Financial well-being is what business owners want in their life. The degree to which an accounting professional evokes genuine trust that it is possible determines the success of sales.

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CPA Marketing Newsletter: Financial well-being - Client's viewpoint

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CPA - Accounting Firm Marketing Newsletter:
Financial well-being - Client's viewpoint

In this issue we'll take a look at one of the main points of that which clients perceive as valuable in terms of help from their accounting professional, namely the subject of "financial well-being" for the client.

Self-evident as it may seem, this subject is so confusing to most business owners that you'll benefit from having tools for brining some order to their puzzlement on this aspect of running a business.


CPA Marketing: Give hope and help... and you'll sign on a new client

Financial well-being is the number one goal for all business owners.

However, before you can get them that far, you will need to create HOPE for future well-being for your prospective clients.

It's no good just claiming you'll turn it all around in no time.

They've heard it all before or, to be more precise, they've HOPED so many times that someone would perform miracles for them so by now they "KNOW" it can't be done.

Obviously financial well-being is a gradual path from confusion to full control on the income-outgo side of running a business.

Just as obviously the first step on that route is monitoring the various aspects of their finances so they KNOW (and SEE) what's happening... and can influence the outcome then and there.

And that's something fully covered in the Monthly Financial Consulting Service that's part and parcel of our Modern
Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course, the definitive user's manual for any accountancy practice.

All right, but let's get back to the basic question here:

What or how do business owners SEE or VIEW this thing called
"financial well-being?"

Well, clients basically evaluate the success of their business based on two aspects.

These are...

- the VIABILITY of the business activity, and,

- their own SENSE OF CONTROL over its development.


Note that I'm speaking solely from the viewpoint of what business owners feel about it, not the factual or objective technological side of finances.

They make their decisions based on FEELINGS much more than you, in other words.

For your prospective client, "viability" means the degree to which he FEELS he is increasing his survival potential through the activity and the passage of time.

Many things are included into this factor, such as how many customers your client has now (and acquires on monthly basis) and whether his sales are geared to create continuous income from each of them as opposed to receiving income on one-off basis from each customer.

From this we can deduct a startling fact:

The degree to which YOU can give him HOPE on being able to achieve viability is the exact factor governing how successfully you can sign on new clients to your services.

Business owners instinctively know that their business activity will never remain on level.

It is always moving either upwards or downwards.

Thus, if the business owner's income has remained more or less the same for several years he will feel himself headed downward, regardless of what his accountant or bank manager tells him.

After all, the income does not meet his own expectations and competitors will take over his market. He knows that inflation means his income is actually diminishing year to year.

The second point (control) is again explained solely from the business owner's viewpoint.

CONTROL over one's business activity is basically the degree to which he SEES any dangers and positive trends at the time these emerge (or as close to their emergence as possible) and CAN INFLUENCE the situation and DO something effective to change it for the better.

For this he needs to KNOW what's happening — and know it soon after each month's end — and receive some HELP from his accountant in what to DO to handle emerging dangers quickly or utilise the window of opportunity produced by upward trends in his business activity.

While this is easily arranged and the consulting could be called almost crudely elementary, the positive effect produced by this sense of "being in control" for the client is nothing short of miraculous.

And that's exactly how the Monthly Financial Consulting Service works, as proven by so many of your colleagues already.

Providing such a service will not only increase your clients' viability and control over their business activity but also do the same for yours!

Please contact me if you want more information, and keep up the good work.

Best wishes,

Harry Kafka
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