Why do accountancy marketing plans produce little results? Planning can become a perpetual activity and a substitute for doing the actions that DIRECTLY bring new accounting clients...

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Planning marketing actions perpetually?

Essentially, there are two ways of grappling any challenge in business.

One is to talk about it. The other is to do something about it.

Obviously, talking about something is PART of the preparation for doing something.

It is silly to do something without ANY planning whatsoever. Planning requires talking about the subject and drawing up some idea on what to do about some specific problem you want to solve or a goal you want to achieve.

But whether or not the plans ever get to the level of execution is the divider here.


Planning, the most common substitute for action in accountancy marketing

Planning for marketing is fine if it results in activity in the subject. Planning as such does not necessitate action, of course — you can create a plan and find it not suitable or postpone it — but if this happens continually, the planning itself has become a substitute for action.

In my marketing career, I've discussed with a large number of decision-makers, probably in excess of 10,000 directors, partners, marketing directors and other such parties.

In the course of my work, I've come to recognize the talkers from the doers.

But it can be a very difficult task because of the way we perceive our environment and acquire information. A talker is TALKING with (and to) you, which gives him the advantage of being believed easily as a doer, if he only TALKS about how much he does.

The obvious and observable fact is that he is TALKING (NOT doing) "it" and the fact that he spends so much time TALKING about it would be an equally apparent indicator against his claims of being "a doer."

Everyone knows one or more people who do this and whom we BELIEVE are extremely effective and expert in what they (don't) do... despite the evidence being in front of our eyes.

He who talks about doing is NOT doing it.

He who DOES it, hasn't TIME to talk about "doing it" as his hours and minutes are used DOING it, which sort of takes him out of the "social self-promotional chitchat circulation" and thus, people often think he does NOTHING AT ALL.

Now, my educated guess is that YOU are the busiest person in your accounting firm. But you may be amazed to know that if you spend a lot of time DOING work and "out of circulation" then the IMAGE that others have of how MUCH or HARD you work is... well, far less than what's justified by reality!

But let's get back to planning of marketing of accounting services.


Accounting service marketing: Reinventing the wheel but never USING it...

Essentially, the mistake we make is that we plan, plan and plan... and reject this or that plan, try out something with this or that approach, giving up on it if it doesn't produce results quickly... and get back to planning... start worrying... and DO less about marketing, trying to find the ultimate secret... and worry MORE... and...

Well, you see where this is going.

Worry is really something that's caused by LACK OF DOING WHAT PRODUCES RESULTS DIRECTLY.

Don't feel slighted here. The reason why this happens is NOT due to you at all. It's an insidious trap mechanism to which we all fall prey every now and again.

One cannot DO that which directly causes results unless one has the right WAY of doing it and knows exactly WHAT is needed.

If there is such a trap then we feel worried. That's the symptom, so to speak.

And if you feel worried about acquiring new clients, you can bet that whatever you DO to achieve that end has one of these things in it:

 1. It's not working, not producing success so you cannot continue it because it makes you fail continually
 2. There's not ENOUGH of the actions so there COULD reasonably BE new clients from it
 3. Its gradient and elements are not correct so it CAN'T produce new clients, no matter how diligently you work with it
 4. It does not create an understanding in the minds of your prospects what's DIFFERENT about your services, so they've no reason to change accountants.

Now, any of these will stop the attainment of results sufficiently to bring worry into the picture.

But then we come to the main point:

Why do we so insist on SELF creating the whole system?

It's true you know.

Just picture the world of accountancy as some 3-5 MILLION accounting professionals scattered around the globe, each trying to invent the perfect accountancy marketing system...

Why reinvent the wheel?

That's a task of gargantuan proportions, one that'll keep you planning for an eternity and forever away from doing the actions that PRODUCE new clients.

I know because it took my team of 12 marketing experts several YEARS of full-time effort to crack this nut.

And it IS a hard nut, make no mistake.

Marketing and selling accounting services is one of the most difficult subjects and by far more challenging than the average industry's client-acquisition.

It's a huge task and one that will keep you OFF doing the actions that BRING CLIENTS DIRECTLY.

That's what you should be doing to avoid worry. That is what will BRING clients.

The tools and plans for doing just that have already been created in form of the Modern Accountancy Marketing Course.

Give it some thought.

I guarantee that this system will give you a way to do something very successful to influence your client-acquisition directly and without worries!


Best wishes,

Harry Kafka
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