Find out how you can offer your own accounting publication in your target area to all business owners, and, for a change, start MAKING money instead of having to lose it by marketing...

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A way of obtaining clients so your marketing actually earns you money?
The Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is used by CPAs, Chartered Accountants and Accounting firms in 45 states in US and 30 countries worldwide to get a constant flow of year-round Accounting clients inexpensively and predictably.

What would be like have your marketing MAKE money instead of costing you... even in times like these?

The headline seems nonsensical, of course. We know that we have to pay a lot of money for even the smallest things while marketing accounting services.

And that's when times are GOOD, the economy is strong, businesses florish and prosper.

But sometimes all it takes is a fresh, new idea and things can change. All it takes is say is something that appeals to say 10% of your target audience. They have money to spend if and when they find something truly worthwile.

In this world and we can only find new marketing ideas by questioning some of the old "truisms" of traditional accountancy marketing. And if we've learned anything in the past few years, then we've learned that traditional marketing of accounting services has almost NO PULL these days.

Something needs to change.

All right.

How about REVERSING the money flow on marketing?

The way you can achieve this is not offering information for free but by SELLING the information that is needed for a business owner to realise the value of your services.

Instead of trying to push home the information to a single business owner at a time, why not go into PUBLISHING and start selling this same information in form of a manual?

The good news is you don't have to be an author to publish. You need not write a single word to start utilising the power of publishing in your marketing. All you need is to have the principle of it and decide to go for it.

How, I will explain further down the page. But before that, it's vital that you get all the data.


Accounting publications: Start client-relationships with a "starter manual"

A starter manual is a very special form of an accounting publication, used in marketing your accounting firm and services.

Starter manual is so called because it STARTS the cooperation between you and a new client — it is the first item of sale in what is known as the client-relationship.

The idea is that it is far easier to sell something small and low cost with no other commitment than it is to sign someone onto a service that continues indefinitely.

Here we do not try to sell the actual accounting service but a manual as a tool for him to evaluate what type of accounting services (and which firm) to choose.

This product (starter manual) is intended to be sold FIRST in order to give a sample of your knowledge and service attitude. It is easy to sell, quick to deliver, and there's very little risk of anything going wrong in the delivery.

This results in a client who can make the decision quickly and who also can be made satisfied very easily and fast.

You're dealing with a business owner you've never met before, so therefore it's much easier to sell him a manual at a price of a lunch (and without any obligation to change his accountant) than to get him to sign onto the services for years to come.

A starter manual then simply offers a very easy gradient for starting with a new client. It is a great way to start communication with all those businesses in your area.

It offers an ideal way of approaching your target group and contacting business owners. To make those thousands of businesses in your area accessible to your marketing, a starter product is very much the thing to use.

As you know, it's not at all simple getting business owners interested in changing accountants. And even if you succeed and get a prospective client, it's not easy to convince him that you're actually so much better than his current accountant.

See... YOU cannot persuade him of it.

ONLY HE CAN. If HE decides he should change... well, then he will. So the challenge is not to change his mind but to give him facts and true information which will enable HIM to change his viewpoint.

Enter the starter manual.

Instead of trying to get business owners interested in CHANGING accountants, why not offer them a low-cost GUIDE on how to get MORE out of accounting?

You know, if they really find out how much you could offer them (especially with the help of Monthly Financial Consulting Service which is included in your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course) they're not going to want to stay with their current accountant...

But until then, business owners are reluctant to even CONSIDER changing accountants.

And that's the factual starting point that the strategy of this starter manual is based on.

In Part 12 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing Course, you receive just the kind of starter manual that will do the trick...


Business Owner's Profit Guide — creating the willingness and mind-set for demanding your services

Business Owner's Profit Guide can be yours to publish...The Business Owner's Profit Guide will CREATE the willingness to start planning changing accountants.

More importantly, purchasing it will NOT require the business owner to make any kind of decision to even CONSIDER changing accountants.

Instead, he will buy it to ensure that he can better understand and control his finances AND "check out" that he receives all the benefits available from his current accounting service.

