Monthly Financial Consulting Service is the only added value accounting service that is for every single business owner. This is what most businesses want if only they knew it existed...

Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course

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Accounting service "replacing" monthly accounts practically sells itself.
The Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is used by CPAs, Chartered Accountants and Accounting firms in 45 states in US and 30 countries worldwide to get a constant flow of year-round Accounting clients inexpensively and predictably.

The structure and delivery Monthly Financial Consulting Service

On the part of acquiring new clients, the Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is based on a special BASIC added-value Accounting service.

We call it BASIC not because it would be viewed as simple or lacking in value or depth... but because it is a service that you can sell to every single client in an accounting firm or CPA practice.

This service is called Monthly Financial Consulting Service.

If you're an accountant then, for you, this service could INCLUDE monthly accounts / writeups (and any other compliance service needed by the client) in which case the service FRONTS itself with something positively new and different.

If you're a CPA and not interested in doing bookkeeping and other compliance services (apart from Tax work), then you can offer this monthly service to all clients you do tax reports for as well as any business owner in the area, with the added benefit of being able to offer it as an ADDITIONAL service to their existing accounting service.

In other words, they would NOT have to CHANGE their accountant in such case.

The same choice applies of course to ANY accounting professional wishing to avoid bookkeeping work and simply leave monthly / yearly accounts to someone else.

The threshold of CHANGING accountants can be high, so this way you can avoid it altogether. Alternatively, if you DO want the monthly bookkeeping work also, you can FIRST offer the Monthly Financial Consulting Service and, once the client has settled nicely on the service and sees its true potential, suggest that he move over all his work to your firm. Chances are he or she will...

By survey we know that the Monthly Financial Consulting Service is considered extremely valuable by 85% of business owners.

However, they also believe is not available anywhere, which is why they're not looking.

This service is based on years of research and countless detailed surveys into the needs and wishes of accountancy clients.

It offers you a way of selling a much needed & wanted service to all your existing clients, thus enabling you to sell many times MORE per client each year.

And the clients will be GLAD to pay for it.

The Monthly Financial Consulting Service also provides you with something singularly competitive to offer to NEW prospective clients... something THEY will experience as extremely valuable and totally unique.


Take clients away from a competitor or offer your existing clients something MORE

Essentially, there are two ways of making the grade in the competition in your local area.

One is to take clients away from local competitors. With business owners largely viewing accounting services as identical from one firm to another, this actually means you compete with price and use a lot of money in advertizing & listings so that whenver someone looks for another accountancy service provider, they're likely to come across your name.

The other way is to offer something the business owner considers desirable but which they cannot obtain from their current service provider.

In other words, you offer a unique service which you know business owners want, and then accept new clients which wish to use the service only you can provide.

The first alternative has its drawbacks. In most regions there are more accounting professionals than demand for their services. No shortage on providers of compliance services, in other words.

While everyone has clients, most smaller practices would want to have MORE... and yet there aren't enough clients to go round in the area.

The usual thinking in this matter is to wait for better times. We wait for something good to turn up... all while the more established firms, having more resources at their disposal for client acquisition, take over even more of the available clients in the region.

Recent years have proved that waiting does not always bring better times. Thus it is better to be pro-active and do something to ensure that your future includes more clients.

Otherwise, with big franchises taking hold, the imbalance between the small and the big practices tends to worsen rather than improve for the smaller practice with the passage of time.

That's when we speak of compliance services, those mandatory accounting actions legislation demands businesses perform (have accountants perform) or else...

When you come out with something OTHER, an added value accounting service like the Monthly Financial Consulting Service, you cannot be touched by the big boys, of course.

But with compliance services, this elimination contest played out regionally is a deathly musical chairs in slow motion. Ignoring it wont make it go away nor save us from its inevitable end game.

So, how do you counteract the better resources of bigger firms?

By using the SECOND alternative available to you, namely to offer unique added value services which they don't (can't, in fact).

Offer something more closely adapted to the NEEDS of business owners outside the mandatory services.

Only don't just up and start offering what YOU think they need. Trust me, if it really was that simple, everyone would be doing it. Well, let's add to that "successfully."

And why would you reinvent the wheel, go through all the trouble it takes to research and test and spend a fortune on trial and error in developing your own added value accounting service?

The solution is very simple if you're willing to take advantage of whatever good luck or insight that made you stumble onto this opportunity:


Monthly Financial Consulting Service — the only BASIC added-value accounting service in the world

Let's cut through the excuses and advertising claims and get to the point.

Is it not true that IF you could double or triple the fees from the average client annually, you would not need new clients for several years?

Or let's take another view on the possibilities provided by having something desirable no-one else in your area can offer:

If you could get say 2-4 new clients every month simply because they want your Monthly Financial Consulting Service, you would never have to keep a single client you don't like.

You could reshape your client profile to contain only those business owners who want to cooperate, are interested in the development of their own finances, and truly value your expertise.

In fact, there are several more desirable scenarios one could derive from this equation once one of its known values is Monthly Financial Consulting Service being a part of what your firm offers.

A lot of positive effects can be obtained as long as that which you offer is something business owners truly WANT, especially so if it is not available anywhere else in the area.

That's what the Monthly Financial Consulting Service can do. That's what the ready to use presentation tools can help you make business owners understand in your area. One after another, obtaining new clients continuously, month after month, year after year.

Monthly Financial Consulting Service is the only BASIC added value accounting service in the world. And with "basic" I mean that it handles the BASICS of what every business owner needs (and wants) to know... and thus it can be sold to every single client.

Every single of YOUR clients. And every single of your competitors' clients as well.

Not only sold but once you present it, most clients will actually DEMAND to be delivered this service. And, during the delivery, they will buy MORE of it, time again.

It is quite something to behold.

