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Harness the brute power of the Internet to work for marketing Accounting services! You can get a constant flow of prospective clients for your CPA firm or Accountancy practice if you know the insider Internet marketing techniques of top-selling CPA Firms...

Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course

Get a constant flow of new prospective clients through the Internet – at no cost whatsoever!


Quite frankly, I'm a bit upset at how many Accounting Professionals are taken for a ride when it comes to marketing on the Internet. It seems that everyone is offering various "marketing solutions" that end up nothing but problems. You get no results... but you sure get expenses.

It seems that any old idea, dressed up to fancy marketing terms and offering "many contacts" is used to get the cash away from CPAs and Accountants. You pay your money and then expect RESULTS in exchange... but instead, you get explanations.

There is no magic pill remedy to obtaining a constant flow of new, prospective clients through the Internet.

Internet doesn't work the way traditional advertising media do. Thus, the "buy this" -technique doesn't WORK ONLINE.

Yet it is very simple to get the kind of results you want, regardless if you already have a web site or not. But you have to know EXACTLY what to do.

Already there are Accounting Professionals that DO get results; a flow of constant year-round clients from their area every month.

In fact, Internet offers a huge potential for marketing Accounting services – and getting a constant flow of prospective clients. Yes, that's true. The potential is there and it IS possible.

But only 4 percent of Accounting Professionals know how to do it.

If you became one of these... can you imagine what a competitive edge it would give you?

Internet offers the most cost-efficient channel for marketing Accounting service. In fact, there is nothing that comes even CLOSE.

Such is the true potential that the headline – get a constant flow of prospects without cost – doesn't even BEGIN to describe how profitable it is for those 4 percent of Accounting Professionals to use the Internet for marketing and prospecting!

Well, what is the big secret then? How do these 4 percent of Accounting firms do it?


Traditional marketing does NOT work on the Internet.

I know I'm going against the majority opinion here – big time. But that's the reason why 96% of those trying to use the Internet for marketing FAIL.

Obviously, these 96% form the overwhelming MAJORITY OPINION on "what works on the Internet." To put it bluntly... those that think they know are 96% certain NOT TO BE RIGHT in what they tell you...

It all comes down to one deciding factor, really. And that factor is "do they get results with what they advise others to get results with?"

See – you have to DISAGREE with those "accepted realities" of what is what in regards to Internet marketing of Accounting services before you have a CHANCE to get results!

It's quite a trap. The "normal Internet marketing" doesn't get you any results - it won't work – so if you want RESULTS you have to use what works... and just disregard anyone elses' OPINIONS on it.

The majority opinions within the Accounting Industry are divided into two categories. On group of experts say that conventional advertising works. It doesn't... but it's a major money maker for those SELLING you that advertising.

The other group says NOTHING works... that there's no way to get a constant flow of prospective clients through the Internet, no matter WHAT you do.

Of course, this belief is proven false by those 4 percent CPA & Accounting firms that DO get a constant flow of year-round clients by using the Internet.

See - there is such a thing as effective Internet marketing. Oh, I'm definitely NOT talking about those unethical practices broadly referred to as spamming.

I'm talking about Internet marketing strategy based on what WORKS online and what has been proven to bring results in selling Accounting services online.

Internet is not like TV, magazines, radio, direct mailing – any other medium that is used for advertising. Unlike other media, Internet is different. It was NOT created to be a channel for advertising.

It was created as a source of FREE INFORMATION.

First as an academic network, sharing publications, research data and other information based on text only.

Then, as the introduction of the World Wide Web in 1994 made it possible to relay ANY kind of file – colors, fonts, graphics, video and audio, etc. – it became the favorite information resource of the whole population.

Today, Internet is the one channel that reaches MOST businesses in the Western world... yes, even locally.

People pay good money to connect to the Internet.

You need expensive equipment, you need a connection – phone line and modem, or even more expensive high speed connections – you need all sorts of things that cost a lot of money.