It's VITAL that the business owner can purchase your manual without any intention of changing accountants for this IS the major threshold in ANY prospecting... give them a whiff of the fact that you're trying to SELL YOUR SERVICES and you'll be faced with that WALL of resistance with all those "we're really quite satisfied with our current accountant" -explanations.

The Business Owner's Profit Guide will let you factually ACQUIRE CLIENTS without having to handle that major barrier of resistence to changing accountants.

Once they READ the manual and discover how much they COULD (and should) get from their accounting service.... and once they use the included bonus service (which includes defining their needs and wishes so they match the service you have to offer)... well, then they WILL want to change over to your services!

As an additional option for the subscribers of Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course, we also offer an inexpensive web site that will SELL your Profit Guide online — so you can basically sell any number of these manuals with practically NO work on your part... and receive a continuous string of new clients while making an income from your client-acquisition activities.

Now, that's not too bad, is it?

There can be many kinds of "starters" — whether products or services — but they all have these things in common:

1. Broad appeal to the large target group: A starter must be something everyone in your target audience could buy and will buy if they understand its benefits.
2. Standardized, easy and quick delivery: A starter must be quick to deliver and its quality must be standardized and high so that buyers will absolutely get MORE than what they expected from it.
3. Inexpensively priced at below the impulse-purchase limit: A starter must be priced low enough so its purchase can be decided immediately. This is the so-called impulse-purchase limit, a level below which the business owner feels free to buy it without asking anyone's opinion or approval for his decision.

Think about it for a second.

Offering an affordable manual which appeals to most business owners, an information package whose contents will impress them even more than what they expected AND show them what they're missing... AND contain a bonus one-on-one interview with you at the end of it...

What would happen?

Right. Everyone who buys your manual would become a prospective client and spend hours proving to themselves why your services are superior to those of their current accountant.

Your readers would become familiar with you through reading your text, thus increasing your chances of continuing the cooperation.

They get a sense that you deliver what you promise and they will build a trust with you.

All of which are very good things to have for the future with each client.

All right. Now, let's get back to the "how you can start" of it.


To acquire the rights to sell Business Owner's Profit Guide and pocket the money, you only have to subscribe to Modern Accountancy Marketing Course...

...and continue your subscription all the way through to Part 12 that includes this manual and rights to sell it for the purposes of acquiring new clients for your accounting firm.

The Business Owner's Profit Guide is a 97-page manual you can either deliver as an online download or as a printed manual.

It's written in layman text so business owners have no trouble understanding the contents.

This easy-reader manual starts the existing reality of the reader on accounting services and advances to bringing him more and more realisations on how much he could benefit from a better service.

This better service is based on the basic added-value accounting service given in your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course, namely Monthly Financial Consulting Service.

It's a uniquely and positively different basic service whose presentation will give dozens of reasons for the reader to start considering a chance of accountants.

You get the right to sell and deliver this manual, tailored with your name and contact details (and any changes or additions you wish to include) and pocket the money.

Offering the Business Owner's Profit Guide to prospective clients in your area (or the whole country or WORLD for that matter) is a great idea because it will...

allow you to give enough information to each prospective client so they can understand the value and uniqueness of your Monthly Financial Consulting Service
ensure that when they PAY for the information, they'll also automatically assign VALUE to it. More value means more interest and greater degree of believability... which again translate into more effective marketing.

save eons of your own time since each potential client will himself read the materials to learn about your service rather than you having to educate each of them individually.

You can use your time as you want and your prospects will spend THEIRS reading your presentation materials until they're ready to contact you for the next step!

achieve much higher functionality and efficiency in your marketing because this type of a manual will let the READER realise and formulate those facts you would otherwise have to TELL him.

When HE invents those positive things, they're much more truthful to him — they're HIS conclusions, not your claims, see?

actually MAKE MONEY with your marketing rather than having to put money into it. Now, isn't that a novel idea?

Do you think it could make a difference to your client-acquisition if you had the Profit Guide to sell?

Would it save costs and time, to say nothing of the increase in results?

It's quite something to behold.

Part 12 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course actually consists of TWO manuals.

