This is how to acquire a constant flow of qualified prospective clients for your accounting services so it all works predictably, producing a flow of new clients every month...

Prospecting for New CPA Clients

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How to find new prospective CPA clients constantly?
Finding qualified prospective clients and referrals for your accounting services on continuous basis is not easy. Cold-calling business owners is not the answer. Here are some tips on how you can find a constant flow of new clients for year-round services for your CPA or accounting practice.

Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course

How you can find good prospects constantly from your own area without cold-calling?

Finding enough new prospective accounting service clients every month - now there's a dilemma for any CPA or accounting firm if there ever was one.

Just about the only way to find prospects without significant costs is by calling your local business owners, introducing yourself and your services... and hope that you happen to be in the right place the right time.

But cold-calling isn't what you might easily consider a pleasant undertaking. Creating immediate interest in a business owner requires very careful planning. And no matter HOW great your approach, if you FIRST contact is by phone, you are going to get lots of disappointments.

What makes cold calling so problematic is that it is neither pleasant of productive. One out of a hundred is what you get without a clever approach. One out of 25 is possible, if you can whip up a major sales approach and the enthusiasm that it needs to be delivered with.

Professional tools will give you a 1:10 ratio or even surpass that.

Basically then, it's not the medium of telemarketing that's ineffective, it's only that you need to have the proven tools for it. Better still, have a two-level approach - don't make the call the first but SECOND contact - and you will further increase your success ratio.

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The time of sales-oriented telemarketing has passed long since

Contrary to what may would like you to believe, the traditional sales pitches delivered by phone don't work any more.

If they did, service providers would offer you some guarantees on how many prospects they'll find you for the monthly or weekly fee - and even give some minimun quality definitions for prospective clients they deliver.

Now, if the telemarketing experts don't believe in their own services any more - why should you?

Any marketing or sales approach works for a while. Then, just like advertising ideas or jokes, they lose their effect with everyone using those same techniques. Most every business owner has received ZILLIONS of telemarketing calls... most will just get turned off - or hang up - by this type of pushy sales calls.

But that doesn't mean that the TELEPHONE as a marketing instrument or medium of communication would be rendered useless.

You just have to have a totally DIFFERENT and yet PROVEN system to use it. And there is such a way - we found it in our 3-year accounting service marketing project. It has been tested, piloted and proven in use world over.

But before we get onto that, let's take a look at the most formidable of barriers that can and will stop you from ever getting results from marketing.

Because this is one issue where you can NOT follow the general opinion within the accounting industry - not if you want results, that is.


"It cannot be done - it won't work!"

The overwhelming majority of practicing accounting professionals are not actively marketing their services. The fact that you are READING this already puts you in the small minority of those that haven't given up!

One of the main reasons for this general disinterest among accounting professionals is lack of inexpensive yet effective marketing system tailored for signing on new accountancy clients.

New, effective and proven systems EXIST already. But here comes the second major barrier:

Most CPAs / accountants are NOT LOOKING for marketing solutions.

I should know - I have a top listing in most of the major search engines with "CPA marketing" search term ... and I can tell you, there aren't that many searches done in the whole world monthly!

The reason for it is mostly in previous disappointments experienced. See - everyone ONCE wanted to promote and market his or her accounting services and DID so.

But without indepth knowledge of the factors governing accounting service marketing, with no proven prospecting or sales tools at their disposal... they never had a chance of making all that invested effort, enthusiasm and money return the investment.

Disillusioned, disappointed and skeptical, one decides it can not be done - it isn't possible... and thus, gives up trying. In fact, this attitude will make a person totally disinterested in any further developments in marketing. He KNOWS it's all a hoax, nothing works - right?

That's the attitude out there - the MAJORITY opinion among practicing accounting professionals.

If you ACCEPT and AGREE with this thinking, then you will not be able to even SEE the new opportunities that avail themselves daily... to say nothing of utilizing them to your benefit!

And that's the trap you fall into by listening to what "everyone else" is saying about marketing.


Getting results - prospective clients for accounting services

Once you get passed the belief "it cannot be done," finding new prospective clients for your CPA or accounting firm isn't all that difficult.

You only need a system that uses the right message - one that creates immediate interest in your services - and a two-level approach.

And you need to PERSIST on your given course. It takes several WEEKS of marketing before the results become clearly visible. Obviously, the marketing system you use must also be inexpensive enough so you can easily afford to keep it up.

"Luck" has little to do with effective marketing and prospecting - just like it has nothing to do with balancing the books. If you know what you're doing and have the correct tools and proven methods... you get the expected results.

Handling business owners isn't as predictable as using figures in accounting. These are live beings, each with their own will and preferences... and their own peculiarities as well.

But it works in averages. You win some, then lose a few. The only way to lose for CERTAIN is not to try at all.

The basics of a prospecting system are a series of direct mailing letters offering what your TARGET AUDIENCE wants most - and a new type of phone interview that is TOTALLY different from any sales pitch.

Create a free introductory service - something short - and when you call, use an interview to survey the business owner's opinions on what CPAs / accountants should change in their services, what they should offer... etc.

PRE-QUALIFY the interviewed businessmen during the interview and offer your free introductory service only to those that clearly APPRECIATE your survey and service. With the unappreciative ones you just end the interview as if you never intended to offer them anything.

This way, you'll get only the appreciative kind of prospects - and I promise, most of those will be very interested in receiving your introductory service!


Persistance, comfort and success

To get results, you need to PERSIST with your marketing. To be able to FACE it - keep it up - the system and tools you use must be COMFORTABLE to use. See - nobody will force himself to do something that's thoroughly unpleasant. No - get tools that are CLEVER and EFFECTIVE... and above all, comfortable enough to use so you WILL use them.

And last but not least, persistance also depends on your success ratio. If you get 99 refusals for every one prospect found, you won't continue it for long - not if you're like the rest of us human beings. Nobody can keep up something that brings little success and a lot of failures and unpleasantness.

If you don't want to go into the trouble of developing your own system, we have one for you. Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Home Course was tested and piloted for years and has since then been adopted by CPA firms and accounting practices in 45 US States and 30 countries worldwide.

It works - comfortably and with a good success ratio. Click the link to find out more about this set of tools for accounting professionals.

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