You need to find out about this and that. Let's just say it takes quite some doing.

Do you really think people go into all this expense and effort just so they could see ADVERTISING?

See – it's different with TV or newspapers.

These media have a definite CONTENT that people want – be it news or entertainment – and during the past century, it has become accepted that these media show advertising to finance the HUGE production, printing / broadcasting costs so the subscribers wouldn't need to pay thousands a month for getting the information they want.

In contrast, the Internet isn't "one channel" but FIVE BILLION channels – yes, that's how many web pages are estimated to exist online! Publishing a web site costs you five dollars a month – or nothing, depending on how you go about it.

There's only one primary reason why people pay good money to connect to the Internet – and why they SURF online. And that reason is...



Yes, people BUY things online, too. But before you can SELL your services, you must CONVINCE the visitor to a degree so he will contact you. And to convince him, you need to give FREE INFORMATION in a very definite way.

Otherwise, he will never READ your web site materials... and it doesn't matter how great your service is!

Nine times out of ten, people buy only from certain web sites. And nine times out of ten, these sites belong to that "four percent profitable web site club."

See – 96% of online businesses are losing money on the Internet!

Believe it or not, almost ALL THE BIG BOYS are among those that lose money on the Internet!

I'm not going to name anyone here. Hey, look around... you know what I'm talking about. What you see now in the dot-com bubble is but the tip of iceberg.

If you don't have the correct "free information approach" on your site, you won't get results. It's as simple as that.

There's a figure that says it all.

It is called the visitor-to-sales -conversion ratio. That is, how many visitors to the web site does it take to make ONE sale.

The average ratio on the Internet is 720:1. The average "ticket" – sale – is about $25-30.

This ratio works as a "visitor-to-prospect" ratio just as well – meaning how many visitors does it take to get one business owner to contact you to find out more about your services.

Those in the four-percent-club have a conversion ratio of usually well under 200:1, often even 100 to one. Their "ticket" is obviously much higher in dollar value, since an average business client to a CPA means perhaps $3,000 a year... for years to come.

Here's the thing:

No matter how you do it, driving targeted visitors to your web site COSTS you. If you PAY for advertising, it will be very costly since paid advertising doesn't work well online.

If you DON'T do anything about getting visitors, you won't have many to speak of.

If your conversion ratio isn't excellent, you there's no way you can PROFITABLY use the Internet unless you give up the paid advertising and instead, use what what's proven to work on the Internet.

And it is that knowledge, those proven Internet marketing strategies that you get in your Accounting Professional's Internet Marketing Guide.

I only preach what I practice. I use these strategies. The sales conversion ratio of our web sites is about 90:1 with ALL the visits – and about 45:1 with unique visitors.

But back to marketing Accounting services. Here's a fact:

The average business owner is NOT surfing the Internet with the purpose of changing Accountants.

You don't need me to tell you there are some powerful barriers to getting business owners to change Accountants.

I know there are. These barriers exist. They are not the figment of your imagination.

And these barriers will ensure little or no contacts for you – unless you know how to handle them. That's just ONE area of priceless insider-secrets you will get from your Accounting Professional's Internet Marketing Guide.

In reality, Internet is a gigantic encyclopedia that anyone anywhere on the planet can reach within seconds. People want and seek for free information.

They feel they own the Internet – they've paid their dues with purchasing the equipment and paying for the connection. They do not accept advertising the traditional way.

That's why online advertising has such a pathetic response ratio.

I know a lot of people will disagree VIOLENTLY with this statement – in fact, 96 percent of Accounting Professionals with web sites will, to be exact.

It's fine by me for anyone to have such an opinion. It doesn't change the facts. I might make some people feel better, though.

But if you want a constant flow of new prospective clients from the Internet, you cannot afford to entertain such illusions.

What you need are the proven Internet marketing strategies that are used currently by other Accounting Professionals to obtain new clients.

