Learn how you can remain an Accounting Professional and never have to become a salesman or use any sales antics presenting and selling Accounting services. No more embarrassing situations, no contradictions to professional integrity.

Comfortable CPA Sales

CPA Marketing Tips - Premiere Online Practice Management Guide for Accounting Professionals
Efficient selling of Accounting services without the slightest embarrassment
Remain an Accounting Professional, CPA or Chartered Accountant while presenting and selling your services to prospective clients. No embarrassing situations, no salesman antics - just a professional consulting a client, as it were. It makes a world of difference - to you!

Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course

A descreet, effective way of selling Accounting services without ever having to become a salesman?

A CPA selling his own future services to a prospective client is not always an easy mix. Sales-oriented activity doesn't lay the best possible foundation for a consulting-type relationship. The client needs to trust the Accounting Professional without hesitation for the cooperation to work at its best.

Any pressure applied at the time of selling your services can have adverse effects for the ensuing client relationship due to the special nature of Accounting services.


And do you actually LIKE traditional sales work?

A whole different matter is whether many CPAs and Accounting Professionals really enjoy sales work done the traditional way.

When I say "traditional way" I simply mean the generic sales approach which long since reached the pinnacle or high-point of its development.

You know, the old "brag-push-beg" strategy that was originally developed for snake-oil peddlers and alike and then "dressed up" to suit respected professions such as that of the CPA.

So - do you like engaging in that type of sales work? Heart to heart: do you truly enjoy it? Does the anticipation of it fill your mind with positive thoughts?

The traditional sales approach presents many problems. It isn't only that it ill lends itself into the specific requirements of the Accounting Industry - it's also so throroughly UNPLEASANT that most CPAs just AVOID it.

And I can't say I blame anyone who does.


Non-sales approach tailored for Accounting Professionals only

There are systems so much better than the old and inefficient sales approach method. Systems that won't make you flinch at the very thought of having to push for a sale.

You cannot adopt sales systems that are used by totally different professions and industries. What works for a car dealership or telemarketing of magazine subscriptions doesn't sit well with a highly specialized profession of a CPA.

Just like you wouldn't ware tennis shoes with a tuxedo, you don't want to mix counterproductive parts with your CPA service, firm and high professional ethics.

Delivery of Accounting services is a unique field with some very specific standards. It's a cross-industry in that all the other lines of business and industries are served by Accountants.

Thus, it requires a totally TAILORED sales system.

A system that doesn't force you to use questionable methods that may imperil the following professional relationship with clients.

A system that is comfortable and natural to use and utilizes your role and expertize as a CPA - instead of enforcing becoming a salesman.

A system that won't require you to learn sales techniques and strategies but is something you can instantly use because it is based on YOUR knowhow, not sales expertise.

A system that allows you to REMAIN a CPA, go through a consulting-like advisory program with each prospective client until HE ASKS TO BECOME YOUR CLIENT.

See, no selling. No pushing. No embarrassing situations. And definitely the best possible start for a mutually beneficial client relationship.


Credibility of CPA - a swan or a goose?

An Accounting Professional is most believable as just that - a CPA or an Accountant. Unless you are really adept with sales techniques and have had some training or experience in top league sales, we advice against trying to sell through the classical sales approach... you know, the one with the handling of objections, closing and so on.

You are most naturally what you are. If you pretend to be something else, it will show. Acting like a salesman - unless second nature to you - often feels awkward.

It's like the old story about a swan - a beautiful, majestic bird when in its own element in water... but when it comes on dry land, its wabbly gait makes it look like another big bird that's definitely not considered graceful.

Your element is Accounting & Finance - you're a natural consult for business owners in matters concerning their financial problems.

Putting your sales hat on can change how others perceive you.

People will feel you are uncertain - and they will not know it is SALES WORK that makes you stumble. Instead, many interpret you are confused about Accounting and Finance.

I'm not saying this will happen ALWAYS. And if you are truly a professional sales expert, you will have no problems finding an abundance of prospects and closing at least 80 percent of these onto your services.

But if you aren't an expert... well, then it's something to consider.


Give your prospects what they really want

Your superior knowledge and understanding on matters relating to taxation, regulations, accounting and financial consulting are what business owners want.

They want to understand and manage their own finances better, have more control over their own destinies.

They want fast, correctly analyzed information on the development of their fiscal year. They want to know the problems when they're still but small and easy to handle. They want to utilize the potentials found immediately.

And above all, they need a confidant and a consultant who will help their decision-making process so they are able to make more CORRECT decisions faster and easier.

This is what they want.

This is what you should GIVE them in place of sales pitches and closing pushes.

And since you obviously cannot give out service for free, you need to have a very precise set of tools that goes through these areas fast enough to CONVINCE the client that you CAN HELP HIM.

Once that's achieved, he will ASK to become your client.

Your ability to organize and put in order in the confusion known as "corporate finances" is unparalelled. I wonder if you really have ever given yourself credit for it - and realized how colossal, enormous and gigantic that difference is compared to the average business owner.

To them, your ability approximates something God-like, viewed in awe. Unfortunately, it often finds it outlet in something quite opposite - it's too much and instead, many appear indifferent and even belittling toward you and your help. It's a defence mechanism - a CPA can inadvertantly make a business owner feel like a real moron just by pointing out a few things very politely!

It takes greatness from your part to see over and beyond those defence mechanisms. Surveys prove unquestionably that more than 90 percent of business owners appreciate the knowhow of a CPA very highly.

You can change all this, one by one. With correct tools, you can allow the business owner positive attention and even a tad admiration.

It never seizes to amaze me what a difference a workable set of CPA tailored presentation tools can make.

The good news is you can unleash your natural abilities and make use of your TRUE potentials within weeks.

I want to acknowledge you for the good work you have done and keep doing for your clients. It is people like you that all business owners depend on for success. Thank you for doing exactly what you ARE doing.

If you want to find an easier way to do it and are interested in helping even more business owners than you presently do, then have a look at the Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course.

With your own skills and determinism you CAN change things, you CAN make your ideas and visions come true.

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