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Marketing accounting services on Internet


Internet is different from any other media on Earth in many aspects - but in particular when it comes to marketing and advertising.

The reason people invest in equipment and a broadband connection is to access a gigantic source of FREE information.

They don't pay in order to view adverts or sales messages... or really any kind of "commercial message or presentation."

Thus the most usual mistake a CPA firm makes is to assume that Internet works the same way as any other medium in terms of marketing and presentation.

Off line media works that way.

Internet doesn't.

This is the FIRST reason why the presentation of your accounting firm and its services online brings NO RESULTS. If it is a traditional presentation then chances are that there won't be any contacts resulting from your online presence.

Of course, unless you're web pages have been OPTIMIZED for the most popular (and accurate) search terms, and unless you have an active program exchanging links with RELATED sites, it is not likely that you'll receive many visitors as no one will FIND your web site from among the perhaps 100 MILLION commercial web sites on the Internet.

But we'll discuss these points later. For now, let's look at...


What business owners look for on the Internet and how can you attract them on your accounting site

The solution to online marketing starts with the general GOAL of people that browse the Internet.

Why do people pay good money to get connected to the Internet?

To view advertising?

Definitely not.

People pay for the equipment and connection for one reason only:


Business owners, just like everyone else online, use the Internet because it is the best, fastest, most accessible and convenient superhighway of free information.

Internet is like a giant encyclopedia owned jointly by everyone browsing the net. Whatever you want to find out about, you can find online.

Whenever a business owner wants to know MORE about anything, wants to LEARN how to do or acquire something or simply information regading some issue or subject... he logs onto the Internet.

A couple of clicks, a few seconds... and all the data is at his fingertips.

He EXPECTS this information to be FREE.

He expects the data to be EXTENSIVE. You know, the real thing, something to bite into, not just some fancy and cleverly worded clichés which are more or less meaningless to him.

Not only that but he wants information that is UNBIASED.

He wants HELPFUL information written without an ulterior motive of selling him something. Something that shows by its example that it WANTS TO GIVE KNOWLEDGE about the subject matter.

He is looking for an information source which he can TRUST.

These points then give us the general concept of what's required to make your web site inviting and interesting... and such that it can produce a good number of results (prospective clients) continually.


CPA Internet marketing: Avoid appearing like a used car salesman

So, what happens when a business owner is looking for information about an alternate option for accounting services?

96 times out of a hundred, he already HAS an accountant. So what is he looking for online?

He is looking for an accounting / CPA firm who is everything his current accountancy service provider is NOT. He is looking for an easy-to-get-along-with accounting professional, one who can communicate understandably, one who is willing to give advice and help... that sort of thing.

Now he finds web sites of CPA firms and accounting practice, sites with impressive corporate looks and little text which (to him) is very commercial, very stuffy and very un-enlightening.

Will he jump to change accountants?

Look at it with the eyes of a business owner. Would YOU believe the information if it is given with a clear and open attempt to SELL something to you?

Would you CHANGE your service provider to someone whose site communicates just as poorly as your accountant?

You're looking for information on how to evaluate accounting firms and services — or say you want to see whether your current accountant is really giving you the kind of service you need... or at a reasonable price.

And then stumble upon a CPA / Accounting firm web site. But all you see is their self-praise on how great and experienced they are, how marvelous their services are...

Now, that's NOT what you were looking for, right?

How is that going to help you to THINK with it?

How is that going to create CHOICES for you?

It's not, is it?

So, you don't stay more than a few seconds... you click the "back" button on your browser... and you're GONE, never to return to this same site if you can avoid it!


CPA Internet marketing: To achieve anything with your visitor, you must first give free information

Lots of it. That's the only way to open a line of communication with someone whom you do not know and cannot talk to. Your web site CONTENT must do the talking.

Selling face to face, you can get into the nitty gritty of it more or less immediately.

But on the Internet, you're not really selling at all.

You're CREATING INTEREST toward your services and firm.

And online, you need a more roundabout way to create interest.

To sell a service or information, you must first give some FREE information.

Quite a bit of it, in fact. Your site has to be a genuine free information service.

Oh, I well know this flies in the teeth of all you've held sacred about web sites and visual appearance. But I'm not talking about your COMPANY web site here, the pages that are for your existing clients, your networking partners, finance institutions and such.

I'm talking about a PROSPECTING web site.

See, to have any realistic chance of marketing accounting services on Internet, you need to create a SEPARATE web site just for that purpose alone — as a free information source for businesses in your area who are looking to understand accounting better and/or want to learn to evaluate accounting services and compare CPA firms with each other.

On this site, you must first give your visitors loads of free information without any catch or hidden agenda or obligations.

And only THEN you can expect to create enough interest to get business owners to CONTACT you.

Traditional advertising-type self-serving promotion — or call it what you like but I mean the way most companies present themselves and would want others to see them — is rejected on the Internet without a second thought.

Straight off. Immediately. It does NOT matter what you say on your web page since the average visitor (who's not your client or associate) won't ever get that fa.

He'll exact the "browser's revenge" — click the "back" button... and he's off.

If visitors see that your site is clearly just SELLING a service, they will simply go away and do so within 2-5 SECONDS.


CPA Internet marketing: Stay away from web site designers if you want prospective clients

If you want an impressive web site for existing clients, networking associates and such, turn to professional web site designers. They know how to create formidable visual displays which impress most people.