The good news is that once you HAVE these strategies, you can market online without practically ANY COST whatsoever!


Reaching all the prospective Accounting Business Clients in your region

Every DAY, around 70,000 people obtain an Internet connection. Seventy thousand new people are added to this superhighway of information every single day.

Internet is the absolute KING when it comes to reaching businesses locally.

No other media comes CLOSE.

That's why it makes very much sense to use the Internet for marketing your Accounting services. With it, you will reach just about every business in your region.

Without it... well, you're in for a long and costly marketing campaign without much expectation for results.

Let me clear three facts about Internet.

Accounting Industry
Internet Marketing Fact # 1:

The fact that 96% of CPA or Accounting firms don't get results from the Internet does not prove that it isn't possible. It is only the natural development of a very new media - Internet - and therefore, only very FEW people know what works.

There ARE etchical, legal and very effecient Accounting Industry replated Internet marketing techniques that DO give results.


Accounting Industry
Internet Marketing Fact # 2:

To get results at all, you need visitors to your web site presenting your Accounting services. Having a web site means nothing unless you can get TRAFFIC.

To get traffic, you must know the insider secrets that will guarantee you a constant flow of traffic and, within months, an automatically HIGH traffic volume of targeted business clients all looking for a new CPA or Accountant.


Accounting Industry
Internet Marketing Fact # 3:

To get contacts, prospective clients and clients from the Internet, you need to know how to create a very good CONVERSION RATIO so that you make to the most out of the traffic you get.

If you don't have a web site yet, then you need to know how to create one without expense and so that it does convert visitors into clients at a good rate.

If you have a web site, then you need to know what to add and adjust to make it CONVERT visitors into prospective clients at a good ratio well below the Internet average.


All it takes is KNOWING those specific strategies of using the Internet to market Accounting services.

That's right. You need the KNOWLEDGE, not anything else... and once you have it, you will know exactly how to get lots of visitors to your web site, make your site convert visitors into prospects and give you a constant flow of year-round Accounting clients every month!

And that's what you get in your Accounting Professional's Internet Marketing Guide – a one-of-a-kind information package that is definitely not available anywhere else!

Accounting Professional's

These insider secrets will make you a fierce competitor for even the big firms in your area - guaranteed!

Accounting Professional's

The one-of-a-kind, unique power pack that any Accounting Professional can use to start getting prospective clients through the Internet... basically without any cost!

Researched, piloted and tailored for successful marketing of Accounting services on the Internet!


Internet and marketing made easy

Your Accounting Professional's Internet Marketing Guide explains Internet and online marketing in an understandable way – no tech-babble but simple, make-sense language and easy-to-follow advice you can use without any previous knowledge of Internet or computers.

You also get a full Glossary of Terms which explains all of those hard-to-understand terms that make everything so confusing for anyone but the technical experts.

Every single subject is explained clearly and I personally guarantee you don't have to have ANY prior knowledge about the Internet in order to get out the FULL BENEFITS from this system.

Any Accounting Professional can use these unique techniques tailor-made for marketing Accounting services locally.

Learn the way to reach tens of thousands of business owners in your area, practically without any cost – and in a way that will definitely get you prospective clients!

Here's a brief presentation of your Accounting Professional's Internet Marketing Guide:


CPA Internet inside secrets:

You need to know precisely how Internet works in general and with the Accounting Industry in particular. Find out the research explaining the behavior of web site visitors.

Once you understand these basics, you will immediately see why most web sites and online campaigns are DOOMED TO FAIL from the onset. Be prepared for MAJOR SURPRISES.

Here, you'll see how the mighty only APPEAR that way. You will know what to do to get results.


The Best CPA Internet Marketing Strategies:

The best CPA online marketing strategies explained. This is how you will reach tens or even hundreds of thousands of business owners in your local area and become their CHOSEN SOURCE OF INFORMATION on Accounting & finance... a trusted expert that is but a step away from a client relationship.

