Referrals are the cream of all potential Accounting service clients. They want your services and they usually sign on without a hitch. If only you could find a lot more REFERRALS for your Accounting firm! Well, here's what you can do to.....

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Looking for more referrals from you accounting clients?

Increase the flow of REFERRALS to your Accounting firm?Every Accountant in public practice wants more referrals from his clients.

As types of prospective clients go, referrals are the cream of the cream. They are positive, they are interested... and we seldom fail to sign a referral onto our services.

Comparing the ease and comfort of closing a referral to any other type of a prospect (cold calling, networking), we see how valuable it is to get clients referring their friends and associates.

Referrals come through an unreserved recommendation of someone they know and trust... so their choice has more or less been MADE by the time they come to us.

It has been said that while any other type of a prospect requires successful closing and considerable work, a referral will sign on unless we actively STOP him from doing so by presenting a very bad image of ourselves.

So, referrals are the jewels among prospective clients.

But why are they so preciously few and maddeningly far between?


Factors governing the flow of referrals to an Accounting firm

Who wouldn't want significantly more referrals than what they're currently receiving?

Indeed. How do you get MORE of them... significantly more so that you could expand the clientele ONLY through referrals, the most pleasant and easy-to-close prospect type of all?

Well, to get started on that, let's examine the factors governing the flow of referrals to your firm. But, please, when reading these points, keep in mind that these points are relevant ONLY if you want to INCREASE the flow of referrals.

In other words, whatever the number of referrals you currently receive every year is not affected by these points. They come to play only when we want to increase that number significantly.

So, if you currently get two or four referrals every year but want to increase it to six, eight, ten or above, then these six points come to play.

All right, so let's get into it.


1. Size of your clientele

THE FIRST FACTOR governing the flow of referrals concerns the size of your current clientele. The more clients you have, the bigger the potential for referrals there is.

Every client knows of only a limited number of suitable candidates for your services, persons with whom he is familiar enough so his recommendation will have sufficient impact to produce a referral.

To be able to get enough referrals every month, you need a relatively sizeable clientele as the first step. But increasing the size of the clientele won't affect the number of referrals an average client brings annually, of course. For that you need other factors.


2. Uniqueness of service

THE SECOND FACTOR governing the flow of referrals is your service and its uniqueness AS PERCEIVED BY CLIENTS.

Here, we enter a part of marketing called PACKAGING — the art of packaging services into a combination that is unique because no-one else has that same combination and that serves clients better than the average service available in your area.

You include bits of service that clients want most, combine those with what they need (compliance services) and give the concept a distinguishable NAME (along with a marketing message that highlights those "most wanted" parts)... and so on.

This is basically how Monthly Financial Consulting Service has been created and, since its creation, also tested and proven in use. It has the uniqueness so 85% of business owners will see it as something extremely desirable and useful FAR beyond average

The more positively unique your service, the more accurately it includes and highlights exactly those additional services business owners want but aren't GETTING from their current Accountant, the more PULL your service will have all on its own.

This will then make it much easier for your clients to RAVE about it to their associates... which in turn will increase their natural willingness to bring it up when talking with those among their friends who use Accounting services.

Which brings us to the next point on the agenda.


3. Implementing a systematic Referral Programme

THE THIRD FACTOR governing the flow of referrals is the degree to which you have an established, tested and successful REFERRAL PROGRAMME.

This is what you receive in Part 8 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course, of course — a wide array of system tools to use in activating your clients to bring more referrals.

As a rule, clients are rather inactive when it comes to proactive referral activity. As a rule, they won't NOTICE when there's call for recommending you... and even if they notice they shy away from taking such active part in the life of another.

The thinking with being a client is that YOU — the service provider — are the active party... and HE, the client, is the passive one, receiving "treatment" from you.

I know it sounds a bit silly, but that's the role most of us subconsciously adopt the moment we BECOME clients of someone.

The act of "being attended to" automatically makes one more passive as a side effect. It's part and parcel of "client-hood" just like when you go get a haircut or a massage: Your part in it is to pay and to avail yourself to be "pampered."

