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The Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is used by CPAs, Chartered Accountants and Accounting firms in 45 states in US and 30 countries worldwide to get a constant flow of year-round Accounting clients inexpensively and predictably.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS regarding subscriptions of the Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course

These are the terms and conditions pertaining to the Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales course and any services rendered in connection with it.

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The spirit of cooperation

The spirit of our cooperation with subscribers of Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is to HELP the accounting professional in any way we can within the framework of the terms and conditions for the subscription. No request of the client may be unreasonably denied if it coincides with these terms. Acceptions can be made at the discretion of HDK Consultants to these terms if and when we see that it would truly help the practitioner.

Price per part of your subscription

The monthly per-part cost for parts 2-12 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course will remain fixed throughout the course at the price level that you were given when you first subscribed, provided you continue your subscription without unscheduled breaks. (See further down the terms to read about scheduled breaks in subscription which won't affect your subscription price.)

If you terminate your subscription and then later want further parts of the course, you will be charged the full price of the course packs which is considerably higher than the subscription price. Similarly, we may refuse delivering parts out of sequence and refuse to sell some parts altogether to clients who've terminated their subscription. The price for individual parts of the course bought outside the subscription can also be changed by HDK Consultants without notice.


Delivery of course parts

By ordering the first part of the course you are subscribing to the whole 12-part course always. Our web site explains this in full and our sales representatives are required to tick a box to attest they've explained this to each subscriber.

Thus you cannot just buy "one part" but you always subscribe to the series of 12 with the right to terminate your subscription at any time with a notice of four business days before your next scheduled delivery date.

Exception to right to terminate subscription: If you take a scheduled break, you are fully committed to receive (and pay for) the NEXT PART — next delivery — ENDING the break, but can thereAFTER terminate your subscription on the following parts, of course.

Each part will be sent to you at as close to a month's interval as we can and your credit card will be charged automatically for that part prior to delivering it to you via the delivery of the secret web address where you can download the said part of the course and any additional downloads that may be included in that part.

Course parts are delivered ONLY in the correct sequence. In other words, Part 2 follows Part 1, or, you can't receive Part 12 before you've obtained all the previous parts.

If, at any time, you wish to SPEED UP the delivery of the parts, simply inform us about it and we will facilitate.

Speeding up the subscription can be done in several ways.

For instance, you might want to receive parts 3 and 4 soon after having received Part 2, in which case you simply let us know and we will charge your card for these two parts and send them over immediately.

In such case, the NEXT part in turn will be sent on your next scheduled delivery date as the "normal delivery." In the example above, let's say that you placed your order on the 15 of June, received Part 1, then received Part 2 on the 15th of July... and then contacted us to obtain parts 3 and 4 on the 23rd of July... in such case, we would automatically deliver Part 5 on the 15th of August and then continue from thereon as usual, unless otherwise instructed by you, of course.

Another way of obtaining parts faster is to request to receive each part at say 15 day's interval OR order it to be delivered monthly but TWO PARTS per month.

In such case, simply let us know about it in a separate email.

Yet another method is to buy the whole 12 parts at once OR the REMAINING parts of your course (provided there are at least five parts still remaining) in which case we give you a 10% discount on those remaining parts when delivered and paid at one go.

If this alternative is of interest, please contact us by email.

If for any reason your part is delivered and then the charge for it on your credit card FAILS, you are responsible for the said charge and cannot undo or cancel the delivery if it was made within two days prior or after your scheduled delivery date.

Please see further down for the definition of "delivery" and "item of sale" for more details.


Termination of your subscription

Parts that have been already delivered are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled after the fact.

However, you can terminate your subscription of the Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course at any time on the part of not-yet delivered parts. The termination must be in writing and it must reach us four business days before the billing date of the next part of your course.

Any termination arriving LATER than four business days prior to billing date will take effect after the billing and delivery of that next part of your course.

Termination is done either by letter sent to HDK Consultants Ltd in United Kingdom or by email. If by letter, the moment it arrives to our office is the defining moment, not the date on you letter.

If by email, please ensure that you receive a confirmation from us for the email so that we have received it. Without such confirmation, you must resend the email through the web site or by replying to the latest delivery email and, if still no confirmation, please telephone us to ensure your termination has reached us.

This is all only to ensure that we RECEIVE the notice of termination. In one case a client mailed his letter to a wrong address and in another she emailed but we never received it as she had misspelled our email-address. Emails also go astray at times so please ensure your termination notice is confirmed by us.

We ALWAYS confirm terminations within two business days so if you don't receive a confirmation, please contact us immediately.

Please understand that there's no trick here. Obviously, clients who have terminated (and yet we've not received the information) are absolutely FURIOUS when they receive the next part... so it's definitely NOT in our interests to give birth to such situations... hence the point of ensuring you receive confirmation.

In addition to ensuring that your termination notice has reached us, these are the rules for terminating your subscription:

- Your termination notice must come in writing and from the person who subscribed to the course, giving your unique Client ID (which is in the first email delivery, consisting of "MAM" + day of order + month of order + your intials). Termination by e-mail is fine as long as it contains the Client ID and is sent from the same e-mail address which you've given us for the deliveries AND you ensure the message reaches us.
- Your termination should include your REASON for ending your subscription. This reason will not be disputed by us, of course, but we only want to have the information for improving our products... and, in some cases, it might also be possible for us to help overcome the problem.
- Your termination must arrive with a notice of four business days before your next scheduled delivery date. Your monthly delivery date is the day you made your order initially.
- Your termination can take effect only if you have PAID for those parts of the course already delivered to you on schedule OR if you made a binding arrangement for the payment of any possible backlog charges.

