Traditional networking is known for its inefficiency. Here are some fresh and superbly effective networking and PR techniques for a CPA firm or accounting practice....

Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course

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Networking with new approach to acquire new clients with high success ratio
The Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is used by CPAs, Chartered Accountants and Accounting firms in 45 states in US and 30 countries worldwide to get a constant flow of year-round Accounting clients inexpensively and predictably.

Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course

Networking with guaranteed results for your accounting firm

Networking to acquire Accountancy clientsEvery accountant's first guideline in starting his practice is to network as much as possible.

Get out there, meet people, introduce yourself, give your business card and try to make a good impression... and sooner or later you'll come across people who'll need your services.

Widely used, networking is nonetheless considered possibly the least effective method of acquiring new clients.

It's just SO slow, so uncertain and, to many, so uncomfortable also. Most of us feel apprehension about meeting new people and having to "enforce" our business hunting on others.

If only it would bring RESULTS quickly... but it doesn't.

Why is networking so seemingly non-productive in terms of tangible results?


Fighting a war with no weapons, ammunition or predefined strategic objectives?

There's a basic rule governing the results-producing quality of networking. Amazingly, this same factor also greatly influences how comfortable and pleasant your networking will be:

The degree to which you have something new and exciting to offer to people will determine the degree of interest towards your services... and, eventually, also the results.

Obviously, the more interested people are in what you offer, the more fun it is to do networking also.

To put it another way, the most embarrassing way of networking is to walk to meetings and situations without anything noteworthy to offer — that's to say, anything that OTHER people would consider interesting or what they would UNDERSTAND, for that matter.

Traditionally, we've left networking to fail or succeed solely on the basis of our personal charm: Be polite, be charming... and people will grow to like and trust you... and you'll get business in the end.

Of course, no matter how mesmerizing your personality, it still doesn't really provide people with an impelling REASON to change accountants.

THEIR accountant is also a well-behaved person with polite manners, no doubt.

Again we find that the all-important factor is providing a valid reason to CHANGE accountants, both to your networking partners and also those they'll talk to about your services.

Similarly, we also find that if you use the same (or similar) ideas, approach and message than competitors, these will simply cancel out each other — and such nullification will simply maintain the existing status quo.

So, without something positively DIFFERENT in your approach and offer, one can expect little or no results from networking.

And, reversely, WITH a uniquely interesting approach and offering something that's singularly desirable for the target audience (both your networkers and for those to whom they present your solution) you can expect quite spectacular results from networking!

The goal of Part 10 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is to give you such superior "firepower" to use in networking... along with comfortable methods of approaching people.


Powerful networking tools to use actively OR when an opportunity arises

Part 10 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course will define the goal and structure of networking and PR in a very clear way, emphasizing their practical aspects rather than the theory.

Instead of lofty theories you get make-sense tools and methods to utilise many specific target groups in networking.

Part 10 also gives you basic PR-actions for an accounting firm, a great system for creating a business expansion club so you can practically sign on any number of new clients, tools to approach special groups as well as "vested interest groups," how to harness your personnel in networking, how to network through other firms (in areas other than yours) and a special "reverse-flow" networking system.

Another groundbreaking innovation involves situation-related approach to networking. Additionally, you receive instructions on how to create and prepare information materials and campaigns for networking... all the practical and low-cost way.

A special BONUS pack — available right now for those who subscribe to Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course — is the four-colour printable Networking Presentation Kit, allowing you to create a uniquely positive impression to those you want to bring you referrals.

Part 10 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course also gives you the full content and instructions on holding a half-day seminar or Monthly Financial Consulting Service... and instructions on how to sell this unique service so that you factually get PAID for signing on new clients!

Additionally you receive insider tips on public speaking and conducting seminars and how to acquire free advertising through public speaking engagements.

Of course, Part 10 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course also contains a troubleshooting list for networking just like all other parts (with exception of Part 1) of the course. Just by READING this troubleshooting list you will get many ideas on networking and gain better understanding on how to be successful in it.

In Part 10 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course you get a full arsenal for successful networking. It's wholly up to you whether you decide to start any of these networking programmes OR merely have the data to use WHEN the occasion arises. Whichever, Part 10 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is guaranteed to be one of the best investments you ever made.

You will see a lot more opportunities around you... and you will have exact tools to utilise every one of them.

It will elevate your pulling power to a whole new level...!

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