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Using admiration to have your prospect do the selling

Have you ever thought appealing to the genius of business owners in selling your services?

What if a healthy dollop of admiration for their achievements and some acknowledgment — all garnished with a good dose of INTERESTS for his views — could make HIM SELL YOUR SERVICE TO HIMSELF?

Yeah, I know, "can't be done, impossible..." but indulge me for a while and let's play out this "fantasy" for fun, eh?

I'm sure you agree that most owners of small-to-medium sized businesses aren't very knowledgeable in matters of finance.

They know THEIR trade, they may well know about marketing and selling... but not Accounting and finance.

Your speciality is a very special subject on which extremely few business owners get any meaningful education.

With accounting firms handling the books, business owners also get no experience in these matters.

Suffice to say, finance is a subject which business owners know little of.

This status quo presents a huge problem in terms of MARKETING accounting services.

If you go by the "traditional bible of accountancy marketing" then you will be forced to communicate about things in which the business owner is poorly educated. You'll talk of a subject which makes him feel inept and downright stupid.

Put like that, it doesn't sound all that hot an idea, right?

You would want to talk about something in which he feels competent, pick a subject that he KNOWS and feels comfortable with... something in which he EXCELS...

...NOT something that makes HIM feel a moron and shoves YOUR superiority in his face, right?

Now we see the dilemma. And now you know at least partially why those best made presentations didn't go down as successfully as you rightfully expected.

All right. The fact is this:

The business owner is not likely to be interested in something of which knows little or nothing of.

He isn't going to feel good about a subject of conversation which constantly brings him to face his most basic inadequacies and reminds him of possible financial mistakes he may have made.

You don't make friends by talking about something which you do well and the other guy does poorly.

Notice that I'm talking INTEREST here, not necessity or common sense.

Let me give you piece of good advice: The time to talk turkey comes only once the guy has SIGNED ONTO YOUR SERVICES.

Do it in your presentation and you'll die out there.

In prospecting, presentation and sales, you talk NICE, see?

The concept of INTEREST implies a positive liking of the subject and some confidence in one's own ability to comprehend its data and master its tools.

In the very limited area of "how to interest others about accounting" we find that UNLESS we have some way to get prospective clients EXCITED about how he could easily learn to control his finances (and use his accounting service for THAT purpose), we can't achieve any positive results.

I apologise for saying this, but I'm going to be blunt:

No-one, absolutely nobody is interested in "accounting" apart from mathematically gifted people and accounting professionals.

It's just one of those things. I'm sorry. But if you're selling "accounting" then you'll find few takers... and those you do, will want it at rock-bottom price.

"Accounting" is the methodology with which finances can be monitored. Expertise in accounting is what enables you to explain the progress of the fiscal year to the client and help him understand financial planning and solve problems.

But it's not the item of sale. It's RESULTS are.

Just like nobody goes to a dentist to buy so "drilling of teeth," a business owner isn't interested in "accounting."

The difference is that everyone knows that the end result (product) of drilling of an aching tooth is... but utterly few business owners have a clue about the benefits of accounting.

So you need to help them understand that it HAS a use and that it can produce benficial information which they can use for making things go right.

You need to be DIFFERENT from other accountants presenting their services.

And it starts with what you talk about with the business owner.

Within this limited area, we find that most business owners instinctively act like children:

What is fun and "cool" is also interesting.

And, whatever is "sensible and necessary" isn't fun... well, you get the idea.

From this, we get a basic rule of marketing for Accounting services:


"Never approach your prospective client with a message that makes him face a scary reality."

No matter how justified it would be to point out the obvious dangers of disregarding financial planning or taxation issues, it won't work in MARKETING.

While there are times when you cannot but talk "unpleasant realities" with an EXISTING client, never do it with prospects.

For they will simply ignore such messages.

It won't make them more interested in the subject.

Quite the contrary - they'll just look the other way. And come to think of it, you can see why. Their CURRENT accountant is probably talking turkey... so why change when YOU obviously are just the same?

This is the subconscious thinking of prospective clients, not my view, of course.

It's an instant, instinctive reaction and, once you've caused it, you can kiss that prospect goodbuy. The road back to his favour is long and arduous... easier to start anew with another prospect, to tell the truth.

Unpleasant, frightening things are the hardest to look at... and,
in marketing, they hardly ever work for that reason alone.

With prospects, you can be very right with your arguments and win the debate... but you'll definitely lose all chances of singing on that prospect.

So you need to decide what you want.

If you want new clients, then a better way is to let HIM be right about what he is doing, using an approach that celebrates HIS
achievements, allowing him to INVENT new ideas on how he could do even better.

You need to be able to find something about your prospect that you can honestly ADMIRE. Admiration is a very powerful substance if used genuinely and in moderation. Don't overdo it, don't kiss him up with insincere flattery.

Find something you can admire and then do so. And talk about what HE likes and keep him talking. Let him tell you how good he is and listen appreciatively.

