JB from England is interested in the Modern Accountancy Marketing Course and asks: How soon would I begin receiving new clients and how much should I budget for marketing?

Accountancy Marketing Challenge

CPA Marketing Tips - Premiere Online Practice Management Guide for Accounting Professionals CPA Marketing Challenge: How long does it take and how much should I budget for marketing?

Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course

CPA - Accounting Marketing Challenge: How long would it take to begin receiving new accounting clients and how much should I budget for marketing?

JB from United Kingdome contacted us in regards to the Modern Accountancy Marketing Course and asked how long it takes to get through the program and how much should be budgeted to running it in the firm.

Here's the reply:

Thank you for your message JB.

Your questions are pertinent but unfortunately I cannot give accurate estimates to either.

This is because the materials are extensive and it all depends on the depth and breadth in which you attack the system and your marketing.

But let me explain the dual nature and utilisation of this system.

Firstly, let's tackle your first question:


How long would it take you to work through the accountancy marketing programme?

The Modern Accountancy Marketing Course has some 10 systems, of which the first is the one for wide-spread client-acquisition.

To glean the essential from the FIRST system - the system of acquiring prospective clients and handle these to a sign-up - I would estimate that it takes about 1-2 days of study to learn the approach and then perhaps a week or two to implement it.

Then it probably takes a couple of months of running it before you have it down pat so it becomes a routine and settles in as "an automatic" thing you do.

To do this you need to go through the first four manuals and the fifth within a month after that, practise a bit using the tools with which you handle prospects acquired, set up a direct mailing letter or two (which I can help you with) and solve problems of that nature - who does what, when, how and so on.

The instructions are there and quite clear but anything new takes some getting used to, of course.

But then there's a lot more to the Modern Accountancy Marketing Course once you have the first system going, things such as a
client-satisfaction programme, a referral programme, a programme for acquiring bigger outsourcing clients, a networking system and finally a 97-page sellable manual you can offer to your prospective clients as yours.

These systems you would get into later - with the possible exception of the sellable manual which can be created with your name and contact details - as you need them and feel the time is right for each.

Essentially, this system takes you from the first steps to almost
anywhere you want to go with your practice. It's quite extensive and offers reference materials, tools and systems for years to come.

Some of the systems you may not implement at all, only use the data and tools when you come across a situation where you have that kind of circumstance that it's useful to use the tool or method or information in question.

...so if you're asking how long it takes to do ALL of it then I cannot say. I know of nobody who has certifiably IMPLEMENTED every single system in the course... it's that extensive actually.

JB, it's more a question of reading the remaining manuals once you
have time, little by little OR picking those you need at the time... and then benefiting from the expanded knowledge so you'll recognise various circumstances and know how to handle various people in different situations so that you can influence the outcome maximally in the direction you want.

So, it's a bit of a "yes and no" answer but really this course has two aspects to it, one being the utilisation / implementation of the parts you NEED and WANT NOW, the other being the acquisition of information for future reference in terms of expanding your marketing reach later and/or being prepared to make use of opportunities coming your way.

I hope that clarified the first question. Your second question is...


How much would you need to budget for in order to execute the marketing plan for your accounting firm?

JB, again much depends on the scope and extent in which you want to implement the first programme. In the materials I advise how to do it at low cost and recommend going at it in a gradual way just so you can verify each step as functional before you throw money at it.

This is especially important for a small practice like yours JB, one that's just starting up and cannot take risks but needs results from its investments to marketing.

The strategy is to use as little money as possible until you KNOW by results that it works. There are many combinations of prospecting tools.

There are a few things to learn in presenting your service and signing people onto it... all of which should ideally be put in place and adjusted and tweaked until it all flows well, producing an acceptable ratio of results.

You don't whack big bucks at it before you're absolutely certain that the combination of tools you use works the way you use it.

In other words, there are two elements at work here.

One is choosing the tools and working them so they produce results in that combination.

The other is developing your skill in using those tools sufficiently correctly (not perfectly) that you do acquire results.