Absolute dynamite – and yet so simple!


Internet Marketing techniques for CPAs:

You get the hard-earned, proven ways to market your Accounting services on the Internet efficiently and successfully – and practically without ANY COST!

Find out how easy it is to use the Internet to get loads of targeted visitors... all perfectly ethical and according to the online "netiquette" rules!


Dead-on CPA Web Site Content Targeting:

Learn what your web site needs to say, do and look like to create an immediate strong interest in visitors.

What makes visitors trust you? How do you make them realize what their problem is and offer a solution to it in a way that makes it all but irresistible?


Getting Year-Round Clients for CPA services:

You get all the secrets on how to get a constant flow of year-round clients through the Internet.

The principles are quite simple and easy to apply, once you know the exact ingredients that comprise a successful online presentation.


Accounting Service Threshold Factor & Remedy:

Learn why offering your Accounting services directly will never result in a lot of contacts.

Get the simple way to create an intermediate step for your visitors, making it MUCH easier to contact you and leading to a significantly higher number of prospective clients.

It is amazingly easy to lower the contact threshold when you know exactly how to do it.


Internet & Accounting Industry Networking Secrets:

Find out how you can network with other CPAs and Accountants in other areas and get MAJOR benefits.

Also explained are affiliate programs in their various forms – and how you can actually start selling manuals online as a great Starter Product...


Internet Profit Formula & Equation:

Whether or not a web site will actually produce RESULTS is something you can calculate in advance.

There are three basic factors that influence this. Get the precise equation and you can easily evaluate your success in advance – and know what to concentrate on to be successful and get a constant flow of prospective clients from the Internet.

You will also be able to see from web sites of others whether they get results or not!


Avoiding Losses and Waste of Money Online:

Online, not everything is what it claims to be. For instance, some that sell you advertising or visitors, PAY OTHERS TO CLICK YOUR LINK just so you'll "get results."

Read how you can lose a lot of money if you don't know these classic traps that are out there waiting for the "newbie" Internet marketer.

Learn the basics and you will be able save thousands just by knowing what to avoid!


Web Design tips for CPAs & Accountants:

Whether you create your site on your own, hire a web designer or use one of those generic "automated" solutions available for Accounting Professionals, you need to know a few basics in order to make the site produce the results you want.

Learn how easy and beneficial it is to be your own web master... and what to demand from the solution if you decide to use the services of others.

This part alone will not only save you from MAJOR headaches but make you thousands of revenue - guaranteed!


Search Engine Optimization:

Get the simple techniques that will practically guarantee you a high ranking on the major search engines in your Accounting service category and area. 95% of visitors come from seach engines - and it's FREE TRAFFIC if you can get listed among the top 10 sites!

You'll be surprised to find out how many of the TOP Accounting Industry sites have little understanding of these basic strategies.

Use these easy advice in your Accounting Professional's Internet Marketing Guide and you are likely to GET THE TOP POSITION in searches – and that means thousands of visitors!


Dynamite Domain Names for Accountants:

Learn how to figure out and find absolute dynamite domain names for getting high search engine ranking for CPA or Accounting services!

Learn what to look for and you will find a HUGE number of dot-com Top Level Domain names available. Your Accounting Professional's Internet Marketing Guide gives you all the secrets of finding domain names that are already worth up to $40,000 by estimates... and you only pay less than 10 bucks when you reserve them!


Internet Facts & Terms Explained:

Get little known facts about the Internet and a full Glossary of Terms explaining those seemingly hard-to-understand terms in plain English.

This part is guaranteed to make you comfortable with the Internet – it's really simple once those fancy terms are deciphered... nothing to it!



An Internet Marketing Guide written for Accounting Professionals exclusively

This guide is written ONLY for Accounting Professionals and any Accountant, CPA or Chartered Accountant can follow the text and benefit from this information.