If your approach is created so that it lets the prospective client explore his own potential abilities and possibilities through activating his creativity, it will be immensely successful.

The prospect will feel more able and be extremely interested, provided the step-by-step gradient of your approach is gradual enough.

This is the approach we use exclusively in the Modern Accountancy Marketing System and it is extremely successful in acquiring results.

It is also the most confortable system for client-acquisition for an accounting professional as it allows you to remain in your role as an consulting accounting expert without any need to become a salesperson.


CPA marketing: Let the prospect reach the correct conclusions

I'll let you in on a big secret about selling: As long as the prospective buyer THINKS someone is trying to push information on him, he will resist the sale and disbelieve the data given.

It works with you and me, with everyone. It matters not how convincingly someone else explains it to us, as long as WE don't think it.

So the answer is to plan for ways to help your prospective clients THINK IT.

In traditional Accounting service marketing & presentation techniques, we DIRECTLY GIVE the prospective client the reasons why he should change over to our services.

WE tell the prospective client...

-what he needs
-what he should realise
-what he should think
-what he should understand
-what he should do about it.

We do so with varying degree of skill and polished expression.

But no matter HOW expert the communication, the fact remains that the DIRECTION OF INFORMATION FLOW is from the accounting professional to the prospective client.

And that's the problem.

The direction of the flow cause him to suspect every word of "self-praise" that we spew out.

No matter how discreetly, politely and skilfully it is done, the negative effects at the receiving end are there.

Being told what to think is very unpleasant. I know we often claim to WANT it "straight" ... but in reality, no-one wants to hear undesirable news.

We'd LIKE to be that brave and you may well BE like that. But 99 percent of the population aren't.

Instinctively, we PULL AWAY from whatever is experienced as negative. People don't like to be reminded about their mistakes or shortages.

People dislike being told what they should do or understand.

And that violates the purpose of marketing.

Now, let's look at our definition of INTEREST again and compare it with the above:

"The concept of INTEREST implies a positive liking of the subject and some confidence in one's own ability to comprehend its data and master its tools."

We see that INTEREST, by definition, implies a PRO-active pursuing of information by the prospective client. And for that purpose the approach needs to be VOID of any negative "harsh realities" from our side.


CPA sales: Let your prospect do the work

Obviously, interest is hardest to create by doing nothing at all for marketing. But one can work very hard at it, investing thousands in advertising and yet get almost no results to show for it.

The most natural circumstances for the creation of interest within prospective clients are where THEY must CREATE the realisations which the salesperson has traditionally TOLD THEM.

Don't tell him that he needs better financial planning (or ANY financial planning).

Instead, use questions which explore the vast potential possibilities of using financial planning to get more out of his work... and let HIM reach the conclusion and tell you how it's done.

Don't tell him how good your firm is (compared to his current accountant). Instead, ask questions on what the business owner really WANTS from accounting services, what's missing, what accountants do wrong and stuff like that.

Do that and, as a result, let him realise that YOU deliver just that type of service. It stands to reason he would surmise that — why the heck ELSE would you ask those questions, eh?

Feeding him a series of well-prepared POSITIVE questions in a correct sequence keeps him THINKING about his finances and forming new ideas.

And, as HE has invented these ideas and facts, he instinctively believes them to be true.

They're HIS conclusions, not yours.

The trustworthiness comes from the fact that HE has NO ulterior motive for finding your services better than what his current accountant delivers. But if these findings came directly from YOU...

You want him to want you more than you want him. You want to position your approach so that HE "reinvents the wheel" by realising his own unique potentials and the superior qualities of your services.

The time to show YOUR knowledge and experience comes only once he has signed on as a new client.

Until then - during marketing, presentation and sales of the service - your wisest approach is to let HIM invent the facts, do the work, and show his excellence in the process.

Let him climb up the tree of knowledge and realisation. Done right, it will cause many prospective clients to sell your services to themselves!

Now wouldn't that be a nice change?


Interested to find out how other accountants succeeded using this marketing strategy?

There's no big secret behind success in marketing accounting services. All you need is a set of tested and proven tools which can be used without prior knowledge or training... and used without cost and within your comfort zone.

If you want to know how hundreds of your colleagues have achieved just that, click here to read the presentation of your Modern Accountancy Marketing Course.

It could well be the start of somethig magical... and you'll know exactly how accountants in public practice have made their dreams a reality.

Turn your presentation into a positive exploration for the prospect on his own abilities, potential capabilities and ways with which he can invent new ideas to get more out of his good work.

Most of them will make the connection and realise that they'll be better off using YOUR services.

This way, you'll get new clients who are certain to appreciate your work and knowhow. Those that cannot appreciate it won't become interested... but then again, you're probably better off without them.

Keep positive and thank you for all your help!


Best wishes,

Harry Kafka
HDK Consultants U.S.A. Inc.
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