And so it seems that clients are predisposed to doing little or nothing in the way of finding us referrals.

To counteract this you need a referral programme that has what it takes to ACTIVATE clients into finding potential referrals and going after these with gusto and skill in order to achieve lots more referrals.

In fact, you need to give them simple tools to use, simple enough so they can memorise a few sentences to use in a few situations.

And you need a clever way to help them AVOID any responsibility in the transaction toward the person they're referring. For that's another load on the mind of your client:

What if his friend is bitterly disappointed with your services and then blames HIM for it?

I know it's silly but if you want more referrals, you have to know how to remove those concerns from your clients so they feel safe in recommending you.

And that's what you receive in Part 8 of your course. Part 8 is devoted for a Referral Programme, giving you tens of ready tools, letters, etc. to get loads and loads more referrals by activating your clients.


4. An affordable programme in terms of cost and time

The LAST FACTOR of successfully increasing the flow of referrals onto a much higher level (permanently) is formed from the cost-efficiency and time requirement factors of running the Referral Programme itself.

It needs to be very low cost and very quick to implement and fast to keep up routinely.

ANY client-acquisition system has to be that way, of course. There's no point if the system requires one huge risk-investment and then everything hinges on the success of that one action.

See. Marketing and client-acquisition are dependent on SO many variables. Depending on the season, day of week, target group selection (and virtually a hundred other factors), a one-time effort or campaign can bring response that's either good or NONEXISTENT.

It's really a toss of a coin. The risk factor in ONE huge campaign is HUGE.

The variables make ONE attempt more likely to fail than to succeed.

Therefore, any client-acquisition system is better off being a slow but CONSTANT flow — a trickle rather than one huge tidal wave of a campaign.

It must also be inexpensive to run and fast to do each time so that you can theoretically keep it up forever regardless of whether results materialise immediately as it's that cheap and quick to maintain it.

That way, you can ride over any variables by having the means to put out SMALL batches of fishing lines frequently and long enough so a huge number of "fish" sees your bait!

Makes sense, doesn't it? You don't want a RISKY system but one that's costly and offers a "once-in-a-lifetime" chance whose odds are heavily stacked against you.

Instead, you want to light, easy-to-use and inexpensive-to-run system whose results are much more CERTAIN by its structure alone.

Obviously, the tools and the system within Part 8 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course are also tested and proven in use.

Combining low cost and easy use with proven results makes the Referral Programme in Part 8 of your course what it is: The world's most successful system for obtaining many times more referrals from now on!

That's what you get in Part 8 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course.


Just imagine what a difference a healthy flow of referrals could make...

Now, I've left the best to last. The greatest thing of all in this system is that every NEW client is immediately harnessed into bringing you more referrals.

Gone are the days when you had to wait for YEARS before the average new client brought you his first referral.

Now, you'll start him off practically immediately... and that is possibly the BIGGEST of all referral-increasing factors in this whole system!

Think about it for a moment: A constantly increasing flow of referrals coming your way — more and more as months and years go by...

What would it really mean for your firm and you personally?

How would it affect your practice, your income, your job-satisfaction, your motivation and success if you had a way for continuously increasing the number of referrals practically DEMANDING for service from you?

Wouldn't that be QUITE SOMETHING...?

With Part 8 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course you get the keys to making it a reality. These tools are EASY to use and won't require much time... and the cost of running the system is practically ZERO.

With this system you can effectively DO something about the gridlock of referrals. You can open up the gates and start a healthy flow of new referrals that'll just keep on increasing for as long as you want.

What could be simpler?

The way out of scarcity of clients is the way THROUGH those obstacles, difficulties and problems that MAKE the barrier denying you an abundance of clients.

Why not use the mapped-out route out of the quagmire, why not do what colleagues have done to find the right way from the labyrinth... and spend your time and money on developing your practice instead of paying for untried solutions?

In Part 8 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course you get that secure and risk-free way out of the "no-referrals maze" along with a host of tools to choose from!

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