A completely new way of marketing CPA & Accounting services that will boost your sales and lower your marketing costs markedly. Now you can double, triple or triple the results of your prospecting and your sales activity will turn a profit.

Helping prospects compare CPA services

CPA Marketing Tips - Premiere Online Practice Management Guide for Accounting Professionals
Signing on new CPA clients by SELLING INFORMATION
There's a new, clever way of getting new clients for your CPA or Accounting Practice. Help clients to evaluate and compare Accounting services - become their trusted expert, sign on clients... and actually turn a profit from marketing activities!

Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course

A fresh new approach to finding prospects and clients for Accounting services: Now, you can boost your sales and get PAID for it!

Can you imagine FREEDOM from the ordeals of finding prospective clients and presenting your services to cynical people? What if you could get people to just become clients without all that work... and then read your presentation with high interest... and PAY for it?

If that interestes you, then why not consider the possibility of selling a special MANUAL to prospective clients FIRST rather than trying to make them sign on immediately?

That's the logic with Part 12 of Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course which gives you the rights to sell the 100-page manual called "Business Owner's Profit Guide" and pocket all income from your sales.

This manual will easily pay your course subscription many times over — it can MAKE MONEY from client-acquisition rather than tallying up expenses!


Such a starter does not necessitate for the client to change accountants (yet!) and it is so inexpensive that business owners buy it on impulse.

For you, selling the Profit Guide offers a foot in. It SELLS your main service WHILE delivering what it promises.

For you, a good starter manual offers an easy, fast and inexpensive way to acquire new clients so that THEY do the work in convincing themselves to sign onto your services... without any time invested by you. This way, you can actually make a profit out prospecting for new clients!


A different approach

The traditional marketing & sales approach is to offer the basic service straight off. One attempts to get EVERYTHING from NOTHING at one go: A prospective client who has NO experience of your services has to take a giant leap backed only by his confidence in your presentation.

This usually makes the threshold way too high.

It is this too steep gradient alone is a major reason why many prospective clients never sign on as clients. But more importantly, this is also the reason why MOST of your potential prospects never even contact you.

See, the thought of you trying to close them into clients is just too much to face up to for most business owners. Thus, they steer clear of any CHANCE of getting into that kind of situation... they simply avoid your presentation and sales efforts by NEVER contacting you... or, if you contact them, by saying they are "not interested."

But if you have a "starter manual" to sell FIRST so it comes IN BETWEEN your ACTUAL accounting service and "Zero Experience" of prospects, you will instantly INCREASE your sales.

The risk for the client is SMALL – insignificant, really. But by DELIVERING that Starter Product, you give him A SAMPLE OF YOUR WORK.

Next time, it is much easier for him to trust you... and thus, the ACTUAL service is MUCH EASIER TO SELL!

Once you offer the Profit Guide for a modest fee, YOU WILL GET A LOT MORE PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS than you EVER could when you gave the presentation FREE OF CHARGE!

By PAYING / PURCHASING your manual (information), the client will NOT FEEL OBLIGATED IN ANY WAY. It would be very much a different situation if he had to come to your office as the first thing.

It would also take up a lot of YOUR time while factually LOWERING the chances of a successful sign-on.

The clever way is to give the prospect something to chew on, something that'll make him excited, something that'll deliver MORE than it promises... something that makes him feel he KNOWS you.

And that's exactly what happens when prospects purchase the Business Owner's Profit Guide from you.

Furthermore, when they can BUY the information, they DON'T FEEL OBLIGATED at all. And that's something good - contrary to what many salesmen think.

Instead, what you want is the client to consider you his trusted expert on Accounting & Finance. That's the thing you need to establish FIRST... as the first step.


Establishing VALUE for your knowhow and expertise

How much is nothing worth? How valuable do you think MOST people consider advice given for FREE?

I'm sure you've given your advice for free many a time – just to find out the person didn't use it.

Frustrating as it may be, the reason for this is simple:

The advice wasn't "worth" much because you gave it free of charge.

Had you wanted to make him VALUE your advice then you should have made him PAY for it!

The MORE he pays for your advice, the more valuable it becomes and the more likely he is to USE IT.

By paying for it, he actually SETS A VALUE for that piece of information. Knowingly or not, it doesn't matter – once he agrees to PAY for the advice, it immediately has VALUE in his mind. And the more valuable something is, the more attention it usually gets in his mind.

Try it and you'll see.

Once your new clients PAY for the introductory information you give them (on how to compare and choose a CPA, for instance) they will USE that information.

That will also automatically make YOU their trusted expert on this matters. And that trust and credibility is something you will then capitalize on with these clients.


The BIG difference: Trust and credibility

People are reluctant to commit to any major obligations. There are risks. Prospective clients have one common concern:

They don't know if you can be trusted.

Of course you can be trusted. You know it.

But the prospective clients don't.

And there's really no way to ASK a service provider about trustworthiness. How would you go about it, anyhow? Ask: "Can you be trusted?"

What do you expect he would answer? "No, I can't???"

It's an obvious question which cannot be asked from the person whose reliability is unknown. It's something that has to be established without asking it right out.

Most prospects would never bring it into the open. It is impolite and so on. And it would be useless to ask YOU whether you can be trusted for they "know" you could only give one answer, right?

But just because they won't ASK doesn't mean they trust you. There it is – the doubt lingers... and it is the major barrier. It WILL stop most prospects from continuing the communication with you or signing onto your services.

How could we trust another person if we know nothing about him?

In a professional relationship, trust is a must – yet to achieve that credibility, it is necessary to first DELIVER your services to the client... but to deliver, you should first have that TRUST built up so the prospect can sign ON as a client.

A Catch 22 of sorts, isn't it?

And this is what you can solve by selling him an inexpensive GUIDE to read BEFORE you ever attempt to persuade him to trust you sufficiently to sign onto your services.

See. Trust has a lot to do with risk. And RISK is all about "how much is involved?"

Trust someone with the life of your business? Very, VERY difficult.

Trust and Accounting Professional enough to purchase an interesting manual for the cost of a lunch?

Much, MUCH easier, right?

Every business owner dares to risk 30 dollars in exchange for possible insider tips on increasing his profits (by way of learning why it's so important to monitor the monthly accounts and find problems when they're small).

Purchasing your manual, the prospective client also doesn't have to enter the dilemma of changing accountants. In fact he won't even have to CONSIDER it.

He merely purchases an inexpensive business manual... and yet, he BECOMES a client by definition. Anyone buying from you IS your client.

Once he receives your Profit Guide, once he reads it in his own time... he ACQUIRES experience on your knowhow, expertise and way of thinkin.

Now he is FAMILIAR with you. Now he KNOWS that you deliver (even more than) what you promise... and now the trust factor is MUCH higher!

NOW your chances of getting him to change accountants have increased exponentially...

There's no substitute for experience.

For a client, that is particularly true. The leap from "not-a-client with NO experience" into signing up as a client is usually TOO STEEP.

With the Profit Guide, you'll add that needed stepping stone in between. You cannot IMAGINE what a difference it makes to your closing ratio!


Unique Information never before available

The Business Owner's Profit Guide is within Part 12 of Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course. If you want to read more about the contents of this part of the course then CLICK HERE to do so.

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver the parts of Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course in other than sequential order from 1 to 12 due to the way the information is building up so you can fully utilize the materials.

CLICK HERE to read the full presentation of Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course.

You simply cannot lose on this one – not if you order it now on this special offer that's valid for a short while longer.

Now you have the key to making client-acquisition easier and turn a profit from prospecting!

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