Once you've established it works in your hands the way you use it and with the combination of tools you use, then you can gradually start increasing the investment according to your ability to accept new clients.

But even then you'll need to keep some statistics on the results
because the one huge problem with ANY repetitious routine action is that it is human nature to CHANGE it, either knowingly ("for the better" ) or unknowingly (by not recognising the difference).

The course explains this phenomenon and it's most important when you hire people later on and give them some of the tasks involved in acquiring new clients.

The point being that the course gives the successful tools and methods but it does not explain every REASON for doing it this or that way... but there IS a reason for every action, sentence,
question, etc. in each tool and method.

It will all come clear to you if you acquire the materials, I'm just
saying that you'll always have to be a bit moderate and exacting with any marketing method or system as it can be changed out of alignment and thus not work until you find what was changed and reinstate it as it was.

This is all discussed in the manuals and each important system has its own troubleshooting tool, so don't worry about it.

I'm bringing it up merely because it is part of the answer to your
question, the basis of the answer which is...

"As little as possible" (question being "how much money you need to budget to execute the marketing plan?")

Really not much JB. If you start it the way I recommend then you
would send out say 40-80 letters a week and then call those (whom you reach comfortably) the next week, which would basically be the cost.

If you do it yourself this way then the cost in this initial phase
(which could be continued as long as you want) would be probably less than a hundred pounds a month, albeit with a bit of work for you on top of the cost.

Once you establish the functionality of this activity (obtain a few
prospects of which you acquire a couple of new clients) you can take it onto the next level, which could be hiring someone to do the mailing and follow-up calling.

Alternately, if your direct mailing letter brings good response, you
could increase the mailing quantity (preprint letters) and work it that way.

Essentially our service (the one you initially enquired about) is just an extension of this, a service in which we do the prospecting and thus you can work those directly without having to bother with prospecting itself.

Another route (which I would recommend later) is to take up on our offer of a special Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site Package which sets you up with an additional web site wholly concentrated on obtaining prospects and for selling the manual you receive in Part 12 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing Course.

This package is only for those who've purchased the course and it works extremely well with direct mailing as it offers a "forwarding address" of kinds to obtain a lot more information without having to contact anyone (yet).

This special Accounting Firm Prospecting Web Site Package is presented on our UK site if you're interested.

If you opt for it later, we could add a few pages specifically for
your target groups - industries and professionals you want as clients - which would give you the angle of specialisation you want as well as help to list these pages very high on search engines if that industry's professionals searched for "accounting solutions for (that industry)" or something to that effect.

So you see JB, the Modern Accountancy Marketing Course really offers quite a few avenues to choose from and its idea is to start at low cost, replacing the power of money with the intelligence of approach and strategy.

JB, sorry that I didn't have concise answers to your questions.

This programme offers so many alternatives and its strategy is to
safe-point your marketing at low cost to avoid risks. We're after high efficiency in results before throwing money at the problem... and we actually recommend keeping the cost low even in future when the system produces ample results.

The course contains not one but about 10 different methods of acquiring new clients, most with a variety of tools to choose from, just so you would find the approach you feel good with... but all of them are planned to be special in their angle so you can distinguish your firm's image above the rest... and all methods are equally planned with the "frugal formula" so as to avoid wasting your money.

Money can be replaced with intelligent strategy in marketing and sales of services to a good deal. The big companies don't do that and the consumer market cannot do that but specialised services to the B2B market can be marketed and sold that way.

Granted, it takes more effort, more learning and more work to do it that way.

But it's also safe and risk-free... and you won't EVER AGAIN be dependent on anyone for your marketing success.

In the long run, acquiring these systems and tools for your firm,
learning to use them successfully and having the tools to have your future juniors produce results as well... it will make a big difference one day in the degree to which you can factually govern your own direction and success.

And once the day comes to cash in your life's work, your firm's
valuation will be nicely affected by having a standardised client-acquisition
system in place.

JB, I hope this has clarified the issues you asked about and please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.


Best wishes,

Harry Kafka
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