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CPA - Accounting Firm Marketing Newsletter:
How can you help your clients by providing them with better financial leadership?

This week's issue discusses an issue, which is often very much misunderstood and undervalued. Let's start with an interesting quote by Arnold H. Glasow:

"One of the true tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency."

Arnold H. Glasow (1905 - 1998) was an American businessman and humorist was cited frequently in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the Chicago Tribune among others.

How often have you had to see the truth of this quote with your clients' businesses?

For most accounting professionals, it tends to be one of the most pertinent truisms that you probably come across advising your clients in running their organisation or activity.

As a rule, your firm is the stable one compared to the client businesses. Yet whatever fluctuations YOU get tend to come from the clients' ups and downs.

Emergencies grow from small problems to monsters in the course of months in which the client has no knowledge of them. If you could help them AVOID these emergencies, you would benefit on two fronts.

For the first, you would earn more and at a far higher hourly rate than one can with basic tax compliance work. For the second, you would safeguard your OWN growth and be secure in knowing that your clients will not cause YOU emergencies with their own.

So there is much to be gained, and truth told, this is also a very interesting and intellectually stimulating method of consulting, which will enable you to even out your fiscal year and charge nice monthly fees from practically all your clients.


Making Monthly Financial Consulting of Key Figures a part of your services

As Glasow states, emergencies come from negative indicators being ignored long enough in a business.

Bottlenecks come to be and they slow flows down, causing untold problems in several places of the organization. These then eventually ALSO start slowing things down, causing further bleeding of the company's energy and income.

Yet these bottlenecks in the flows of business activies have clear INDICATORS all along the way, making it possible for a trained eye to pinpoint them almost from the onset -- within a month of the moment that something went astray initially.

YOU could spot these indicators easily and at a VERY early stage, at which point they've not evolved into major problems.

You could... if only you had a way to get to MONITOR some key points of client's business activity.

And that is where the Monthly Financial Consulting Service gives you an opening.

As an integral part of our Modern Accountancy Marketing Course, it shows how easy it is to deliver the service, how you can present it to clients and get them enthusiastic about the results you can provide them, and how you can actually get NEW clients much easier, because now you can offer them a more secure growth environment than their current CPA or Accounting firm could.

With the Monthly Financial Consulting Service, you could easily help your clients to a life that is practically void of emergencies. It will also free you from the glass ceiling of hourly rates and offer you a lot more freedom to help your clients even further than now.

And perhaps the best thing is that with this consulting method, they will also ACCEPT the help and actually DO something effective about problems in their business!

CLICK HERE to read the presentation of Modern Accountancy Marketing Course.

Give it a try.

I guarantee you'll be surprised at how interested your clients will be about the Monthly Financial Consulting, how easily it will tempt new business to your firm, how enjoyable you will find delivering it... and how profitable it will be for your practice within months and from thereon out!

If you have any questions, please email me directly and I will be glad to clarify any points or address all concerns you may have in regards to our Modern Accountancy Marketing Course.

Best wishes,

Harry Kafka
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