It doesn't matter if you already HAVE a web site or not - this is information that lays the foundations of future marketing on this planet.

The Internet will forever change the way we communicate and market and this guide provides an EASY and COMFORTABLE way to get the simple basics on successful use of Internet.

These and many other insider secrets took several years to gather – learning the hard way through trial and error. With your own Accounting Professional's Internet Marketing Guide you won't have to guess or try – you'll know how to get results straight off!

And that will immediately put you in the top 4 percent of the Accounting Professionals!


You will benefit tenfold from this information – guaranteed!

I want you to understand that this manual is something totally unique. It isn't just another "interesting" guide among the dozens on the market.

It is totally UNIQUE.

It is the first and only one of its kind – totally tailored for the Internet marketing techniques for CPA & Accounting firms.

It doesn't matter if you have a web site or not at this time. What matters is that you HAVE the information on how to market your Accounting services on the Internet.

What matters even more is that you get this information now.

I will personally guarantee that if you use this information and follow the simple steps laid out in the manual, and continue at least four weeks, you WILL GET RESULTS - or your money back!

Yes, I will refund every penny if you use it and don't get results! That's a 100 percent money-back guarantee!

Don't wait until everyone in your city and state have it – for the fast ones reap the benefits. Once this information becomes commonly known, your competitive advantage will be greatly reduced.

Make no mistake - this information will give you an unfair advantage over the other Accounting Professionals in your region!

It will open up a whole new way of getting new prospective clients for your Accounting services in a cost-free, effective way – CONTINUOUSLY.

It's like unleashing a huge potential – only you need to know EXACTLY what to do. Not "almost" – having a "pretty good idea on how it's done" won't do it... sorry.


Don't get me wrong. It isn't difficult once you know exactly what to do.

Then it is easy and requires no technical knowhow or prior Internet experience.

But you need to know the inside secrets of what works and how to go about it.

You just need to know the basic factors and techniques – and the exact way these are used for marketing Accounting services.



The Accounting Professional's Internet Marketing Guide costs $347.00 but as an Internet marketing test and only for a very short while, you get it for only $147.00 - that's right, only one hundred and fourty-seven US Dollars!

That's a whopping $200.00 saved right away — if you don't miss the deadline — and that'll be the last payment you'll probably EVERY have to make to harness the full power of the Internet in marketing your Accounting services!

That power, when put to work for your practice, is quite something. Make no mistake — obtaining a continuous flow of potential clients from your area can make a HUGE difference on your bottom line within a few short months!

This could well be the best investment you'll ever make...


Tell you friends - but not your competitors!

Internet will forever change the way Accounting services are marketed. Those that get in on it now will definitely be the winners in this game.

It doesn't take technical knowhow. It requires no marketing skills. You don't have to have any special sales abilities. All you need to do is get the basic information to start utilizing the totally FREE marketing potential of the Internet in your favor!

This information is now available for the first time in the history of Accounting Industry. Your Accounting Professional's Internet Marketing Guide has that data.

Remember, this information is not available anywhere else. If you order now, you will get a MAJOR COMPETITIVE EDGE IN YOUR AREA and be way ahead of other Accounting Professionals.

The information is time-sensitive and the earlier you get it, the better and more results you can get. So order yours now!

Therefore, if the subject interests you, if you have ANY intention of ever marketing your services on the Internet – in fact, if you even might get ideas to that effect later on... BUY IT NOW.

So please make use of this offer. The 100% Functionality Guarantee is valid for any time you start USING the system - so there's no risk involved - as long as you secure this unique information for yourself to have!

This manual is 250 pages of unique, tested and proven inside secrets on how to market Accounting services on the Internet practically without cost - and receive a constant flow prospective clients!

The Accounting Professional's Internet Marketing Guide is delivered as a downloadable PDF file -- after you've paid you will be directed to the download page where you can dowload it within MINUTES. You will also receive an e-mail confirmation with the download URL address as a link.


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