How do you find bigger companies looking to outsource their accounting... and how do you convince them to choose you to do the work worth thousands of fees on monthly basis?

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Finding those bigger companies looking to outsource their Accounting functions
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Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course

Outsourcing — the big game hunting where one success can bring thousands in monthly fees

Finding the BIG CLIENTSWhat about those BIG companies that have their own accounting departments... would you like to find ways to get them to outsource these tasks over to your firm?

One single such a huge client can mean thousands in monthly fees.

There's nothing quite like getting to do a big company's accounts in an outsourcing situation. Right now, bigger companies are increasingly finding that in-house accounting isn't delivering the kind of service they want — to say nothing of cost-efficiency.

These bigger clients ARE rare, granted. But by the same token, they EXIST - and you can only obtain these big outsourcing clients if you GO AFTER THEM.

I know it can seem a bit intimidating as an idea... but you would be amazed to know how easy it can be to convince these bigger companies provided you have the tools within Part 9 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course!

Acquiring just one of these clients can make quite a change in your monthly fees... an increase of several thousands in fact.

Obviously, such an influx of income into your monthly billing does wonders for the cashflow.

There's no escaping the fact that the majority of clients are and will always be smaller. They will and should form the core of your clientele.

Yet, there are big clients out there - and they are looking for smaller accounting firms to do their work rather than big ones.

A big company as a client often offers more challenge professionally: You get to influence their finances and SEE the results faster and in bigger scale.

Your counterpart at clients' side is usually an accounting professional and communication is much easier, faster and rewarding than with nonprofessionals.


Do you have available capacity to take on one or more of those bigger accounting clients?

A bigger client offers often a good way to utilise available capacity and fill in the voids. There's a lot to be said about the added efficiency that comes with being able to do the task from start to end at one go.

There's simply less "starting" and more "doing" in it. Tasks of such abundance can also be made into a "capacity-filling" routine, ensuring your daily and weekly hours get billed out to the maximum.

Much of the work with bigger clients has to do with monthly accounts and other compliance services. But it also offers a lot more opportunity for analysis of the data and other, more interesting parts of your expertise.

If you have capacity available, either your own or that of your staff — or have freelancers readily accessible — then one or more of those bigger clients can be very useful to have in utilising that service delivery capacity fully.

Big companies have huge cashflows and both the ability and willingness to pay their bills on time. They also usually have an established "credit goodwill" policy which means that they fully understand the importance and public relations value of paying their bills timely.

With big clients the work is often less problematic, offering more job-satisfaction to the accounting professional. Bigger businesses are more established and have an ample cashflow to turn plans into reality.

Once you get one or two (or more) of bigger clients, your cashflow becomes larger, steadier and more predictable — something you can work with and count on.


Why big companies are looking for smaller accounting firms for outsourcing

Unlike commonly thought, big companies don't always want to commission BIG accounting firms to do their work. Instead, most prefer to outsource the work to a small practice.

This is because big companies are well aware of the so-called size-versus-efficiency ratio: The bigger the group becomes, the lower the personal efficiency of each group member becomes. It just takes more and more time to explain things, organise production... all that.

There's also a point in any company's life when growth begins to severely distance the bulk of personnel from the entrepreneurship viewpoint of the owner. The bigger the company, the less spirit of entrepreneurship there usually is.

In other words, with growth of personnel, there's a tendency to slide from "do-or-die-trying" down to less motivated approach to work.

Bigger companies have experienced how their once-efficient in-house accounting solution has outlived its competitiveness as compared to outsourcing.

Thus, big companies know they get more for their money from smaller firms... it's as simple as that.

Obviously, they want to deal with a small and effective group - wouldn't you prefer that too, instead of dealing with an institution?

Those ingredients - a better size-efficiency ratio added with the zest of entrepreneurship - are what make you so competitive in the outsourcing market.


Part 9 of Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course gives a unique set of tools for finding outsourcing assignments

Part 9 offers you a unique set of tools to find those bigger companies ready to outsource their accounting work.

There'll never be MANY of these in any given area at any one given time. It's more of a "keep a lookout and act immediately" type of process that'll secure those bigger clients.

The problem is that most of these companies haven't realised the benefits of outsourcing quite yet.

Had these companies already fully realised the benefits of outsourcing, had they done the math ALREADY... well, you wouldn't stand a chance. They'd be paying those considerable monthly payments to your competitor already, wouldn't they?

Your strength will be to have the tools to drive home that realisation where others just wait and hope for a contact...

In Part 9 you'll learn how to...

... recognise those companies who've "matured" for an outsourcing solution...
... contact them in with a correct approach to evoke their interest in considering outsourcing as an option to their in-house accounting solution...
... present your outsourcing solution in such way as to make its cost-savings and aggravation-reducing qualities directly understood...
... create the quote so it will be a winner and even...
... clinch the deal so that you get to sign them onto your services with a healthy profit margin!

You'll also learn to see accounting (and your firm) from THEIR viewpoint so that you can easily present exactly the kind of image that meets with what they're LOOKING for.

Now, there's a very specific moment during which each of these big companies is extremely susceptible to consider outsourcing.

And there's a very specific, step-by-step process that WILL get them thinking along the right lines, reevaluating the basic factors in a new unit of time, arriving at the correct conclusions.

Let me tell you in no uncertain terms that if you have the tools to FIND these companies at the most advantageous moment and then use the right tools to create the realisation on how much more cost-efficient an outsourcing solution is... you get yourself a BIG new client!

Big companies ARE outsourcing as we speak at an increasing velocity. There's no "if" about it.

With the system that you receive in Part 9 of the course, you will have the power to ensure YOU are their chosen accounting firm!

Just imagine what it would mean to get even one of those big companies in your clientele for years to come...

It's all within your reach with the Outsourcing System that you receive in Part 9 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course!

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