In acquiring new clients, our "choice" — if you can call it that — is really only whether to be the one introducing that better service to the businesses at large in your area... or sit and wait until one of your competitors in the area obtains the opportunity in your stead.


Worlds best selling added value accounting service: A whopping 85% of business owners WANT this service

By survey we know that business owners firmly believe that compliance services bookkeeping, year end, tax reports are completely identical from one firm to another. We've all told our clients how tax legislation has to adhered to and that we need to confirm with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), and whatnot.

THEY take that to mean there is only one correct and legal way to do things, so of course all accounting firms provide EXACTLY the same service!

Well, be that as it may, another fact we found in surveying tens of thousands of business owners on the subject is that they definitely feel it is very risky to change accountants, to say nothing of cost and that it takes effort & time.

That's the short of why they won't change accountants, even if they are dissatisfied.

They won't change UNLESS you can offer something they really believe is by FAR BETTER — something they already WANT but didn't think was available anywhere.

And there it is.

That's what you can achieve by acquiring the Monthly Financial Consulting Service for your firm to deliver. Note that you only pay for the course pack, nothing else, there are no strings attached.

We know that 85% of business owners WANT this service.

You know that in order to be able to temp those better businesses in your area to change over to you, there has to be something more desirable than compliance services.

When you have something totally unique to offer, when only you in your area can provide a service wanted by 85% of businesses... well, there's no need for SELLING in the traditional sense of the word.

Consequently, the Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course methodology is based on ready-to-use tools which allow you to REMAIN in your comfortable role as the consulting accounting professional.

You never need to become a salesman again...

You will have a service whose content, quality and presentation are solely based on researched, tested and proven FACTS of what 85% of business owners WANT... but what they think is NOT available anywhere.

Once YOU bring to their attention the fact that YOU HAVE THIS SERVICE TO OFFER... well, it's going to make an impact just like it has with the local target audiences of so many firms.

NOW you have a whole new game, one in which YOU are going to be the winner because your services are demanded and YOU can decide whom you accept as a new client and whom you don't.

A whole new ball game. Here's what one CPA says in his testimonial about the Monthly Financial Consulting Service... and that's after the mere introduction of it in Part 1, well before receiveng the detailed instructions of the service in Part 4 of the Modern Accountancy Marketing Course:

"....You are incredibly logical and compelling. Based on your marketing program (especially the surveys) I began setting up monthly meetings with clients.

"Early results are far better than expected. I start by reviewing a few items that are significantly out-of-line. However, discussions soon shift to areas that would not otherwise come to my attention in time, if at all.

"They include buying new assets, a buyout, refinancing, credit and collection, family conflicts, management, new business efforts, outsourced bookkeeping, new accounting software, budgeting, changing a the legal form of a business, an estate plan and more.

"...[and] I have not yet finished reading [the] first manual..."

M.B., Certified Public Accountant, public speaker,
Florida, USA

That's how HE sees it but, more importantly, it works because the system and the service are constructed after several years of research, surveying, testing and piloting it with more than 50 practice BEFORE it was launched in the Do-It-Yourself format that's the final product today.

See. The Monthly Financial Consulting Service is BUILT on what business owners want so it will obviously hit home in a big way.

Now, why don't they just ASK for this service from their current Accountant?

You know why.

They don't understand accounting. That's why they won't ask for even the simplest of things, let alone have the ability to analyse a full service concept to request from an accounting expert.

You know that's not going to happen. In fact, it took YEARS of detective work and the help of countless experienced accounting professionals to figure out this service.

The needs and wishes of clients were SO well hidden under this lack of understanding as well as all kinds of emotional issues... and then we had to TEST every bit... and then PILOT the service in more than 50 firms for three years, adjusting and troubleshooting it until it was what it is today:

A service that answers the deepest wishes and needs of 85% of business owners.


Just imagine the advantage this would bring to your firm on YOUR local turf...

It's quite something to behold. Of course you can name the service any which way you want. The delivery will also allow you to influence the structure quite broadly if that's your preference.

But the concept of Monthly Financial Consulting service itself will make a tremendously positive difference to your client acquisition. And best of all, every accounting professional can deliver this service easily!

Offering that what the majority of the target audience fervently wants can only result in a healthy flow of additional income and new clients... to say nothing of the leverage it gives you in pricing and scheduling of your services.

This formula is carefully devised to create the maximum positive impact on the client with the minimum time and effort from you. The client will be impressed and yet it's very simple to DELIVER the service.

Futhermore, this service is also proven to lengthen significantly the average time each client stays with his CPA/accounting firm.

Clients will stay on your services LONGER, making the average per-client income bigger and thus decreasing the cost of client-acquisition... which cannot but influence the valuation of your practice also.

So that's what this service and the Modern Accountancy Marketing Course can do for you.

Now it's your choice.

Why not give it a try? You can subscribe to the course with a one-part-per month schedule which allows you to terminate your subscription at any time. Part 1 already spills the beans, presenting the Monthly Financial Consulting Service along with much of the survey material on client's views that the system is based on.

Don't go it alone. Use the knowledge acquired by your colleagues during years of trial and error!

In Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course we give you this closely mapped route to success. It's the simple way to do it, the method that's proven and tested until it works consistently in the hands of every accounting professional.

You'll acquire the benefit of years of practice in 50 firms so that you can deliver the service confidently from the onset.

With the road map, it's not difficult. In fact, it's very, very easy... but only because you KNOW HOW.

Trust yourself and your own judgment: Your time and skills are better invested in using the ready-mapped route rather than attempting to reinvent the route by trial and error!

Click here to read the full presentation of your Modern Accountancy Marketing Course... or if you want to order directly, then click this link to reach our secure order form!

This could be the best investment you'll ever make...

Best wishes,

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