History of the unique 3-year independent accounting service marketing project and how the accounting service marketing system and toolkit came to be as told by the author and accountancy marketing lecturer and consultant Harry Kafka...

History of the CPA Marketing Project

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Harry Kafka: "How the unique CPA marketing project came to be..."
The story of the one-of-a-kind 3-year accounting service marketing projects in which more than 8,000 prospective clients were found for accounting practices - and a set of proven tools were tested, piloted and finetuned until ANY accounting professional can get results with them.

Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course

Tailored marketing approach for accountants developed through years of work with accounting professionals and their clients

"It took years to develop this system and these tools," explains Harry Kafka, the author or compiler of the Modern Accountancy Marketing Course.

"The main area of our expertise is that we've found ways to market CPA / accounting services at low cost and little risk while yet reaching a high overall efficiency for these tools in the hands of any accounting professional," Harry Kafka emphasizes.

"We wanted to make this information and these tools available to every accounting practice and CPA firm throughout the world, regardless of size or income," Mr Kafka specifies the mission of this project.

"This web site offers free information on marketing accounting services and it offers tested tools at low cost so that every practitioner can afford to start marketing," Harry explains.

"Thus, in the Modern Accountancy Marketing Course, th main attention was given to inexpensive but efficient methods that a CPA can use to find year-round business clients every month. Furthermore, these methods do not require you to have prior sales experience," Harry Kafka delineates.

And Harry continues: "What's perhaps even more important, using our accountancy service marketing system, you will not have to become a salesman but can sign on new clients being what you are - an accounting professional in his/her most comfortable role as a financial advisor or consultant."

Harry Kafka stresses that this system is unique and the same information cannot be found anywhere else:

"What makes the Modern Accountancy Marketing Course so unique is that it is based on ready-made tools, so you don't have to study or create systems but can simply start USING the tools of your choice and secure the expected results."

"This system is a true equalizer, offering small-to-medium sized accounting / CPA firms the competitive edge they need to secure their share of the local market," Mr Kafka assures.


How it all started

In January 1997, a big challenge was presented to a top marketing team. It was brought to their attention that there was no marketing system especially developed for smaller practices. A small practice could not afford to use the same methods than larger firms.

Accordingly, it was considered impossible to find good pre-qualified prospects for a smaller CPA or accounting practice. Most accounting professionals had no workable way to sell their own services pro-actively.

What was left was listings and some networking... and the practitioner just had to sit and wait for someone to call.

Traditional marketing and sales methods were not applicable due to their high cost and the nature of the service provided by smaller firms wherein the owner(s) or partner(s) are directly working with clients. Sales antics just do not go well with the nature of trust and confidentiality required in DELIVERING the service.

The task at hand was to come up with a marketing & sales system that would allow the smallest of practices to acquire new clients continuously while still sitting well with mid-size practices (or even big ones).

The system as a whole had FOUR major requirements:

The system had to have all the necessary actions that CAUSED A SALE included within a set of easy-to-use tools.

These tools had to be simple to use without any prior sales expertise or study, so that every accounting professional could empoy the tools and achieve the expeted results. It would have to be a system that was tested and piloted — one proven in its functionality beyond normal demands set for marketing methods.

The system in all its part needed to be comfortable to use for an accounting professional, as otherwise it would not be used at all.

The accounting practitioner had to be able to acquire results without any embarrassing situations. The nature of the accounting industry prevented the use of normal sales closing techniques, so closure had to be achieved without direct selling.

The system had to be inexpensive to use, allowing constant marketing with little or no investment and without any significant risks. Furthermore, the return of investment had to be quick.

The system had to allow the accounting firm to offer added value to their prospective clients, something that was totally unique and gave an egde in the competition locally.

By being able to offer a seemingly unique accounting service the practitioner could price it for value and still have demand for his basic services.


Thus it was NOT an easy challenge, considering the strict requirements of ethical and legal conduct set forth for accounting practitioners.

It all started as fun project with only the challenge motivating us.We believed it would take a couple of months, tops, with each of us putting in a few hours every day.

Well, the best laid plans...

The problem refused all solutions for months and the initial 30-60 day schedule turned into a year of full time research and planning and another two years of testing what was found in dozens of smaller practices.

It was an extensive project and we believe the only time that a major breakthrough in marketing of accounting services has been researched and developed independently.


A lot of totally new information

One thing leading to another, we found some unexpected "treasures" - potentials that have gone unnoticed in the industry. We believe you will find totally new information on these pages... but see for yourself.

This system has been tested extensively both in Europe and the United States.

In 1997, the concentration of our accountancy marketing project was in Northern Europe where the initial 3-year project was completed.

In U.S. it was worked from start of January 1999, fully integrating the system to the U.S. markets for accountancy for two and half years.

In 2001, we introduced the system into United Kingdom / England to develop the system further into worldwide functionality and adaptability.

Our purpose is to help accounting professionals to acquire new and better clients on their own, without having to resort to expensive outside help. At the very least we have proved that it IS possible... and that ANY accounting professional, willing, CAN do it.

The first beginnings of this specific marketing system were born a decade ago and today, after serving thousands of accountancy practices, we can confidently say that our Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is truly a new and uniquely effective way for acquiring more and better clients for any accounting firm.

The specific tools of prospecting, marketing, presentation, sales closing, service delivery, networking, Public Relations, client-satisfaction and publishing given in Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course are currently used by accounting & CPA firms in 45 states in US and more than 30 countries worldwide.

See the testimonials of CPA firms and accounting practices who have used the system, if you want to know what your colleagues think about the Modern Accountancy Marketing Course.

The articles on this web site come from the experience. So please make use of the materials and also read the introduction of Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course.

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