Accounting professionals often disregard telemarketing traditional cold calling is both unpleasant and ineffective. Here's the MODERN Accountancy telemarketing system - both comfortable and cost-effective - that has been proven!

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Finding preselected prospective clients via telemarketing
The Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is used by CPAs, Chartered Accountants and Accounting firms in 45 states in US and 30 countries worldwide to get a constant flow of year-round Accounting clients inexpensively and predictably.

Prospecting for Accounting clients through telemarketing — a blindingly efficient method for client acquisition

In telemarketing Accounting services, you need to hit dead-centre in the target!Most of us have tried cold calling to obtain new Accounting clients... and found how unwelcoming the reception can be.

And so it is that unless you know exactly HOW to approach a target audience and what to ask, you will receive practically nothing BUT rejection — some of it very impolite too.

But does this really PROVE that telemarketing doesn't work... or does it merely show that we've not had the experience and insider knowledge of WHAT to say when we reach the target person?

Let's look at how people see telemarketing.


Why telemarketing has a bad name

Telemarketing has a bad name only because there are so many inept, unskilled and badly planned approaches in use.

If telemarketing people had a little less aggression and a bit more clever planning the image of this marketing method would be different.

The fact is that most telemarketing calls succeed in upsetting the target person within seconds... and once that has occurred, there's NO WAY anything good could ever come out of that conversation.

Some telemarketing activities are just idiotic, trying to FORCE things on the target persons. Here, we need not search farther for the cause of failure.

But the majority of better-planned telemarketing activities also manage to achieve very few results because of a more hidden cause:

Unwittingly, they upset the target person by overstepping his willingness and/or ability to accept what is being said.

It's very normal for telemarketing speeches to try to force the target person into accepting chosen facts. This is the "sales-oriented" telemarketing strategy wherein one tries to SELL ideas (and, possibly, products or services) directly on the telephone to a stranger.

Another classic mistake is to start from YOUR reality on Accounting and finance.

Of course, your view of it is the correct one objectively speaking.

But marketing — and telemarketing — is not a science of objectivity or truth.

Its success is solely based on EMOTIONAL responses to the person calling and the speech he or she uses.


Any response to telemarketing is EMOTIONAL

The fact of the matter is that people react to new things emotionally much more so than rationally.

That's to say whenever something new springs upon us our initial reaction is based on EMOTION, not logic.

For some, logic takes over quite quickly. But the majority need help in being able to start thinking rationally in a subject with which they're NOT FAMILIAR.

For business owners, Accounting and finance form such a subject.

Therefore, LOGIC can only be used to plan an emotionally correct approach, NOT to plan a logical approach.

In other words, you cannot "talk sense" to business owners at this stage if you want prospective clients. Instead, you must talk "emotion" so your approach meets with their approval on an emotional level.

Thus, the strategy of telemarketing must be built on...

- how the target person sees Accounting and finances, what's his level of familiarity, awareness, understanding and willingness to influence finances and/or Accounting
- how responsible he is in seeing that the cause of whatever good and bad situations within his finances are dependent on HIS ACTIONS ALONE
- how much he blames others for the misfortunes and inadequacies in his financial situation (which factor you must accept and work from)
- how well your approach is built to meet his emotional response to the subject of Accounting AND that of receiving a telemarketing call
- how well and fluently YOU can introduce new factors that help to explain the problems in a way he can ACCEPT (basically by finding causes other than HIM for the unfortunate state of things)
- how gradual your approach is so he can take the next step without having to face too much discomfort or responsibility (commitment)

...and so on.

Now, it may all seem a bit confusing and theoretical, but essentially it simply means this:

To be successful, your telemarketing approach must ALIGN with how business owners currently SEE Accounting services and how they FEEL about it and all the subjects it involves.

It must also include comfortable, interesting and small enough steps for him to take so he can "graduate" onto the next level of action following the initial prospecting call.

Now, if you attempt PLANNING that from scratch you're up for a project lasting several years. I know for we've done it... and it did take years.

You need to survey the target audience several times, test various scripts, find the problems in the script AND in how the telemarketers use it (and differentiate between these so as not to change what works), adjust the speech and the way people use it... back and forth for ages because each phase needs to be done LONG ENOUGH so you can be CERTAIN of its mistakes and results... on and on.

It's very complicated and time-consuming.

However, once there, once the work has been done, once you've fought through all the confusion it all becomes utterly SIMPLE.

And that's basically what Part 3 of Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course gives you in a neatly organised form.

I guarantee that you see the ready-to-use tools and read the chapters explaining the "how and why," see the instructions on how to use the tools and view the troubleshooting list for this telemarketing system... everything will click into its place and it will be very simple and make-sense.


Power beyond anything you've seen before...

If you've tried telemarketing before and have disappointments in the subject, I can well understand your scepticism.

Also, I cannot promise that setting up your own telemarketing activity will go without ANY problems. That's why you have the years worth of experience in the troubleshooting list and that's why we — who have USED this system for years — stand by to offer assistance should you encounter problems.

However, let it be said that if you persist and achieve functionality with this telemarketing activity, there's just no way of describing how much it will produce.

The results will take you by surprise, guaranteed.

Just imagine what it would mean to "push a button" and have 10 prospective clients for next week. (Remember that in Part 4 you also receive the tools of presenting your services and signing prospects on as new clients... tools with amazing efficiency yet requiring NO salesmanship at all.)

Even with a relatively low closing ratio, you could sign three of four of those prospects onto your services. And who knows, perhaps you'll be one of those who get the 70-80% success ratio that some of our clients have achieved...

Just think... what would it really MEAN for your firm to HAVE such a tremendously effective system ... and to you personally?

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