Added value accounting service is often just fancy words. But here's a basic service that keeps expanding and increasing the sense of value for clients and adding to your profits as well.

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How to add value to accounting services so clients buy more
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Adding value to your accounting services — in the eyes of clients so they ask to buy more and more

Adding value to your Accounting servicesHand to heart: Have you ever felt hopeless at how little clients seem to VALUE your expertise and best efforts to help them?

How does one build into one's services the aspect of making its value perceivable to existing (and prospective) clients?

The secret to this is revealed in Part 6 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course.


Value — a subjective experience of the beholder

If anything, the concept of value is wholly dependent on the viewpoint of the beholder.

If we look at your accounting services then we see that objective value can (and does) exist to superb degree... but unless it is understood and perceived by clients then it won't be held in high value by them.

Therein lies the problem.

The average client doesn't understand WHAT you're doing for him.

He has little or no concept of how valuable your work is because "no understanding" equals "no appreciation."

Ignorance is like a magic veil making existing values invisible and nonexistent. One cannot value what one doesn't SEE.

And here's where we take the wrong direction in all of this:

In trying to overcome this apparent lack of appreciation, accounting professionals have tried to increase the value of what they deliver, add more to it and give MORE for the same money.

But it's the wrong direction.

Giving more for free doesn't solve the CAUSE of the problem. It won't help the client understand your services any better.

Instead, it will only devaluate the perceived worth of your time, expertise and efforts... simply because you're obviously "giving it for FREE."

"Nothing free is worth much." That's the general thinking.

In Part 6 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course, you will learn how to take the OPPOSITE route and CHANGE the direction of this.

The end result is LESS work yet MORE income for what you do... and a much higher perceived value in the eye of the average client.

Instead of trying to give MORE you give LESS... but go over it in more detail and so that the client starts understanding each part of the basics.

Instead of giving something for free you start charging for it, thus automatically assigning it a much higher value in the eyes of the prospective client.

See. When the client PAYS for the information, he will automatically assign a higher value to it than if that information was offered for free, provided that he can be made to understand the information and its purpose & importance, of course.

And there's one more step to this: You need to find a way of effecting that the client ASKS for this additional service.

But... how on earth does one accomplish THAT?


The art of making clients realise their needs

Part 6 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is all about delivering understanding. Here we give you the keys to solve the dilemma of client-communication on the part of making clients realise ON THEIR OWN what they want and need.

Of course, once you try convincing someone that they NEED something (they've not realised) we come against a barrier: The other person will not easily AGREE to any shortcomings or problems pointed out by others.

Also, the degree of truth, value and usefulness assigned by a client to any solution is usually much LOWER if someone ELSE tells him about that solution (as opposed to the client realising it on his OWN).

In other words, a person assigns a very high value to his own ideas when compared to ideas coming from his fellow men. That's how the human mind works — every person considers his or her own realisations, facts, deductions, opinions as the most important, accurate and truthful.

Some can change their view and re-evaluate their truth if another shows them conclusive proof of it being otherwise than what he has concluded.

But it's nowhere NEAR as convincing than if HE realises it without any apparent interference from anyone else.

It's much more effective if, having ensured he has the knowledge to evaluate the fact, simply focus his attention discreetly onto the subject... and he "invents" the point as his own.

Thus, it's more effective to have him realise a point through his own inventive thinking process than giving it to him directly in a ready-analysed and digestible form.

It's also much faster, much more convincing and the resulting CERTAINTY that he holds for his idea is astronomically higher than it could ever be if coming from someone else.

Now, this may all sound very theoretic or even confusing. That's because it's a new way of thinking about the creation of value.

But, as laid out in Part 6 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course, the practice of ACCOMPLISHING IT is utterly simple.

It's much easier than trying to CONVINCE him about anything.

It's very comfortable and, for all intents and purposes, it appears that HE keeps ASKING for more and more service simply because he holds it in such high regard and constantly comes up with NEW NEEDS.

Thus, instead of some magical campaign of increasing value and in place of any specific added-value services, we have a continuous increase of perceived value combined with progressively expanding demand for more services from the average client.

That's what adding value really means.

This system also allows you to PRICE your services based on the (relatively high) value perceived by clients.


Pricing your service by value to the client

Value-pricing is a well-known theory within the accounting world. It's the concept of pricing services not by hourly rates but by the value CLIENTS assign to them.

As a theory its weak point has always been how to CREATE the sense of high value for each client. In your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course this has been solved for the first time in practice.

In Part 6 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course you receive a totally new way of pricing your services. This way makes it very easy to increase your prices (and the profit margin) while actually making clients more satisfied with your services.

Above all, this pricing system will allow you to UNTIE your income from hours spent and blow away the glass ceiling that time limitation combined with hourly rates currently place on your earnings.

In other words, you can now remove the influence of hourly rates from your fees and charge much more for services that clients will themselves ask for.

We will show you how to sell additional key figures instead of hours — you simply add new figures to the monthly consulting and monitoring and charge the client for these and not the hours.

We will show how you can easily produce chargeable fees of several hundred MORE per hour while actually making clients MORE SATISFIED by what you give them!

Obviously, this pricing system must be implemented gradually as you go along — you don't just change everything all at once but set it in motion client by client... and even then adjusting the pricing upwards until you find just the right level for it.

But it does open a door to a whole new ball game in terms of increasing your fees and the value of your services in the eyes of your clients.

And don't be surprised if YOU will get one or two great realisations that will dramatically upgrade YOUR view of your own value in leaps and bounces!

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