Educating your target audience is probably the most profitable of all marketing activities because it ensures that new clients are created every month easily and inexpensively...

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Educating clients & potential clients to understand finance & accounting
The Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is used by CPAs, Chartered Accountants and Accounting firms in 45 states in US and 30 countries worldwide to get a constant flow of year-round Accounting clients inexpensively and predictably.

Educating your clients and target audience — an easy way of guaranteeing success

Accounting professionals sometimes balk at the idea of EDUCATING their clients and target audiences.

It's an understandable reaction. After all, who among us has NOT had a long chain of disappointments in having TRIED to make clients and prospects understand?

No wonder if you recoil at the idea of having more of the same to look forward to...

So, let me put your mind at ease: I'm not talking about THAT kind of education at all.

Educating the target audience is a very wortwhile goal... but the WAY it's done differs from what you've experienced.

Part 11 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course will show how to do it without spending any time personally with prospective clients until they're aware enough to WANT your services and LISTEN to what you have to say.

Essentially, it's a question of giving them interesting things to read on their own so they read your newsletters, manual(s) and other ready materials and learn what they COULD receive from accounting services if they knew whom to get it from and what to ask for.

You want them to do the work of increasing their awareness onto the level required so they become qualified prospects who will understand the value of special services and ask for these from you.

Thus, the education we're speaking of here is basically the concept of publishing materials which will...

- interest those among your target audience who are looking for better accounting service...
- take their viewpoint on any touchy issues concerning accounting, finances or the managing of their businesses...
- start from their actual level of understanding and expertise in matters of finance and accounting...
- build up a wider understanding step by step, using the correct gradual approach with many examples (and avoiding professional vocabulary)...
- gradually increase their view of what they can achieve with their company while installing a demand for better accounting service...
- include an element of participation at the end so they will take the next step and contact you for more information...

...and generally educate them into (prospective) clients who appreciate a good accounting service, understand its potential benefits to their own business success and have now an increased willingness to PAY for good service.


Let them do the work and put in the time... or better still, make them PAY for the information!

There's no escaping the fact that this is an illogical world when it comes to personal relationships within marketing and selling.

With this I mean that the MORE you offer for free, the further you're willing to go to service prospective clients (who've not yet paid a penny in exchange)... then the LESS of a positive impact it will have on them in that it will LOWER rather than increase your chances of acquiring a new client!

Man is a funny creature in that if he only RECEIVES, giving nothing in return, this automatically brings out the worst characteristics in the person.

The traditional marketing technique involving continuous servitude, persuasion and willingness to do lots of work for every prospect for free before HE commits himself to anything and gives ANY exchange for all that you do for HIM.

Yet the nature of human behaviour plays a cruel trick on you: Doing everything for another without making them give exchange for it will turn the prospect MORE NEGATIVE toward the solution.

It's like with children: If you just give everything to them — without asking anything in return, without setting certain rules and chores and demanding that they keep these — then they will become more and more demanding with less and less inclination to GIVE any exchange.

And so it is with prospective clients. The more you pamper them, the more they will demand from you and the harder it becomes to satisfy all their demands so you could sign them onto your service.

Why would you spend hours pleasing someone who's not given YOU anything... and not even PROMISED that he will sign onto your services?

I'll tell you why: Because that's what we've been TAUGHT to do by "experts!"

But we've also found out that it's not very effective. In fact, the more you do for nothing, the less likelier you are to get a new client.

The idea of educating your target audience through ready-made publications works against that age-old (mistaken) axiom. Here, you demand participation from the prospect. He must READ the materials... and, preferably, PAY for them before that!

It's a funny thing but whenever a person PAYS for information he immediately considers that information much more VALUABLE. He has unwittingly assigned a higher value to it by agreeing to PAY for it.

The average buyer will also BEHAVE better as he now gives exchange for the information. He will also trust the information more that if it was given for free... and he will WORK much harder in learning the knowledge within the information than if it was presented to him in a sales-related situation.

You'll soon find out how true this is if you put it to test: SELL the information to ten prospects and give it FREE to another group of then.

I guarantee that those you sold it to will TRUST you more, they'll have READ the information more thoroughly... and they will be quite a bit more EDUCATED on the subject matter and, thus, easier (and more motivated) to sign on.

And those you gave it for nothing... well, they've "not had time to read it yet..." and they'll keep on asking the SAME QUESTIONS over again (those that you answered in your materials)... and SOME will even be MORE suspicious after the information than before it!


Why not SELL the information, pocket the money (so your marketing activity pays its own costs and more) when it so clearly also brings you more (and better) clients?

That's what Part 11 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course will give you the knowhow to do!


"But I'm not an author..."

If you don't feel particularly confident about your ability to compose written materials into interesting format, don't worry.

In Part 11 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course you will LEARN the insider secrets of authoring simple promotional manuals — in fact, I will walk you through the technique I use to author my manuals, giving detailed instructions on how you can easily achieve the same!

Furthermore, you'll also receive 10 ready-to-use newsletter issues which you can use for email-based newsletter series or publish as a set of printed newsletters. Each newsletter is quite extensive so, if you wish, you can actually make 20-25 issues out of these ten newsletters quite easily!

I will also show you how to develop ideas for information products and give you a tool to do just that! Furthermore I'll give you the hard-won secrets of setting up newsletters on automatic as well as making it in online publishing... and even show you how to SELL you educational information products.

You'll also understand the strategy behind the sellable "Business Owner's Profit Guide" that you receive in the LAST part of your course (Part 12).

Thus, you get ready materials as well as the step-by-step insider secrets of how ANYONE can produce sellable manuals to set up as highly successful client-acquisition tools, along with a full troubleshooting list!

I understand that you may still be apprehensive about the idea... but give it the benefit of a doubt, PLEASE. I guarantee that once you've read Part 11 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course you will look at marketing and client-acquisition with a whole new viewpoint!

It's quite something — it opens a door to the future... and I think you will be happy you had to foresight to acquire this information NOW when competitors are still dreaming away!

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