was just a figment of our imagination.

There IS a shortage of financing. Sales for the most lines of business HAVE lowered. Costs DID increase and keep doing so. It all gets tighter still.

But is it hopeless?


Absolutely not.

That hopelessness comes from WITHIN.

It is installed into our minds by our environment, the media blaring out mainly bad news, exaggerating possible future ramifications of this or that, spreading fear in our minds that it will all come to a terrible end.

But it won't.

The economy will rebound once again, just like it has before.

In this recession we have had quite a few "extras" which have further caused negativity.

The climate change and its alarming reports - be they true or suitably enhanced to receive more attention from us.

The Euro crisis with some Euro Zone governments practically burning money and lending as if growth was eternally continuous and then some.

The banking crisis with its amazing losses and even more flabbergasting profits and bonuses and all that ensued for businesses and mortgages and the expense of bailout for governments.

The war on terrorism with its unending death toll making us fear in our own home.

And the blessed Internet social media with its viral cacophony of alarmist "news" where the world ends every week and famous people die and get resurrected continuously.

All these factors (and I've no doubt you can recite quite few additional ones) make our trust in future very weak.

But that is just our FEELING. The future is still there. And it will be better than today.

A lot better.

And it is important that YOU think this way because...


To be happier and more successful, we NEED to have a better future

Happiness is essentially built of much the same things as success on the entrpreneurial level. We need something good to work towards, a worthwhile goal to reach, something better to achieve... a brighter future.

And the trick with recession is to work harder on marketing rather than not. The majority of your competitors have burrowed their heads into the sand with their marketing plans well in hibernation, waiting for "better times."

But why wait until EVERYONE starts marketing?

Why not utilize the potential of THIS economical situation and the fact that you have practically free reign over the market?

All you need to know is HOW to market successfully in an economic downturn.

And for that, why not read the article Recession Accountancy Practice Management Tips on our site?

It might just give you a few worthwhile goals that will turn into successful projects!

You will do better and feel happier!

Best wishes,

Harry Kafka
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HDK Consultants U.S.A. Inc.
PMB 211
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FL 33755
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Calls from outside USA:
+1 727 474 1206

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