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CPA Marketing Newsletter: Is there hope of better?

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CPA - Accounting Firm Marketing Newsletter:
Is there hope of better for your CPA firm?

In this issue we discuss the most elementary of human needs for any practitioner.

Make sure you read this one no matter how busy you are, for I guarantee it will make you feel better!


As long as we have HOPE of better things to come for our CPA firm, we DO better

Hoe is the fundamental fuel of life as we all know. When there's hope we can overcome hardships and achieve goals. and when the hope goes, everything crumbles along with it.

However, there are many people in this world whose main purpose seems to be to spread hopelessness to their fellow men.

The pessimistic, cynical message we see on various accounting forums and the media is not helping anyone. Their message is of NO hope and that it's useless to try anything because it will just fail miserably.

According to these voices it is all impossible, hopeless... useless to try fighting the inevitable.

Only it's NOT SO.

Those "realities of life" so eagerly disseminated by some derive from a very specific consideration which isn't going to do anyone (else) any good. Some of these promulgators of hopelessness are experts in their field but NOT experts in marketing accounting services.

Think for yourself:

Which is going to help YOU to go on developing your accounting practice — the idea that everything is possible provided you have the right tools and knowledge... or the claim that everything is hopeless so it's useless to try...?

And what would be the MOTIVATION of these fellows (who publicly announce they've given up trying to obtain new clients) for telling OTHERS that it cannot be done?

Right. Maybe they ARE going after new clients but don't want anyone else to compete... or maybe they've stopped marketing and now aim to make everyone else quit also.

Who knows... but it's not something that would benefit YOU.

Now, I'm not going to try telling you it's EASY to acquire new CPA clients at better profit. I'll not insult you by claiming that there are thousands of businesses out in your area simply gagging to hear your accounting service presentation or eagerly awaiting your next direct mailing letter or telemarketing call.

I'm merely stating the fact that hundreds of accounting practices and CPA firms MANAGE to acquire new clients at reasonable cost and with reasonable efforts.

"Easy" is a bad word as it includes the connotation of "achieved without any effort," which is not the case with finding new accounting clients at far better profit (and income far in excess of what's the per-client industry standard).

Nothing worthwhile comes without SOME work.

You cannot achieve such a hugely pro-survival goal as "being able to obtain new clients at far higher income & profit whenever you want them and in any quantity you prefer" without a carefully tested and proven system.

I know because we've actually found out the PRACTICAL ACTIONS required to do this.

And, after three years of hard work with 50 practices, put these actions down into ready-to-use tools in just the correct sequence... after which hundreds of firms have used these tools successfully.

It's just not possible for any single practice to invest the time & money required to RESEARCH & TEST & PILOT this as there are so many alternatives to choose from, of which only one produces the expected result.

So, the CERTAIN route to hopelessness is to try developing a system on your own, simply because it's something that requires far too much doing for any single firm.

Needless to say, insisting of creating the whole system on your own is an undertaking of some 10 years or so. If it took a team of 10 marketing experts and 50 practices three years FULL TIME then you can do the math and see what it requires part time and with only you at it, right?


CPA Marketing: Injecting a healthy dose of realistic hope into your practice

Would you like to acquire a HUGE increase in your future possibilities right now?

Would you want to increase your motivation and positiveness, gain a whole new outlook on what your TRUE POTENTIAL for future expansion really is?

You KNOW your true potential is so much more.

So, why not take the decisive step to turn that potential into reality, harnessing the proven system in creating some real PULL for your services right now?

The Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course will not only give you the insider knowledge of WHY your competitors keep on failing in their marketing attempts, but it will also provide you with the exact steps and PRACTICAL ACTIONS on how the top 4% of practitioners are obtaining new clients at better profit as we speak... whenever and however many they want.

Think about that for a moment.

It's not an empty promise. It is factually the ONLY step-by-step programme for finding new accounting clients at better profit and higher success ratios.

But let's get back to HOPE.

For now, if you feel a bit lacklustre and overwhelmed, don't think of DOING something.

For now, just think of acquiring KNOWLEDGE on the precise anatomy of those barriers causing failure to all practitioners in marketing... and the exact steps on how to SOLVE those problems and achieve the results you want.

That will give you HOPE and hope will give your CPA marketing project WINGS.

Knowledge will change your whole viewpoint on your own possibilities and what you can do with your CPA firm.

So, concentrate on things that give you lots of hope for future and stay positive.

Isn't it time you KNEW and HAD this knowledge so you can look more positively into the future, knowing it's yours to shape any way you wish?

I think it's never too soon or never too late to get more power and strength for yourself.

So never let anything or anyone tell you it's hopeless!

Thank you for what you do for the business community and keep up the good work!


Best wishes,

Harry Kafka
HDK Consultants U.S.A. Inc.
PMB 211, 411 Cleveland
Clearwater, FL 33755
Phone (727) 474 1206
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