Termination of subscription has never been a problem for any of our clients. We always aim to facilitate the wishes of our clients.

The above rules are there merely to expedite the procedure. We are in this business because we want to HELP accounting professionals and thus we give these exact instructions on how to terminate the subscription expediently and with minimum effort if that's your choice.

Note that if you order all 12 parts at once (whether or not you're utilizing the 50% bulk purchase price) then you do not have any right for terminating as all 12 parts have been delivered. There are no refunds once the product has been delivered.


Definitions of "delivery" and "item of sale"

The item of sale when subscribing to the Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is the act of giving you access to the information and materials of the manuals and parts of the course, NOT whether you use the information or open the files or whatever.

The definition of "delivery" is the act of making the downloading page of the materials accessible to you by sending an email to the address you've given.

I other words, once the downloading URL has been sent to the email address you've given, we have delivered and you have received — and the transaction making you responsible for paying the delivery of the part of the course in question has taken place.

Whether or not you use the access to the materials, read or use the materials, or get the results which you want with the materials does not affect the validity and permanence of the transaction in any way on those parts of course already delivered as defined here.

HDK Consultants may, at its discretion, extend a credit line to the subscribers of Modern Accountancy Marketing Course in that we deliver the scheduled part despite the fact that the charge for it is refused by the credit company for client's credit card.

This is our right to do and it does NOT free the client from the obligation of payment for the delivered part. If a charge has been refused on the client's credit card but the part was delivered, the obligation for the payment is valid and cannot be cancelled.

Since the delivery of ACCESS to the materials has taken place, it's not relevant whether or not the client says he has or hasn't downloaded and/or saved the said materials on his computer's hard disk or other media.

Similarly, any change in your own status — such as ending the practice or lowering of your income — has no bearing to the terms of your subscription. Parts already delivered cannot be refunded or left unpaid.

The subscription can only be terminated on part of undelivered parts of the course. The Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is sold as a subscription of information and, once it is timely delivered, the payment for it cannot be cancelled, left unpaid or refunded.


Scheduled breaks in subscription

If at one time or another you require a LONGER interval between deliveries of course parts, you can contact us to set up a scheduled break in your subscription. You must contact us at least four business days PRIOR to your next scheduled delivery date or else the scheduled break will take effect AFTER the delivery of the next part.

A scheduled break can be two or three months as opposed to the one-month regular delivery interval.

In exchange, you agree to make the NEXT part ending the scheduled break a BINDING delivery. In other words, you are committed to purchasing (receiving and paying for) that next part of the course that ends your scheduled break.

For instance, if you should normally have received Part 9 on 15th of January but agreed on a scheduled break of three months, you are committed to receiving Part 9 and paying for it once your scheduled break ends on 15th of March.

After receiving the part ending your scheduled break your subscription automatically falls back into the one-part-per-month schedule.

However, after receiving the part ending a scheduled break you can again take another scheduled break of 2-3 months.

You are allowed a maximum of THREE scheduled breaks during your subscription.

You do not need to give any reason for a scheduled break but we would very much prefer if you did tell us what type of a problem you're having as we may be able to help.



Each part of the course that has specific tools to use will also include a troubleshooting tool in which every conceivable problem has been listed and solutions given. This should be sufficient for solving most problems that you may or may not have in getting the system producing new clients.

As an additional bonus, we give you one hour of support and / or consulting time with your course subscription. If the time needed exceeds this, we will give you a separate quote for an affordable support / consultation package. Consultation / support is also available on hourly basis, not only for one-on-one consulting but also for issues such as art work, content creation or web design. Contact us for more details on this once the need arises.


Bonuses and consulting

The right to the promised bonuses that come with the subscription of Modern Accountancy Marketing Course are dependent on the continuance of the subscription and timely payment of delivered parts of the course.

The right to the free consulting hour ceases once the subscription is no longer in effect. Consulting will only be delivered after the delivery and payment of Part 3 of the course.

Similarly, any bonus packs promised are tied to the continuance of your subscription to the part of the course with which these bonus packs are promised.


Ownership, right of use, copyright and license to the HDK Consultant Ltd systems and tools

The copyright to your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is owned by HDK Consultants. By purchasing the course, you receive a licence to use these tools, systems and materials ONLY for marketing your own practice and Accounting services.

The licence gives the right to use this system ONLY for one firm with maximum three branch offices operating under the same company name.

Under no circumstances, regardless of any other term or condition, do you receive a right to use these materials or any part thereof for delivering marketing services for other practices or Accounting Professionals, with or without fee or other form of compensation.

You also may NOT give the materials to ANY third party, no matter whether delivered for a fee or not, as a service or by way of giving the materials to the possession of another, whether with or without the purpose of these being used for marketing.


If any part of these terms is not applicable legally in some region, the rest of the terms shall remain in force.

Terms effective date: 04. January 2002


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