This article reveals something totally new about the natural sales potential that every Accounting Professional has. Given a system allowing you to REMAIN an Accountant while selling, you can outsell all but the best sales experts 2 to 1.

Sales method utilizing natural CPA abilities

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Capitalize on your strong points in selling CPA services
Here's a sales method that allows you to remain an Accounting Professional while effectively outselling all but the best sales exert two to one. It is a sales potential have but never utilized anywhere NEAR your true potential. Become a top gun CPA sales expert...

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How an Accounting Professional can outsell all but the absolute top sales experts by 2 to 1

Accounting Professionals rarely have a good command over the various sales techniques of top gun sales experts. I'm sure you've noticed a lot of the sales tips Accounting Industry sites and literature give don't work the way their authors seem to believe.

The problem with general sales "tricks" is that they seldom benefit a CPA due to the special nature of your work. There are written and unwritten rules about how CPAs are expected to act and behave. What is commonplace in car sales is definitely not acceptable when negotiation with a new prospective Accounting client.

The Accounting Professional is usually personally selling his own services. In a way, you also offer your own reputation as side-item of sale.

It isn't the most comfortable of circumstances. You cannot gain the respect and trust of your prospect by antics usually anticipated from a used car salesman.

There are many issues at stake. Very few CPAs enjoy using superlatives about themselves. It is just too embarrassing for the status of an Accounting Professional.

These circumstances have left the Accounting Professional with little to go on. By survey, most Accounting Professionals feel they have no effective means to get new clients with any predictability.

And what you cannot predict, you cannot budget or invest on.

More often than not the only reliable source of new clients is referrals. But they are few and far between. Referrals alone will not allow you to set your own pace for the growth of the client base. The result is stagnation of revenue, masked only by increase of hourly rates.

Is there anything you could do to have more control over how many and what kind of clients you get?

Yes there is. You need to unleash your true sales potential by utilizing your strong points - not trying to be a salesman but making to most out of your expert status as an Accounting Professional.

You need a system that will allow you to sell while doing what comes natural!


The true sales power of an Accounting Professional


"Yeah - well, where's the proof, then?" you might ask.

It isn't anywhere you could see with your physical eyes. How could it be - you haven't UTILIZED it yet.

It's but a potential - something that COULD be harnessed into producings lots of new clients... but if not, it's just as useless as it probalby has been until now.

Only you can see it. Only you can prove it to yourself. It's within you.

I'm not going to insist on it. But I've certainly seen many CPAs prove it to themselves by making full use of their dormant potential.

An Accounting Professional can outsell all but the very TOP salesmen by a minimum ratio of 2-1! This is something that has been proved conclusively... time and time again... provided you do it right, using the right system and methods.

Let's see where your true sales power actually lies. I'm now assuming you have some way to find business owners that are at least willing to DISCUSS with you about what you have to offer. In this article, we won't include prospecting - there's plenty of other articles on our site on prospecting and advertising... check them out if you need reassurance that it IS possible to find prospective clients.


What the prospect expects

Let's imagine you would get, say 2-3 new prospects every week... or 5-7 every month... whichtever figure feels better. Let's further decide that this number of new prospects found is relatively steady month to month.

Now, what do you think these business owners and/or executives expect from you when they contact you?

Why are they contacting you? What is it that your average prospect is really after? Let me exaggerate a bit to bring it out better:

Is he contacting you to get smooth sales pitches from you? To have an aggressive salesperson harrass him by phone, pushing for a commitment to what he (as of yet) knows nothing about? Trying to trick him into trusting his company and finances into the hands of someone he he has never met?

If your answer is YES, then deliver the traditional sales approach and go for the kill straight away.

But if you don't think that's what the average prospect wants - then let's take a look at what YOU would want in his position.

Let us say you hear about a new software that could make your work easier and faster or more profitably. Until now you didn't know it existed - you may have even been cynical about others suggesting things like that - but now, for whatever reason, you have a slight ray of hope... you've realized there is something that COULD perhaps... maybe... work.

What would you want if you contacted the company in question?

You would want to know about it, you would want to find out if it would actually work for YOU, what it could do for YOU... and you would want to find out about how that system had been used by others... right?

And that's what your prospects want from you. They want to talk with you, have you analyze some of their immediate problems and have you lead the conversation to determine what the problem was.

They'd want to know whether or not your solution would in fact be suitable for them... and they would certainly want to get the "feel" of how it is like to be serviced by you.

Who if not you, the Accounting Professional, would be the most qualified person to do this? Certainly not a salesman, right?

The false assumption would be that prospective clients want to be sold to.

They don't. Nobody does.

That would be a wrong thing to start with. The bold statement about the unleashed sales power of an Accounting Professional is based on converting your sales method into terms of servicing your prospects on what they want just like you would service an existing client.


Give a taste of what the client can expect...

The Accounting Industry is one of the few industries that can successfully use this "non-sales" -approach. It is a fact that a lot of the most successful Practices already USE it.

What's so great about it is that it requires NO investments, personnel, training - just the decision to utilize the potentials and the tools to effect the outcome.

Basically, it is the same simple system that supermarkets use to introduce some new foodstuff. You're buying your groceries and walk up to this stall, where a nice and well-behaved person makes you aware of a new product.

You are offered a sample to taste it. You go ahead - it is DELICIOUS... so what are you going to do?

You will buy some of it. You will ASK for it... without anyone having to push you to buy it.

Want to know the secret of this system? It is simply creating a presence with the target group and being very, very professional about creating a natural and acceptable circumstance to get you to TASTE IT.

Car dealerships give "a taste" by getting people to test-drive the newest models. Pizzerias do it by offering a free pizza to anyone moving into their area. You know the drill.

No other tricks are needed.

Your taste buds (desires, ambitions, goals) take command over your sales resistance once the taste (experience) is GOOD.

The TASTE part with your services is simply transferred into HOW IT FEELS TO CO-OPERATE WITH YOU.

While not precisely the same thing, the example gives you an idea of what your prospects really want to have as their "appetizer." Not pushy sales actions, for sure!


Correct knowledge and proven tools create a way to unleash your potential

To really unleash your sales power you will need to know exactly what to do.

There are about a hundred separate actions that need to be included in your sales system, and each has to be in a more or less correct sequence... and done in a specific way.

Assumption is usually found to be the mother of all failures. When various sales or marketing plans do not produce the expected results, somewhere along the line you will find something ASSUMED instead of being based on actual facts and proven succeful actions.

This is so much the truth that once you HAVE a system based only on the relevant FACTS (all tested) then you WILL have a system that produces clients with expected results.

YOU as an Accounting Professional are absolutely the most qualified person to sign on clients because you KNOW accounting.

If you do it precisely right, your prospects will TELL YOU THEY WANT TO SIGN ON AS YOUR CLIENT instead of you having to ask for it - just like you in your supermarket will grab the product that tasted so good. No sales or closing actions needed.

The most important factor is that the system has to COMFORTABLE to use. If it makes you feel like a dog, you won't use it for long.

There's more information about the parts and elements required to create a workable presenation and sales system for selling Accounting services.

The information on our site COMES from a system like the one described on these articles. It isn't theory - it's something that we have researched and tested out for longer than you care to know. It's a system that is currently being used in 45 states in US and 30 countries worldwide by CPAs, Accountants, bookkeeping firms and Chartered Accountants.

You are free to use the information on these pages to create your own system.

If you'd rather invest your time in USING the system and getting results from the onset, we recommend you take a look at what the Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course contains.

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