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Creating Advertising Message for CPA Firm

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Writing killer advertising copy for your CPA Practice
To create a powerful message for the advertising and marketing of Accounting services, certain copywriting formula has to ba applied. Additionally, you need to know what it is that your target audience wants, likes, dislikes and considers valuable.

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Creating a high-interest CPA service advertising message that gets response

It is by far more important WHAT you communicate to your target audeince than which media (vechicle or means of communication) you use.

But before you can know what to communicate, you need to define who it is you're communicating to. In other words, you need to define your target audience before formulating the message or selecting the medium to carry your message.


NOTE: This article assumes you will use some type of direct mailing as your basic form of advertising as it is one of the proven methods of finding prospective clients for CPA Practices.

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Defining target group

With the term target group (or target audience) we mean any group of similar people, organizations of businesses that you TARGET for a campaign.

You choose your target group based on some experience on that these type of businesses will be interested in using the type of service you deliver and want to offer to them. Here, we will assume it is businesses you're targeting to get them on your services.

These businesses form a GROUP because they all have certain common characteristics, such as location, size, or line of business.

Basically you form your target group based loosely on the characteristics of your Ideal Client. If you're going to go after clients, why not search for the kind you want most?

One would exclude any industries or business size not practical, likely or desirable to be obtained as clients.

You start with taking ALL the businesses in your area with a wide radius around your city or town. You then EXCLUDE those that are too big (have their own in-house CPA) or too small (if that's your preference), take away the ones that are not within comfortable driving distance and so on.

It is a process of careful elimination - and be sure not to take out TOO many, because you will need to be left with a sizeable target group - it should be a couple of thousand businesses minimum. You want a lot of material to begin with so you're not short of prospects.

The distance selection factor can vary a lot, depending on connections. The company 100 yards from you could be excluded, if it is across the river with no bridges for tens of miles... and you could include business districts from 30-50 miles away, if there is a state highway leading practically directly to your office door.

One thing that is important in your OWN location is that it should be EASY TO FIND. Visibility or access directly from the street are not so important with business clients - but easy-to-find location is vital. Excellent instructions and driving directions in form of an appointment confirmation fax sent to all prospects is a must.

The area and the target group you choose has to be LARGE ENOUGH so that you can keep on mailing to different parts of your target group MOST EVERY WEEK.

The way any advertising works is that you need to send it out weekly and you must send it out repeatedly to same recipients in certain intervals.

It's like an educational process. You need to REPEAT your message to each member of your target group every 3-4 weeks. With most people it just takes TIME to react and make the decision to contact you.


The gradual effect of your message

Many accounting professionals make the mistake of assuming that after you've mailed to a certain area once, those 98-00% that didn't respond aren't interested.

Not so. Most people just require more than one letter - and it takes them longer to respond.

The first time around THEY DID NOT SEE YOUR LETTER. The postal service delivered it all right. The 98% had the letter in front of their eyes and they're not sight-impaired.

But your message didn't CONNECT.

Those business owners may have read your message but the light didn't go on - the first reading wasn't enough to put their attention on finances and accounting.

You are selling solutions - and to be desirable, the person receiving your letter has to SEE the problem you offer to solve exists.

Most of those 98% do have the problem but until they see it, face up to it, your message doesn't connect.

And that's basically your job with your campaign - keep it up and follow your letter with another until it connects with more and more business owners in your target group.


The problem with problems

Problems are what you solve. Selling solutions, the buyer has to believe that he has the problem your service will solve.

But owning up to ones own problems isn't easy. There's a lot of emotional stuff here.

YOU may be able to see that someone has a problem... but that doesn't mean it is true for him. He is likely to REJECT your suggestion.

If it was real to him, if he saw the problem, he would DO something about it, right?

He may see some part of the problem and he will be aware of the consequences of the problem - such things as uncertainty on his finances, not knowing whether he is on plus or minus, not knowing what to do, and so on.

But he has ways to go before he can see what the ACTUAL problem is. If your letters continue and you help him see the problem without any fault-finding the message will connect and he will recognize YOU as the solution... you get a good prospect.

The HOW of it - the way you get him to see the problem and own up to it - is the tricky part.

People instinctively reject problems. We try to NOT SEE them. Nobody likes bad news. And anyone claiming I have a problem can expect an argument from me. That's how it works.

Test this if you like. Go tell your spouse what problems he/she actually has but doesn't realize... well, don't do that, just kidding! But you get the concept, right?

You cannot assume that because YOU see another person has a certain problem that HE would see he has it. Nor can you just blurt it out for he is likely to become upset - not the best of starts for a sales approach.


Some basics of marketing communication

The subject of making problems seen in order to provide the solution is one that covers the basics of advertising, marketing and sales - it's a long story.

It also requires extensive research - you cannot guess your way through that maze. You need to KNOW what the target group wants, what they like and dislike, what THEY think is the problem... and start your communication at that level and reality. For otherwise you won't be listened to at all.

It's easier to list what you should NOT communicate to your target group - the things to avoid in your message.

In your message, NEVER tell your target group that...

You are the best, most intelligent and can do everything perfect

You know your business (and they don't know yours) so there is no reason to tell them what you do

You know their problems are small and easy to solve.

Further, NEVER tell your target group that...

