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Practice management & setting goals


In this issue, we take up the challenging subject of practice management. Setting goals is a vital part of achieving objective.

I hope you find this slightly unorthodox article interesting and useful!


CPA practice management and setting goals

The subject of setting goals can be quite UPSETTING for anyone who has ever failed to achieve a set goal... so I guess that means every living being who's ever tried to achieve anything, really.

Thus, you can guess what reception well-intended and helpful advice often receives.

"Oh, here's another one telling me what I should do..." can spring to mind easily to anyone.

And true enough, nobody should be telling you what to do with YOUR practice and life!

But... have you ever thought WHY setting goals can be so unpleasant?

To illustrate, indulge me and I'll tell you a story from my own life.

This is from some 10 years back when I developed myr first-ever version of a marketing system for accountants. I was quite a cocky marketing executive, creative director... so I thought it would be easy.

Created it and presented it to the client with gusto... but when the client put it to use...

...the blasted thing DIDN'T WORK.

I was quite upset, naturally, I had set my sights to solving this problem my client claimed was unsolvable... and here it appeared to be proven impossible.

Well, it took some to-and-fro'ing and a lot of definitely caffeinated coffee, but finally I could not accept failure.

I stuck with my goal but now I defined it far more closely. Also, having burned my fingers once, I was absolutely determined NOT to get egg on my face AGAIN.

So I harnessed the full resources of my marketing agency to this project, putting everything else aside.

I decided to do a wide market research survey and ask business owners what they thought about accounting services and firms.

What would they want from accounting if anything was available? What irritated them about accounting firms and accountants?

How did they SEE these services, what was the value they received, which areas of their business would they WANT help with whether or not it was available from accountants... and a whole host of other things.

So, we did our research and created a system and started testing it again.


I thought I would burst a blood vessel...

Yes, business owners were definitely interested.

Yes, they would start discussing with us.

But then, all of a sudden – out of nowhere – the prospects would do a runner, backing off fast as you'd ever seen anyone run!

They would just STOP in the middle of an interview and, out of nowhere, say "I'm not really interested... we're fully satisfied with our current accountant..." and end the phone conversation.

I was FURIOUS. I tried reasoning and used persuasion.

I trained and retrained the interviewers, drilled them in every bit of the script and interview, replaced them and hired new ones... and nothing going.

I tried every possible trick known in marketing and sales... and came up empty-handed.

Eventually, I became apathetic about it. Soon I was convinced that it was indeed impossible – just like so many accounting professionals had told me.

As a result, I actually FORGOT about it. In fact, it STOPPED
EXISTING for me completely.

It just wasn't there anymore... and as long as I believed it was factually impossible to devise a working system for acquiring new prospective clients for an accounting firm, the problem was NOT a problem any longer.

Accepting "the inevitable," embracing that it could NOT be done at all became "the solution."

My set goal wasn't possible to achieve so...



CPA practice management: Failed goal and missing knowledge

So a few weeks passed and I thought I had put this painful failure behind me.

Until one day it came back to bite me, just like these things always do, right?

A member of my team rushed in, bringing all the interview forms, all excited: "Harry, I think I know why business owners don't want to change their accountant..."

I almost killed the guy where he stood.

Boy, did I get UPSET!

I screamed at the poor fellow!

Well, luckily this clever man was brave enough to just stand there and let me vent my spleen. He understood it was just all that disappointment coming out – I had SO blamed myself for failing that the simplest mentioning of this goal brought back the frustration and feeling of inadequacy that I had suffered during the project.

He just stood there until I was finally out of breath, and then said something that I'll remember for the rest of my life:

"Harry, don't blame yourself for it, it's nobody's fault.

"You didn't fail – you just didn't REACH the goal yet... and you didn't really even have a chance BECAUSE we didn't HAVE this fundamental piece of information..."

This realisation gave me a huge relief.

First I realized that I had indeed been blaming myself... and that this emotional charge itself was the only thing that stopped me keeping on trying to overcome the problems which lay across the path to achieving my goal.

After all, NOTHING can stop you if you just KEEP AT IT... only YOU can stop yourself.

And you do so only if you accept that it's impossible and blame yourself for the failure.

Only YOU have the power needed to stop YOU.

I understood that my "failure" only APPEARED so overwhelming because of one single MISSING datum.

And that's how it is in life.

In whatever goal you have problems achieving MUST have SOME datum — one or more — missing. Something has to be unknown and once you find it, the problem will become instantly solvable.

And that's why acquiring knowledge about the factors influencing the marketing of accounting services can make a huge difference. The knowledge will open doors you thought were welded shut and it can bring about huge relief as well.


Accounting service marketing — the missing datum

So, I guess you'll want to know what that missing datum was that open the door for the only tested and proven accountancy marketing system on this planet?

No problem. What we ran into in the testing phase of our tailored accounting service marketing system was this:

The vast majority of prospective clients will automatically REJECT the idea of changing accountants – and you have to know this and know how to handle it just as automatically... after which 95 percent will CONTINUE with you!

Now, if you're interested to hear more about why prospects will almost always tell you that they DON'T want to change accountants (when they actually DO), read our web site article "How to keep your prospect from deciding NO?"

Well, we did solve the mystery and went on to win many victories thereafter, drawing from this experience and sticking to our goal whatever problems came our way. And while I can't boast that I never fall for the same again, it is true that this realisation has helped me quite a bit in my professional life.


CPA practice management: Turning ideas into reality

Setting goals cleverly and sticking to them can make a huge difference in anyone's practice.

The BENEFIT of setting goals is this:

Every single man-made creation on Earth was FIRST envisioned by some individual.

It was first an IDEA with a GOAL to make it a reality.

Thus, acquiring new clients is a MENTAL action, really.

You have to create that TARGET and those STEPS with which to reach your GOAL and divide it evenly so that EVERY DAY you forward it a little.

How do you eat an elephant? - Piece by piece!

The principle of the old joke applies to ANYTHING.

Even the greatest feats of human kind were achieved by SMALL STEPS taken OFTEN ENOUGH.

It is a general misconception that to create magnificent results one need perform superhuman feats.

No, sirree.

It only requires the setting of a GOAL and then devising a workable plan on how to take small steps toward it often enough, preferably every day.

The winning way is to make your goal into a set of little steps turned into a routine performed EVERY DAY.

Little by little, you'll achieve a bit more, reach a bit farther on your road to achieving your goal. Kept up stubbornly and routinely, those baby steps will conquer you a kingdom that may well exceed your original goal eventually.

It's nothing much at first. A few weeks on your way, you start noticing SOME results. But it expands and escalates by its own dynamic and soon the improvement will be visible to everyone.

In a few months, the results will absolutely AMAZE you.

So, ask yourself... what could you REALLY achieve with your practice?

What could you achieve if you did small steps every day?

If this intrigues you, read our web site article "Missing ingredients in a achieving goals for your practice" and you might find out!

Have a successful week my friend and believe in your own abilities and power!

Best wishes,

Harry Kafka
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