An accountancy tailored sales closing technique that's comfortable to use without any traditional sales antiques? Yes, provided you offer exactly the right service the correct way...

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How to achieve a
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The Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is used by CPAs, Chartered Accountants and accounting firms in 45 states in US and 30 countries worldwide to get a constant flow of year-round accounting clients inexpensively and predictably.

Could there BE a way of handing those endless procrastination excuses of prospective clients and sign them onto your accounting service NOW?

Sales closing is a skill, not a show of force...Sales closing is often associated with force and aggression — as if is an act of FORCING someone to agree to something he isn't willing to do.

This generalisation has come to be only because there are so many unskilful salesmen to whom force and aggression are the only ways to affect the outcome of their sales cycles.

But that's not sales closing. That's as far from skilful sales closing techniques as you can get, in fact.

With the techniques in Part 5 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course, you are going to become a skilful closer.

That requires certain preparations with each prospect. It necessitates the use of the presentation and sales tools within your course.

And once you've done all that the act of sales closing becomes either unnecessary or very easy to affect.

Instead of testosterone, you're going to use intelligence. In place of aggressiveness and enforcement, you're going to activate the fears for LOSING the opportunity.

It's all very simple, easy and comfortable — accomplished with a few polite and well-placed sentences here are there.

The insider information in Part 5 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course will make you a top sales closer without so much as a hint of aggravation, annoyance or discomfort for either party.

Sales closing isn't going to be hard... and it isn't likely to become a very prominent part of your sales activity either. Chances are you won't NEED any sales closing with most clients... but you'll want to HAVE these techniques just to be certain of maximising your success ratio in sales.


The better the sales action is prepared and planned, the less skill and pressure are required to get prospective clients to sign on

Now, the great news is that you DON'T NEED to get a super-salesman to get a continuous flow of new clients. As an accounting professional and with only the tools of Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course, you can close just as many sales as a top sales expert... or even more.

The secret lies in the methodology and approach to the sales action. A top salesman has a lot of experience and certain characteristics which are only necessary if one goes about selling WITHOUT these carefully developed tools.

One could say that this approach and these tools allow the skills of a top salesperson to be SUBSTITUTED by clever planning and systematization.

And so it is with sales closing techniques also.

WHEN your approach is carefully planned, when you use the set of tools in earlier parts of the course... there are only certain and quite limited problems POSSIBLE at the closing stage.

These closing techniques are easy to learn and use... and quite unique also due to the special approach. Armed with these techniques you will find it much easier to get prospects to sign onto your services then and there, instead of going away "to think about it!"

You will find it easy to close sales. But what about getting others to duplicate your successful actions in client acquisition?


How to get OTHERS to sell your services successfully?

To be honest, any client acquisition system that's not transferable — so you can get OTHERS to perform each action of the cycle of client acquisition with expected results — is not worth its salt.

Whether or not it seems realistic at this point in time, sooner or later you will have so many clients that your expertise is best used in supervising the technical quality of services and business functions.

At that point it's vitally important that you can TRANSFER the duties of client acquisition to a partner / one or more juniors. Otherwise, you're stuck with it and it becomes yet another thing ONLY YOU CAN DO — a burden instead of a solution that allows for smooth and profitable expansion.

At that point you'll be very glad that each of the techniques in your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is built into a ready-to-use tool that anyone can use.

But we go further than that. If you place your order now then with Part 5, you also receive a bonus pack — a manual called "Getting others to sell the service" that gives you the tips on how you can affect a transfer of client-acquisition duties.

If your practice is small right now then this might not seem like something important. But I guarantee that one day it will be a virtual lifesaver...

One of the HARDEST things to accomplish in a growing practice is finding functional ways to transfer to others duties currently held by you.

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Being so GOOD at what you do and yet hiring personnel as the practice expands, it easily becomes a nightmare unless you can successfully hand over those jobs you've been doing.

Unless you have a SYSTEM to hand over and supervise, it's almost HOPELESS to get someone else to SELL... either at all or with anywhere near as good a success ratio as yours. It can easily become an unbalanced situation where YOU slave away while your personnel has much less to do.

So, let's take a look at only some of the elements within your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course from the viewpoint of getting OTHERS to sell well.

For getting others to sell well, the course contains these elements (among others):


A tested and proven basic service that offers what 85% of business owners are looking for but don't think that it exists.

The Monthly Financial Consulting Service gives you the leverage of offering something they WANT but (think that they) can't get from their current accountant... meaning you're giving them a very strong reason for CHANGING accountants.

Without such a special service, it's almost hopeless to tempt business owners to go into all the trouble of changing accountants just to exchange an identical service to another. That's how THEY see it, see?


Tested and proven TOOLS to find prospective clients effectively and at low cost. Here, you have a wide variety of prospecting tools, starting from ready-to-use direct mailing letters, an easy telemarketing system (that you can get anyone to use successfully), special approaches for specific types of prospects and so on.

These are tested by hundreds of practices and you get these valuable tools and systems so you can start getting prospects without delay. And because these are put into tools, you can get just about anyone to use them successfully... it doesn't have to be YOU, in other words.

