The one indicator showing whether an Accountancy marketing system is tested and proven - and the only thing that can guarantee RESULTS with any such system - concerns troubleshooting. Is it there, have they used the system to find out if...

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Vital necessity of troubleshooting in marketing systems
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Vital necessity of having a troubleshooting method for your Accountancy marketing system

Only troubleshooting will guarantee that you'll reach your goal in marketing Accounting services...Many practitioners overlook the importance of troubleshooting when choosing their Accounting service marketing system.

Yet, it's the only way to ensure that you'll reach your goal.

And so it is that IF you obtain a system which does NOT contain a troubleshooting tool for debugging the various activities — such as prospecting, presentation, marketing, quoting, closing of the sale, and so on — within the system, one is CERTAIN to get lost and give up.


Troubleshooting — irrefutable evidence of extensive piloting

There's another vital point about troubleshooting. The fact that it EXISTS within the system whose purchase you contemplate is, in itself, proof that the system has been USED under the supervision of its creators at some length and extent.

The only way the creator of the system can GET the data required to build a troubleshooting tool is by EXPERIENCE in the USE of the system.

If he has used the system, he KNOWS how pricelessly valuable the troubleshooting information is for his clients... so, if he has it, why would he not give it... or even MENTION it?


Let's look at two very different scenarios on how one can develop a marketing system for Accounting firms.

Firstly, the lazy way.

While it takes a lot of creativity and writing, it's the easy way. The "guru" just sits down at his computer and starts writing. He has these GREAT IDEAS which he now puts together into some form of a marketing system which he then starts to sell.

The bigger a name he has, the better known he is within the industry, the easier it is to sell such a system to a lot of practitioners.

But look-a-here... isn't that system totally UNTRIED and UNTESTED?

Isn't such a system completely UNPROVEN in practical application?

Isn't this guru using you as his guinea pig... if indeed he is even BOTHERED about whether or not the system works... after all, he is selling INFORMATION which, once it's delivered, is DELIVERED, right?

Right you are.

But couldn't it be a good system anyhow... after all, this guy is a recognised expert and all that?

No, it can't, sorry. And I'll tell you why.

Let's take prospecting, for example. If you reverse-engineer a viable, functional prospecting system used by Accounting firms, you'll find that it contains at least 50 separate STEPS (smaller independent actions), all of which are VITAL to obtaining the desired end result — prospective clients with a reasonable success ratio!

Each of these smaller parts acts like a STEP onto the next. Miss one and you won't get prospects.

Each step is an ACTION, requiring a tiny RESULT in order to actually do its job and "graduate" the target person onto the level of the NEXT step.

This result could be a realisation in the mind of the business owner. It could be that his attention needs to be directed to something so he can look at it in today's light before he can accept the next bit of data.

It could be anything... but the important thing is that it needs to HAPPEN for else you'll LOSE that prospect.

Now, if this makes prospecting seem like a huge challenge, don't worry. It isn't, not if you have a set of tested and proven tools which incorporate all those smaller actions in the right sequence... and a troubleshooting tool which lets you find WHERE you went wrong if you don't get prospects.

Most human activities are, in fact, a SERIES of consecutive smaller actions. When you drive home from work, a staggering number of smaller actions are needed for that to occur so you achieve the intended end result... arrive home safe and sound.

You get to the car (and remember where you parked it), find the keys, open the doors, sit down, put your seat belt on, start the car, move it onto the road, stop at traffic lights, operate the gears and clutch, make correct selections at junctions, avoid other cars... well, you get the idea — LOTS of smaller actions are required just so you could drive home.

So, why doesn't it feel like a major challenge, then?

Because you've got those smaller actions down pat.

You know each of the well, you have each action "built into your nerve system" so it occurs automatically when there's a need for it. And because you're handling a piece of non-thinking physical matter (the car) that never disagrees with you... unlike a living business owner with his own willingness and determination.

And because there are traffic regulations whose disregard is punishable by law... which certainly don't exist in marketing.

See, in marketing and sales you don't have the benefit of such controlled circumstances enforced by the police or some other authority.

When you want to market your Accounting services to business owners, there are no rules that say they must listen to you.

No regulations enforcing them to return your calls or reply to your letters.

No legislation requiring them to think logically or do what's best for their company.

There are zillions of rules for Accounting procedures... but no bilateral agreements between the Accountant and business owners when it comes to marketing of Accounting services.

The point I'm making here is that marketing Accounting services is by FAR a more complicated and complex issue than driving home after work.

And yet, here's this guy offering his own great (and costly) ideas to you for implementation... and he hasn't even done a dry-run on his system, let alone piloted it with a few dozen practices for a couple of years.

That's like giving the keys of your car to someone who's never driven and who doesn't know the area... and telling him to get to a certain address despite the rush hour, PRONTO!

Will this person get there in time... or, at all? Or are you inviting disaster?

Obviously, this example shows a very different proposition in terms of certainty of achieving the intended / desired results.

And that's exactly where the fellow selling you an untried, untested, unpiloted and unproven marketing system PUTS YOU.