In the second one we will give you the full briefing on HOW to sell this manual (and even how to create OTHER similar manuals on other subjects if you're interested) and give you the ready-to-use messages and tools to do so effectively.


The secret of obtaining new accounting clients

The reason why this approach works so well is in the unique Monthly Financial Consulting Service that the whole Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is based on.

The fundamental problem in acquiring new clients for any accounting firm lies in that ALL ESTABLISHED companies already HAVE contracted an accounting firm.

Thus, the most desirable businesses are already at this time someone else's clients.

Yet, while the majority of them are NOT satisfied with what they receive from their current accountant, they will continue with the same firm simply because they don't believe that anyone else has anything better to offer!

Add to this the trouble brought on by transferring accounts from one firm to another and you get the picture.

You can see that most business owners cannot see they could win anything by changing accountants.

So, if you offer THE SAME SERVICE they (feel they) are already receiving, why would they be interested to get into all the extra work and cost required to change accountants?

Thus, regardless of wheter or not they actually ARE interested, they will SAY they are. The easiest way to get rid of you is to say "thanks but we're fully satisfied with our current accounting firm..."

It gets rid of YOU fast, doesn't it?

But, if the truth be known, the MAJORITY of clients are NOT satisfied with the service they receive from theyr accounting / CPA firm.

Absolutely not.

Oh, most of them have nothing personal against the accountant.

Not at all, quite the contrary. The CPA or accountant becomes a friend over the years. A friend and a confidant.

It's just that, simply because accounting is ENFORCED upon them by legislation, they don't think much about the service. They did not ask to do it, most would not even WANT to do it if it wasn't mandatory.

So it's not the accounting professional but the nature of the service. It's not the degree of politeness, manners, service attitude or technical expertise of the accountant I'm talking about here.

It's simply the accounting service itself — the elements it contains, how it is enforced upon business owners, and what they actually feel they receive from it (apart from "complying with legislation"... the "MEAT" of it.

That's how they think and feel. Obviously the very fact that you're READING this article — the fact that you're seeking to find better ways to acquire and serve clients — already sets you apart and places you into a small elite among accountants.

Truth to tell, most of your colleagues don't want to know about these things.

All right.

Now, looking at the majority of existing potential clients in your area and the service they receive from your competitors, we see that the STRUCTURE of the basic accounting service is practically identical firm to firm.

The service complies with legislation, but it does not give the client much data he could use in day to day decision making. Not if you compare to what the average client WISHES to receive from it.

The problem, of course, is that it takes a lot of hard work to FIND OUT what clients really want because they don't know how to put it in words due to their (almost complete) lack of understanding of accounting.

For us, it took years of intensive research and interviewing of thousands of business owners and hundreds of accounting professionals.

Of course, by the same token, once we DID find out what they want and piloted the service for three years in more than 50 practices... we HAVE the special service that is the only effective way to INTEREST established firms to consider changing accountants.

Apart from business startups and an occasional referral, the ONLY (meaningful) source of new clients can be defined as "those thousands of companies in your area currently using the services of other accounting firms but not actively satisfied with what they receive."

The only reason these clients hang onto their current service providers is because they don't believe ANY Accounting firm has anything BETTER to offer.

Nice words, fancy terminology, stylish presentations... none of that will help you unless the business owner can see that the SERVICE you offer is MUCH BETTER than what he now receives.

It has to be CLEARLY BETTER so that he can see it's worth going into the trouble of changing accountants.

And that's essence of Monthly Financial Consulting Service — the special service whose instructions of delivery (and the tested ways of signing on prospects onto this service) you receive within your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course.

And the easiest way of making your prospective clients understand the value of this service so THEY seek out YOU — to create real PULL for the service — is to sell lots of Business Owner's Profit Guides... and let the prospect do the work of convincing himself of the superior quality and positive difference of your service!

Once you have Monthly Financial Consulting Service to offer and start selling Business Owner's Profit Guide, you will acquire a formidable edge in the competition.

The Business Owner's Profit Guide will not only do your selling for you but also MAKE MONEY from the marketing activity itself!

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