Direct mailing is considered a waste of money by many accounting professionals. Yet it's merely a vehicle for the message, which is what either does or doesn't bring results. Learn how to...

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Acquiring a constant flow of prospective clients through direct mailing
The Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is used by CPAs, Chartered Accountants and Accounting firms in 45 states in US and 30 countries worldwide to get a constant flow of year-round Accounting clients inexpensively and predictably.

Harnessing the power of direct mailing to bring a constant stream of prospective clients for your accounting firm

Direct mailing is an old trick of marketing accounting services... and one that we soon grow disillusioned with.

Who hasn't tried direct mailing and burned his fingers?

You create a letter with high hopes, acquire a mailing list, work your fingers to the bone in preparing a batch of letters, buy your stamps and with growing anticipation mail the letters.

You sit back to await a good response... but then nothing happens. You get no replies, no contacts... or only one or two from some hopelessly unsuitable candidates.

In the end, you're disgusted with your target audience and upset for having done all that work for absolutely nothing.

So, what went wrong? Is it just that direct mailing in itself is a waste of time and money?


Direct mailing — only a vehicle for the message

Direct mailing letter - a viable message or merely hot air?Direct mailing in itself is only the means of bringing your MESSAGE to recipients. It's just like an ad in a newspaper — a SPACE for a message.

It's the MESSAGE that produces results... or leaves you without any response.

Without a message a direct mailing letter is just... well, hot air.

Now, before you get all upset and misunderstand MY message to mean something it doesn't, let me explain.

Firstly, I've no doubt that if you created a message then it was a good one. I've no intention of saying that the lack of response was caused by your inability to write a great message.

It's not copy-writing skills that I'm talking about here primarily.

It's a question of hitting exactly the right go-buttons of your target group... a question of unerringly knowing precisely what they think, and want, what they don't understand, or like... and defining exactly what they want most from accountants... as viewed SOLELY from their viewpoint.

To YOU, that viewpoint may be selfish, inept, unintelligent, highly accusative, unresponsive, negative, uncaring... or then not.

It may be anything.

All that matters is that it's THEIR viewpoint of accounting, bookkeeping, compliance services, taxation, financial planning and all those subjects covered by your services.

Whatever the viewpoints on these matters shared by the majority of business owners is the only acceptable truth for them at this moment.

If you want to CHANGE those viewpoints then you must BEGIN from whatever reality they currently hold true. Otherwise, you won't get results.

Whatever THEIR viewpoint IS, forms the foundation and angle of approach for an effective message.

If you want positive results then you cannot start from YOUR reality on these matters for that's a professional viewpoint definitely not shared by nonprofessionals of accounting (also known as "clients").

Realise that this is NOT an issue of who's right or wrong in regards to those endless differences of opinion between accounting professionals and their clients in regards to finances and whatnot.

The message you instinctively write to these people IS RIGHT in that it is the truth. You know, "face up to the consequences of your financial activity and inactivity, realise that the only way you can achieve a balance is through strict monitoring of key figures and realistic financial planning..." and things like that.

Of course you're right. Only... do you think they can FACE UP to that responsibility in the state they're at currently?

Do you think they'll bite the bullet... or simply throw away your letter?

What do you think... which is the easier thing to do?


It's an issue of whether or not YOUR MESSAGE is built so that it will be acceptable to them and produce desirable results.

See. You're completely right in thinking that the average business owner is avoiding his financial responsibilities and hiding his head in the sand.

You're perfectly correct in telling them that this "comfortable agony" they're engaged in will have terrible consequences one day unless dealt with now.

But if you think that's the message that will make them contact you for services... well, you know it isn't, right?

Marketing is not the forum for asserting your rightness over past injustices that you may have had the misfortune to receive from uncaring prospects and insufferable clients.

Marketing is not the platform for acting out your (perfectly justifiable) frustrations over having tried to help business owners only to see them stubbornly heading for disaster despite your best efforts.

Those things CAN be remedied once you have the client on Monthly Financial Consulting Service as you'll see later on in the introduction of this course.

But in marketing, prospecting, presentation and signing on new clients, you don't let that interfere with your message AT ALL.

Here, you start with whatever THEY believe to be true, no matter how upside down it is. They think it's all been done to them and that they've come to these dire straights without any fault of their own.

They haven't caused it, see... it's always someone else... AT THEIR CURRENT LEVEL OF AWARENESS.

To change that you need to have them ON the Monthly Financial Consulting Service... and you won't get them signed on unless you start with THEIR reality.

If you don't start from THEIR viewpoint, THEIR reality on things, if you don't use THEIR concepts and words to describe those results which THEY want... you're not going to get results.

Factually, it doesn't matter all that much HOW you forward the message to its recipients.

While direct mailing is arguably one of the very best methods of doing so because it allows you to obtain the full attention of the recipients, it's still only a vehicle for a message.


" have three seconds to state your case..."

Have you ever been to one of those presentations where the prospective client tells you from the onset that you only have a few minutes to prove your claim?

Not exactly a pleasure overload, is it? Especially if you've told him in advance it takes an hour or two and then travelled to HIS office for the meeting...

Well, with your direct mailing letter you only have about THREE SECONDS to make an impact on your reader.

That's how long we give for direct mailing letters on average — and if the letter cannot drive home a convincing reason why we should keep on READING we simply throw it away.

That's why the headline of the letter is so vitally important (as well as the pictures and layout you use). Its task is to STOP the reader and make him REALISE something within three seconds so he decides that this letter is different and well worth his time.


Why not KNOW the rules of direct mailing and acquire the messages that hit bull's eye with your local accountancy target audience?

Within your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course you receive many ready-to-use direct mailing letters. The main bunch of these letters is found in Part 2 of the course, along with some insider secrets derived from decades of professional direct mailing.

Why not give it a try? It might give you just the information you've been looking for in order to start utilising direct mailing — arguably the most comfortable of all prospecting methods!

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