- Tested and proven tools to interview prospective clients by telephone so their interest is increased and they realise how this special service can be tailored to their wishes and needs. This leads to a heightened interest and pulls the prospects into a meeting in your office.
- Tested and proven tools for running the meeting, such as a ready contract (which acts as a closing tool) and a form to create quote that no-one can match or better... and successful actions on how to close a good number of these prospects onto your services then and there... all documented into ready-to-use tools.
- Detailed instructions on how to use each tool, full briefing on WHY the tool was created to its finalised version and how to get others to use the tool successfully. The course acts as a full training system in marketing and selling of accounting services and yet it requires very little time, you get it a low cost and you don't have to do it all at once. In fact, you can choose to train one person to handle prospecting and another to do the presentations... and so on.

Unique management tools with which you can monitor and manage the marketing & sales personnel so that you can accurately predict the coming results. This system allows you to go about your business without having to stand behind the salesman's shoulder — in fact, it only takes a few minutes A WEEK to keep this system under control!

If you use the system yourself in the beginning, these tools will allow you to achieve certainty that you're on the right path and on the way to obtaining worthwhile results.


The complete experiences of troubleshooting any and all problems that the more than 50 practitioners using (and misusing) the system in our three-year pilot programme run into. You get all the solutions in a checklist for each tool so if you don't get the expected results, you can LOCATE the problem and correct it.

This experience is SO valuable that you really have to experience using these special troubleshooting checklists to appreciate how easy it is to conquer ANY problem and reach a state where you can get as many clients as you want when you want them. Never before has such a system been offered to practitioners. Troubleshooting not only helps you REACH your goals but it also shows that this is one system that's been tested, piloted and USED extensively until it produces uniform results in the hands of anyone.

Never before has such a detailed, in-depth set of accountancy marketing & sales techniques AND tools been available — and within your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course, you not only get it all at a low cost but also a full marketing library and toolkit for any future needs, no matter how much your firm expands.

It's priceless to have for your practice.

Once you've reached a far higher level of income and viability, you might want to start taking time off... and this system will allow you to do just that.


Visual quality to service presentation

Another bonus pack that's available with Part 5 of your course (if you order now) is Service Presentation Kit — a 15-page four-colour printable presenter kit to use as an aide when presenting the Monthly Financial Consulting Service.

This can be printed out with an ink jet printer (including your logo and contact details), inserting the printed pages into one of those special presentation binders with plastic pockets for each page... and you can also get an on-screen version to be used on a laptop or desktop computer, flicking the pages into view one after the other.

The Service Presentation Kit will add visual quality to your presentation and it will impress the prospects.

To have an ad agency create you such a presenter kit would cost thousands... but if you make use of our current offer and order your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course now, you'll get it as an additional bonus for absolutely no charge at all!


Hiring salesmen: A question of availability and risk

You don't need me to tell you how expansion always contains some risks. This is particularly so when you start hiring marketing or sales personnel.

Whether you know it or not, there's no way you can find people who'll be happy to work on sales commission (alone or at all). No, Sir. People want a salary that they'll receive regardless of results... that's the way people are today.

So, you'll have to take on considerable costs (in form of salaries) before you get any bankable results from the sales person. Without a clear-cut, ready-to-use system for them to use, you'll have to wait MONTHS for them to "get grooved in" on the job... which, again, means a lot of expenses without any guarantees of ever getting something in return.

Compare that to having the 12-part Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales System course pack with its ready-to-use systems which can be implemented within DAYS.

Not only will you save lots of money but you'll also find out whether or not the new person has it in him to GET any results... for with these tools, he should get results within a week!

And then there's the problem of FINDING the right person. As mentioned earlier, those super-sales-experts are very rare. Also, they don't come cheap.

It can take ages to find one and persuade him to take employment with your firm. Many of us NEVER find such a super-salesman.

But with Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course, you won't have to.

This system with its ready-to-use tools, detailed instructions and troubleshooting will allow you to utilise NORMAL, communicative people instead.

It's important to realise that the type of person required to use this system successfully is a HUNDRED TIMES MORE AVAILABLE than an established sales expert.

With this I mean that these people are about one in ten out there... instead of the forbidding odds of one in a thousand that you have for finding someone who's already a top sales expert.

Not only is it much easier to find a person to use this system than to find a top gun salesman, but the COST in terms of salary is of a whole different order of magnitude.

With Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course you only need the person using the tools to be communicative — absolutely NO salesmanship or experience required for results!

No expertise needed to use this system successfully... so no gigantic wages required either.

Also, being dependent on a top sales expert for client-acquisition means that when he leaves, you don't get any more clients. Which, if left at that, is acceptable damage... but remember that this guy knows your clients and he might be tempted to get a few "easy pickings" just to impress his NEXT employer... your competitor.

Compare that to OWNING the system that the sales person uses as you would with Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course.

You can get him to sign a Confidential Information Agreement forbidding the copying of those tools... and if he leaves, he leaves just as stripped out of personal skills as he came into your employ.

He can't steal clients.

He can't steal your systems.

Furthermore, you can EASILY hire a replacement, getting the new sales person producing new clients within days!

In the final analysis, isn't THAT what having a real choice is all about?

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