At high risk, up the creek without a paddle.


The right way — through experience and certainty

Now, the other way of creating a marketing system is by EXPERIENCE.

This way is extremaly unpopular among marketing consultants and publishers because it's hard work... years of it.

You have to SLAVE away for thousands of hours with little or no pay, research, test, pilot, negotiate, create, adjust, test and TROUBLESHOOT... for years before you can HOPE to make any money from it.

Obviously, not the preferred choice for many. Yet, it's the only way to do it RIGHT. It's the only responsible way... after all, we are asking practitioners to invest their time, money and hopes into our system... so we want to be triple-certain that their trust is not misplaced.

And the ONLY way you can achieve such certainty on functionality is through experience. Years of it in real-life situations, running the system until it works uniformly in the hands of any Accounting professional.

Now, if you sense a bit of negative emotion on my part on this subject, then you're right. I can't put to words my dislike of these fancy boys peddling their overpriced, untried theories which cannot work because nobody could theorise long series of sequential actions without extensive practical testing.

Claiming to help the practitioner, they end up frustrating him with endless additional costs and without a hope of ever getting the RESULTS.

Admittedly, it upsets me.

True expertise comes through hard work and years of practical application of one's skills. That's how you achieved your expertise... and that's how I achieved mine.

That's why Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is based on years of running the system BEFORE it was ever published in form of a course.

It was created the hard way, through years of research, testing, piloting, troubleshooting... oh, it makes me tired just to THINK of how much we had to work to get this system together!

But that was the ONLY way one can come up with a system that WORKS. That means that if you use it as instructed, it will produce the same expected results every time.

However, it won't do so unless it's been troubleshooted AND that information has been made available to you, the user.


Troubleshooting tools give you priceless experience

I'm not saying that it is EASY to start ANY system which has a worthwhile goal.

The bigger the objective, the harder you have to work to iron out bugs before the system works with prediction, producing the desired results in the quantity that makes it worth your while.

The overall system within Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is no different in this respect.

Now, let me make this quite clear:

If you expect someone or something else to do your work for you, you might as well wait for Tinker Bell to come waving her magic wand.

It's just not going to happen.

It's your practice, your service, your livelihood... and, consequently, you're the only person who CAN make it go right.

Just because this system doesn't require you to become a sales expert, just because it has very clever new (yet proven) sales techniques incorporated into ready-to-use tools, and just because it has been troubleshooted... doesn't mean you won't have to work hard for a while to get the system producing predictable quality and volume of results in YOUR FIRM.

You're new to this system. This system is new to you. It consists of many smaller parts, all of which are needed... and all of which need to be performed within reasonable specifications of quality.

Those specifications are listed in the troubleshooting lists which come with each part that has tools and systems for your use.

Now, it's a bit like learning to ride a bicycle... amazingly difficult at first but, with unrelenting practice and some good pointers (troubleshooting) from someone who's mastered the art, it will soon become easy.

And this is important: Once you've mastered it, you will obtain desired results at the quantity of your choice practically FOREVER.

Once it starts working, it will KEEP ON WORKING for an eternity (or as long as you use it).

Just think about that for a second. What would it mean for YOU personally if you had a way to get new clients whenever you want them?

What would it mean for the value of your practice? How would that affect your motivation? Profits? Joy and quality of life?

That's the difference between theory and a tested system that's been troubleshooted through and through.

That's why each part in Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course containing TOOLS also has its own troubleshooting list.

These troubleshooting tools are there to be USED. They're there so you CAN learn how to "ride your bicycle" — run your marketing machine — and eventually conquer all difficulties on the way to your goal.

Once you're there, you're going to be one powerful Accounting professional — and a uniquely skilled marketing expert who can get clients at will... it's quite something.

But on the way there, while still learning it, you'll go through the emotions as you meet new problems, just as you did when you learned to ride a bicycle.

Just like then, you will also MASTER it. It's not half as hard as learning to ride the bicycle.

With a troubleshooted system, you HAVE your "bicycle" whereas theoretic (untried) systems don't actually give you a functional vehicle (system) at all... so it's like trying to learn to ride a bicycle without the bicycle!

Not so with Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course.

These proven and tested marketing system withing the course can be run because hundreds of your colleagues have successfully done so.

Your troubleshooting tools will provide you with their experiences over the years so you can always find the problem should you not receive the expected results.

These troubleshooting tools are the combined experiences of countless Accounting professionals using (and misusing) those individual tools within the system during several YEARS.

Thus, the troubleshooting contains every possible problem you can run into in using — or misusing — each tool.

You won't be alone. You won't be left to cope on your own.

These combined experiences are simply priceless. And if you cannot find the solution therein, simply contact our support and we will help you!

So, to summarise, look ONLY for a system which offers (and stresses the vital importance of) troubleshooting for its users. Only that will tell whether the system is piloted and tested or simply the bright ideas of some creative theoretician.

I'm not saying the theorist's work couldn't be entertaining and highly interesting. That's not where the difference lies.

The difference comes in evidence only when you start USING the system.

But that's where these two systems are light-years apart!


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