But if you want to to utilise the Internet for acquiring interested prospects and new clients... steer clear of web designers.

Let me put this in no uncertain way:

There is NO substitute to knowing how to market your own web site on the Internet.

Those who REALLY know make a good living online... and they're not interested in doing your net marketing for you.

Those who are interested are usually not successful in it, for else they would live on it, see?

But the KNOWLEDGE of successful Internet marketers is out there and available. So your choices are... acquire the knowledge to do it right... or fail.

Don't try the "hit and hope" -method.

The fact is that there's no way to acquire a results-producing web site without having the knowlege of how to market online.

Take a tour around the sites of your competitors on the Internet. See how they present their services in the traditional way. Look at the exquisite layouts to make their firm appea as one of the Big Four (or is it Five?) although it's a small practice.

That's what web designers do.

Impressive? Definitely!

But only to YOU. Only to the OWNER of the web site.

It won't impress those whom it is INTENDED to impress — IF you want to acquire new clients.

Read what their web site offers in way of "content."

Fancy terminology, impressive and VERY short presentations... what they call "minimalistic" (minimal effort I call it...). All very nice for the person whose ego the site is built to boost...

...but a sad sight for anyone proficient in Intenet marketing.

And if you were a business owner wanting some unbiased and understandable information on accounting services... do you feel that these sites COMMUNICATE anything at all apart from their own grandeur?

I think you'll see that they don't.

Now, these practitioners have paid an arm and a leg for their site. And I'm not making fun of the, quite the contrary. Most of these people were sold with empty promises of "Internet commerce" that never materialized.

Heck, I've analysed quite a few such fancy sites in a service I offer called the Web Site Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Analysis, and I tell you... it's wild.

Most of these fancy sites don't even have headlines for their web pages, no page description, no key word optimization... nothing but the visual.

Thus, if by some miracle one of these web pages WAS listed among the first few HUNDRED in any search, the page link on the search engine would be headed "Untitled" and the "description" under the heading would be pure gibberish.

Luckily such pages won't rank within the first HALF MILLION usually, so in that way it's perhaps a blessing.

But these appalling flaps are very visible to anyone who understands Internet marketing. So these practitioners were definitely duped if anything was mentioned about "marketing" at all.

But let's get back to our subject.

Arriving at such a fancy site, the visiting business owner will catch on within seconds that this is yet one more of those "clone" sites — cloned for the formidable corporate image appearance — and its content is all about "me-me-MEEE!"... other words, he grasps immediately that this web site is commercially motivated and selling their own solution directly, so he KNOWS their information is biased due to vested interest...

... and he will go away.


CPA Internet marketing: A free information web site with matching appearance and content

You could create a web site that achieves RESULTS.

A site that offers lots of interesting content of the kind the average business owner is looking for.

But I promise you'll kick yourself if you try it without acquiring the knowledge of

-what KIND of web site you should set up to attract new clients
-how to optimize it for search engines... and
-how to market it on the Internet.

Internet marketing works and it works very well, but only if you apply the specific methodology that's proven successful.

If utilizing the Internet for the marketing of your accounting services is of interest to you, we have a couple of manuals that give you the knowledge required and even a turn-key service to set up the whole web site for you along these principles.

To find out more about creating your own prospecting web site, read the introduction of the CPA Web Content Guide.

If Internet marketing of accounting services is what you want, read about the Accounting Professionals Internet Marketing Guide. The presentation itself actually offers a lot of information about Internet marketing of accounting services, so it's well worth the read.

And if you would prefer the full-service alternative, familiarize yourself with our Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site Package.

Let me end off by stating a few basic facts.

First of all, the Internet has long since surpassed any other medium for data gathering. Every office and every decision maker has a connection. Every home has a computer with access to Internet.

For this reason, Internet has become a truly viable option for marketing also LOCALLY... and especially so if you live in a city or area with at least half a million people.

Fact number two is that you CAN market your CPA firm and accounting services on the Internet successfully. I know you can because I've done it myself and so have a select number of my clients.

Fact number three is that Internet may well be "the final frontier" today because so few in the accounting industry know how to utilize it for client-acquisition.

Only approximately 4% of CPA & accounting firms actually KNOW how to do it effectively and successfully. This means that whoever understands the potential in your area may well be the ONLY firm online reaping the benefits.

And last but not least, securing a web site of this kind with lots of free and interesting content will also give you an advantage in all other forms of local marketing, merely because you can direct business owners to your site in on the phone, in your telemarketing, direct mailing letters, listings, classifieds, ads, business cards, flyers and whatever other media you use to promote your CPA firm.

It might not seem like much but it is a HUGE advantage actually. People read your articles and spend time on your site... and they begin to AGREE with your views... and they start considering you as someone they KNOW and respect.

This may be the most important benefit of all because it can "mature" prospects out of sight until they just show up at your doorstep wanting to sign onto services, just like that.

Don't think it doesn't occur. It does. It happens to me quite frequently. People call me up and act like we're old friends, which is GREAT as we establish good communication immediately.

And that's the start of any relationship, be it personal or commercial.

So give the Internet some thought... and keep up the good work!


Best wishes,

Harry Kafka
HDK Consultants U.S.A. Inc.
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