What is it like presenting your accounting services to a disinterested business owner? In this newsletter issue, you'll learn what causes the disinterest and how you can REVERSE it....

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CPA - Accounting Firm Marketing Newsletter:
Reversing the marketing flow of your CPA firm

Yes, we should have marketing... we all know that one.

But when one approaches business owners, it becomes clear that only about 1-2 in a hundred appear to have ANY interest toward Accounting services.

And even if you put in the work to FIND those one or two out there, the best you can expect is a long-winded set of excuses justifying the postponement of the decision.

They want to think about it. For ages. They can't make the final decision YET. Yada-yada-yada...

Faced with this evident disinterest, it's a brave practitioner who has the patience to persist doing the same, apparently fruitless task of marketing.

WHY is it that owners of small-to-medium sized businesses are so DISINTERESTED in all the knowhow that Accounting Professionals could offer?

Why don't they realise how much they could GAIN by securing themselves your hard-won knowledge so they could make much more out of their OWN hard work?

Are they REALLY that disinterested in managing their companies - and making their own jobs so much EASIER with make-sense financial planning?


CPA firm marketing nightmare: What if business owners simply don't understand accounting?

Are you marketing accountancy to someone who factually knows what you're selling?

Or are you merely ASSUMING that he understands... because he SAYS (or indicates) that he does?

Have you ever actually put his understanding (or lack thereof) to any TEST?

Well... no... but yes. In fact, you've tested quite a few business owners and executives for the level of their basic knowledge and understanding of accounting and financial planning.

Unfortunately you've done so in your own marketing and presenation.

Every time you told a prospective client what you could do for him and how you could help him and DID NOT GET THE SALE...

Now see here — I'm not saying it's ALWAYS the reason for failing to sign a new client on.

But it is definitely far more prevalent than what is commonly realised among CPAs and accountancy practitioners.


So, let's look at this thing. Tell me, what would be your response if I asked this question:

"How many business owners would even CONSIDER applying for the position of chief executive officer of another company?"

Hold that thought. Then answer this one:

"How many business owners would consider offering their help to a colleague in figuring out their accounts, spreadsheets and dabble in some financial planning?"

Right you are. Very few.

The thought of offering their expertise in managing a company or its finances is just totally alien to them.

Why do you think that is so?

Certaintly not because they would feel confident about their ability to manage ANY company or understand finances (or read spreadsheets).

And they don't think they would ever be asked or chosen for such a position.

Most business owners have NEVER been taught how to manage
their business or their finances.

Yet, they run their OWN companies without much consideration on needing to learn how to manage their finances.

So, why are they driving BLIND at 100/mph in total pitch-black darkness without any idea of what's ahead?

Well... most of them have never REALISED that a CPA or accountant could provide the strong headlights they need to steer correctly. They've haven't a clue that YOU could help them to set up and maintain an early-warning system that would not only avert catastrophes but also bring LOTS of profits by timely planning.

Funnily enough, when this concept is explained to them, some 80% of businessn owners instantly WANT it.

But only if you have the way to make them understand it AND the proven tools to deliver the service in layman terms. It's very simple but that's the problem for you, really. It's TOO simple so it is overlooked!

The average business owner knows his OWN technical subject well. If he is a carpenter then you can bet that he is a craftsman of superior abilities compared to the average colleague.

But no-one has ever sat down with him long enough to get him to REALISE that there's more to running a furniture manufacturing company than carpentry!


CPA Reverse Marketing: Shine the light of your knowledge...

Disinterest is caused by not knowing the importance of accounting and how much your knowledge could assist the business owner.

It usually has its roots in some earlier attempt to make sense of accounts. The business owner tried to understand accounting, attempted to get his finances into better control, agonized over the spreadsheets... and FAILED to make sense of it.

The resulting understanding was just a BLANK... and that's what he now thinks a CPA or accountant is offering... NOTHING, really, a service which the law mandates him to maintain.

So HIS view of it is rather dim and fuzzy.

He thinks you get money for peddling papers and the only reason for this expense is because the government legislates it!

Now, you can wait and hope that a society-wide sweep occurs, suddenly bringing "financial enlightment" to those thousands of business owners on your turf...

...or you can take initiative and start helping them understand.

The latter way will enable you to help yourself too, as you will acquire a lot of new clients willing to pay above the odds for YOUR services... and ONLY your services.

But you need to know how to enlighten business owners. It's an exact process with specific steps using proven tools.

Accounting is not all that easy for laymen, you know.

It's simple for you... but a very confusing subject to others.

So you need to start from their confusion and work it up from there gradually to bring understanding.

You can light up the day of a lot more business owners if you approach them with a message (and a service) which...

-EXPLAINS the importance of Accounting

-HELPS THEM REALISE it and how much easier their work can be
with some financial guidance, and...

-OFFERS CONTINUOUS CONSULTING in explaining the monthly
accounts to the client so he can understand how his finances
are developing and increase his control over the income-outgo
of his business activity.

You can REVERSE the flow of marketing of your CPA firm in many ways if you know how. I'm happy to help you but the most important "reversing" is that you have a way to break through this wall of disinterest that so many business owners display.

You can do it if you have a way to contact them and EDUCATE them discreetly, giving them realisations and ideas, and thus slowly "revitilising" their self-confidence in regards to financial control and -planning.

That way, they'll WANT to become your clients.

They gradually becomes more AWARE of the various aspects of financial control and they can start influencing the finances of their company with your help, bit by bit.

That is the way to creating a unique basic accounting service that is positively different and desirable in your region.

And this way, you'll find a lot more business owners INTERESTED when you approach them with this type of proposition!

Reverse the game of disinterest. Acquire the tools to grapple the disinterested prospect and change his world for him...

Help them to understand BEFORE you offer them your services and you will have helped yourself more than you ever could imagine!

If you want to get an idea of how this type of system is set up, feel free to "spy" on the presentation of Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course.

But more than anything, give the idea some thought.

There is a way to make your marketing efforts bring the expected results. If you can make yourself get interested in finding a solution, you will find one.

So don't give up but just keep at it. After all, the businesses in your region DEPEND on your help and they ARE YOUR FUTURE CLIENTS... most of them just haven't realised it yet!

Keep up the good work,

Best wishes,

Harry Kafka
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