A successful system for finding big businesses outsourcing their accounting functions can open the door for a treasure hunt with huge potential earnings for an accounting firm...

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CPA - Accounting Firm Marketing Newsletter:
Find big clients outsourcing their accounting functions


This issue discusses the horn of plenty of the accounting industry outsourcing market — finding large businesses to outsource their accounting functions over to your CPA firm or accounting practice.

It's a veritable treasure hunt of respectable proportions for ANY CPA
or accounting firm, regardless of size or resources.

New research has come up with methods of finding and signing on larger businesses when they outsource their in-house accounting functions.

It's quite something...

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All right, let's get to it then..


Outsourcing accounting functions: The inefficiecy of large organisations

We've known for quite a while now that the efficiency ratio of the average employee decreases in direct proportion to the GROWTH of the organization. With expansion comes more staff and with more staff comes confusion, administrative tasks and whatnot.

In a big organization, people talk with each other during the course of a day a lot more than in a small group. Any action takes longer as more people are consulted. Whether or not it is necessary to consult those other people, is beyond the point here.

Human interaction dictates this behavior; it's a fact of life.

There was a time when every company worth its salt had an Accountant. With the increase of rules and regulations governing business, more people were hired and, as companies grew, in-house Accounting departments came to be.

With the development of Accounting software, things started changing. A lot fewer people were needed and especially mid-sized companies didn't really analyze their need of personnel, retaining too many bookkeepers as a result.

With the increase of competition profits were lowered.

Continuous increase of the cost of living index required continuous upping of salaries. Employer fees increased, laws were passed requiring the employer to provide this and that for his personnel.

With continuous improvement to the legal rights of employees, comfort zones increased and people knew they couldn't be fired that easily.

I'm not taking sides, merely explaining the development of things that have made the market for outsourcing open up. Right or wrong, needed or not, these things have influenced how the situation is in present time.

During the past decades, companies have grown and the efficiency of their Accounting departments has fallen on the average.

And now, with crackdown on cost, the situation has come to a breaking point.


Accounting firm: Small, effective and very service-oriented

Where previously, bigger companies wanted similar-sized trade contacts, today the emphasis is on finding smaller and more effective units. Nowadays, bigger companies know that if they want cost-efficient, good service, they have to turn to smaller Accounting & CPA firms.

Good, loyal and keen SERVICE ATTITUDE is the keyword in what these bigger clients are looking for.

A big accounting firm doesn't have the same competitive edge as it also suffers from the lack of entrepreneurship brought on by extended infrastructure.

There's not much point in hiring a firm if the personnel whose task it is to implement the service is likewise distant from the management as in the client's own organizations, right?

When we're speaking of outsourcing assignments, cost-efficiency is a relative concept. In reality, there's so much margin here - the cost of in-house solutions is often exceedingly heavy - so you can get through quotes with a fair profit margin IF you can convince the client that YOU are his best choice.

Obviously, the INCOME from a single outsourcing client can equal that of tens of average business clients.

Usually we're talking about thousands of dollars worth of monthly fees here.

Thus, a single new client of this type can DOUBLE your revenue.

In most cases, outsourcing occurs by way of not hiring new personnel once the existing ones leave.

Thus, the likeliest scenario is that your counterpart within the client's organization is an accounting professional - the head of the in-house accounting department.

This makes the work much more fluent and effective as compared with a layman client.

Obviously, with the changing wind, there's a tremendous market for ANY CPA or Accounting firm to obtain several bigger clients.

But how does one acquire and secure these big clients?


Creating Outsourcing Stragegy for your CPA firm

For the first, you must ensure that you have correct facts about the project so that your strategy builds on those factors which influence the selection process most.

In other words, you want to make sure you're building on just the right foundation; otherwise, your attempts will not get results.

Secondly, you need to know the exact TIMING for approaching bigger companies. There are very few "windows of opportunity" available in outsourcing.

You have to know the right place and time to make your move.

Thirdly, it's vital that your approach is such that it makes a BIG impression on the KEY ELEMENTS of what these bigger clients are looking for.

That's to say, you need to concentrate exactly on those things they WANT, providing them with just the right answers so THEY will realize that your service is the one that will handle the problems they've had with in-house accounting.

The monthly cost of the solution is one, of course.

But you don't want to compete on price alone for there's little point in taking on a client if the profit doesn't correspond with the amount of work (and the higher level responsibility) you take on.

Thus, it's essential that you can impress the client on the QUALITY of your service. You also want to get HIM to realize that your SERVICE ATTITUDE is that of a private entrepreneur... you want him to seel that "you'll deliver it or die trying."

Fourthly, you want to use just the right GO-BUTTONS in your approach, presentation and sales closing.

It's absolutely vital to know his biggest problems and the solutions & benefits that he wants... and you must weave these into every phase of your marketing and presentation so they'll be repeated over and over again.

If you want to learn more about outsourcing, please note that Part 9 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is all about finding outsourcing clients and offers ready-to-use tools to do so successfully.

It's quite an amazing system... so hold onto your hat, for outsourcing is the biggest and fastest method of all for expanding revenue and profits!

Last but not least, you need to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Don't think bigger companies aren't interested in your services.

They are.

You've got the best service attitude, the highest efficiency ratio and you can provide them with a professional outside viewpoint on which they can make MILLIONS.

Your true potential in providing consulting and knowledge for bigger companies is FAR BIGGER than you EVER believed - guaranteed!

Keep up the good work and have a week of positive thinking,


Best wishes,

Harry Kafka
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