They would be silly not to utilize this opportunity

They will have a lot of problems if they don't have the good sense to come to you now

You can earn them millions

You do all this at lowest rates in the city.

If any of the mentioned flubs, or all of them, is something you find you've done in the past, don't worry. Most of us have. You should know that there is one thing that is a lot worse to do and that will absolutely ensure you have NO chance to get prospects.

That something is ... doing nothing at all about sales.

The way a good number of these 98% can be brought around involves several things. Primarily, you must have a certain ATTITUDE in your advertising, both in the message and in your execution of the campaign.

Here's the way you should have it:

Never point out to them what they should do - never.

Instead, keep telling about the BENEFITS that your service will give them. Never let your impatience show through your messages. You should be very PATIENT and be prepared to mail them a hundred letters if that's what it takes.

You will see that after 5-10 letters, many of the 98's will start contacting you. The thing that is happening (and this is something that is almost ALWAYS overlooked) is that the letters you keep mailing DO have an effect - but it is something that you cannot really see before you've mailed out LONG ENOUGH.

(Oh, you WILL get response to all of your mailings, yes - but the point here is that that response will KEEP ON COMING IN even when you've gone through your target group a dozen times... so the response never really ends and the target group is never really "useless!")

Let's visit the mind of one of these fellows in the "98% Club." Now don't make the mistake of thinking he is stupid or in any way feebleminded. He might be very bright in many areas of life... accounting just isn't one of them.

Alternatively, he might THINK he is satisfied with his CPA at the time your first letter reaches him. In fact, he might think everything is under control and not even bother to read through more than a few lines of your letter.

(The headline and first few lines are what almost everyone reads... and the further down the message in your letter is, the fewer people get to read it. So never "save the best till last" but use it FIRST. Otherwise, nobody will get to read your best shot!)

Nevertheless, our 98' r reads a few lines, maybe the whole letter to understand what it is you're offering. He reads it fast - he does not give it a lot of attention.

(Therefore, you should never have intricate and complicated concepts in it. Which, of course, is what usually happens, when you start to write a sales letter... you just have SO much to say and so little space... so you try to pack every sentence with "dynamite." This way you end up having sentences with HUGE amounts of significance pumped in... and the prospect will not get it.)

So you do need to keep it simple, concentrate on the unique benefits that YOU can give. Don't get too technical - the prospect is not interested in the same things as you are. Keep it down to benefits in simple language anyone can easily understand. These benefits also have to be something that the majority of your target group considers VALUABLE.

In other words, if you know what the average business would need but does not have, it is a good start.

But until you work it over, it won't COMMUNICATE to your target group. That's the weak link in all advertising and marketing - the receiver does not GET the idea the way you intended... he understands something else... or just gets confused.

That's the major stumbling block. It is a HUGE challenge to convey an understanding to a group of people so it is received just the way you intended.

Don't shrug it off - that's your enemy number one in any communication. Getting your concept received exactly (or near enough) the way you planned so that the person understand it precisely!

And here enters the REFUSAL to look at it. Someone who has a problem often wants to NOT SEE it - tries to wish it away by simply not acknowledging it EXISTS.

Sound farfetched to you? Well, that's the way it works regardless when you communicate to your 98'rs.

They DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM - but only because they either cannot see it or WON'T LOOK.

If the problem doesn't exist for them (at this time - for it will, don't worry) then how could you get them all excited about your solution to it?

The problem with the problem!

Now, some problems are more real to your target group than others. Also, I've surveyed many target groups for CPAs and found that the problem at hand was VERY REAL to the target group - only they called it something totally different!

Let me give you an example. A client of mine complained that accounting service clients don't ask even when they don't understand what he tells them. Upon survey, I found out that this was a very real problem to business owners.


See - definitely the same problem... but if you'd approach the target group with YOUR wording and angle on it... well, you'd definitely go right against what they consider to be true. So, they'd DISAGREE VIOLENTLY with you. But if you'd approach it with THEIR wording and angle of the problem... they would AGREE and you would immediately be seen as "an exception to the rule!"

Here's the thing: The CLOSER to the RECEIVERS VIEWPOINT you hit with your message, the more it will be...

-agreed with, and...
-read, and, finally...

...then the more response the message will elicit from its recipients.


Direct the person to self find the problem

The thing is, there is no way you can directly point out a problem to the person who has it. Not if you want him to LIKE you and be interested in your services. If your aim is to get him upset and become your enemy... hey, then it's the way to go.

Thus, you must use another technique. That's giving information and talking AROUND the problem - in the general AREA of it... without claiming that there IS a problem.

Those that can think will sooner or later FIND the problem through their own thinking process. All you can do is to give interesting information that keeps them THINKING ABOUT THE SUBJECT.

There are very effective ways to do this but for that, you really have to survey your target audience extensively - and test with lots of messages, interviews and sales tools to get to a point where you KNOW what works.

And once you HAVE the message and system that works - gives you prospective clients and helps you sign these onto your services with a good ratio - then just KEEP at it... and don't even think about changing it for the next 5-10 years.

For that's how long it will keep on working - minimum - if not changed!

These messages and tools exist already in Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course. Please click the link to get a briefing on this system that CPAs, Chartered accountants and accounting firms trust already in 45 states within US and 30 countries worldwide.

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