Find out why Accounting firms practically RAVE about ready-to-use marketing and sales tools. Here those advantages are explained in detail. This new yet proven technique might be just the thing for marketing your Accounting services...

Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course

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Ready-to-use tools: Prospecting, presentation, sales and resales
The Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is used by CPAs, Chartered Accountants and Accounting firms in 45 states in US and 30 countries worldwide to get a constant flow of year-round Accounting clients inexpensively and predictably.

Accounting service marketing: What does it mean to have ready-to-use tools for prospecting, marketing, sales and resales?

Ready-to-use tools for marketing Accounting services!Accounting professionals often wonder why we so stress the importance of having tested and proven TOOLS for all the various tasks within the marketing and sales of Accounting services.

Admittedly it is a novel subject in Accountancy marketing. And, while many practitioners practically RAVE about RESULTS that can be achieved with such tools, it's a very new thing.

So new, in fact, that there are very few (if any) other solution providers that even OFFER ready-to-use tools to Accountants in public practice.

More often than not, these marketing solution providers offer various clever concepts (with loads of motivational content) with seminars and training days and consulting.... all of which paint new visions, give some great ideas... but then leave the practitioner to his own devices when it comes to getting these new ideas SOLD to local business owners in his area.

Now, let's first explain what we DON'T mean with "ready-to-use tools."

We don't mean software.

We don't mean technical things at all.

When we speak of ready-to-use tools, we mean things like...

a tested and proven basic service concept, documented exactly for its content and deliver, each part written down so you just have to APPLY the "how" of it
tested and proven direct mailing letters, complete with graphics and attractive layout... and above all, the MESSAGE that will create interest with most business owners and get you response (prospective clients)
a tested and proven telemarketing speech and a system how to get practically ANYONE to use it successfully, obtaining new prospective clients within hours and at an unprecedentedly low cost per prospect
a tested and proven interview to use as the first action with the prospect you receive. This telephone interview yields an 85% success ratio and it's all there, each question and each word, all developed through years of trial and error interviewing potential Accountancy clients
a tested and proven programme of meeting with prospective clients, including a quote form / contract which acts as the tool with which you CLOSE the prospect then and there without ANY selling required
a tested and proven system to sell MORE services to clients as they learn more about their finances and automatically start ASKING for those additional services
a tested and proven client-satisfaction programme that will make your clients REALISE how much they're receiving, thus enabling you to sell more AND lengthening the average time period that clients stay on your services
a tested and proven referral programme to double or quadruple how many referrals your clients bring as compared to the industry average
tested and proven (and totally unique) networking systems which will guarantee a widespread web of networkers and keep these actively searching for new referrals for you

...and so on.

In our Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course, there are these and many other tools, all ready to use, and all based on years of trial and error in Accounting service marketing, now finally documented in form of a course.

So, what's so special about that, then?


The value of experience in ready-to-use tools is virtually priceless

The difference is that these tools are tested and proven through use in dozens of practices. The telemarketing system alone has an amazing track record: With it we've acquired more than 10,000 preselected prospective clients for Accounting firms!

Now, that's light-years ahead of a great idea, isn't it? Great ideas may work or they may not... but it's a LONG way from an idea to practical application — it takes years to research, test, pilot, troubleshoot and adjust until a great idea has been elevated onto a predictable, practical level at which anyone can USE IT and achieve the intended results.

That every system is built into a ready-to-use tool — tested, piloted, adjusted and proven in use — is the difference between your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course and any other client-acquisition system out there.

You can simply start using the tools and acquire results.

These tools are tested, proven and utterly reliable... which all translates into RESULTS when YOU get to use the tools.


Ready-to-use tools save you from strenuous study

Another valuable thing about these ready-to-use tools is that they are what they say... READY TO USE. You don't have to create these tools. You don't have to STUDY in length to use them... instead, you can just pick the tool up, read the few pages of instructions... and START USING THE TOOL.

That's ease and speed you have to experience to be able to appreciate it fully. These tools will save SO much time and effort for you... to say nothing of money.


Effective sales techniques interwoven into the tools

Let's open our coats here and say out loud what we both know to be the truth: Very few Accounting professionals are ALSO top sales experts. It might not be a pleasant truth but it is a fact regardless.

No doubt you've developed some good sales pitches and amassed a few great ways to handle arguments that come up when you try to get a potential client signed onto your services.

I'm not putting that — or you, for that matter — down in any way.

I'm merely explaining the reality of it. You are, first and foremost, an expert of financial matters of which Accounting is one part, taxation another, financial planning a third... and so on.

You are primarily a consultant selling your own expertise... not a salesman.

Yet, unless you can get your services SOLD effectively, there's no way you could ever control the speed with which you get new clients, is there?

Now, IF you want to get new clients, you have two alternatives.

You can study to become a hard-sell sales expert.

Or, you can obtain a system based on ready tools which INCORPORATE the needed sales techniques so that you can simply USE the tools (read the interview, send the letters) and GET THE EXPECTED RESULTS.

And that's what you GET with your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course.

Tell me, do you WANT to spend years learning sales techniques?

Didn't think so. Selling is not only a demanding art. It can be quite embarrassing too if you're selling yourself... as is the case here.


Saving you from embarrassing situations — you never have to use superlatives about yourself

In selling Accounting services, we essentially have a situation where you, the expert, are really selling YOURSELF.

You're the item of sale. Your skills, expertise, wisdom, intelligence, abilities and personal characteristics are being evaluated by a non-expert who simply hasn't the matching qualities required to DO so.

In other words, you're an expert trying to convince a non-expert of your expertise.

Now, put like that, we see why it is so thoroughly UNPLEASANT to sell your services.

Tell me... do you ENJOY selling yourself?

Does the idea of facing a cynical business owner and trying to prove your expertise make every cell in your body quivering with eager anticipation?

Are you thrilled pink by the prospect of meeting a sceptical know-it-all who's going to dispute and devaluate just about every claim you make?

Didn't think so.

If you're like the rest of us, then you probably think that there's nothing quite so embarrassing as having to DEFEND your own skills and expertise to a doubtful listener.

Why should you have to PROVE the fact that you're an Accounting professional? And how CAN you prove it to someone who hasn't got the ability to PERCEIVE it?

It's so difficult to sell one's own expertise.

Most every potential client will act automatically just like all of us do when being at the receiving end of a sales pitch. We squirm, we try to avoid encouraging the salesman, we dispute (or suspect) his claims... you know the drill.

Now, if you have the Client Requirements Interview tool included in Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course, you never have to waste energy in trying to prove the obvious.

Because of these ready tools, you NEVER have to use the traditional presentation techniques which involve self-praise and claims.

Instead, this system built so that the PROSPECT "invents" those facts speaking FOR joining your clientele. You ask a series of highly captivating questions — and, trust me, he will be fascinated by those questions and form a lot of new ideas! — while allowing the prospect answer anything he wants.

That's all. It's all INCORPORATED into the questionnaire so that, by simply asking the written questions, you FOCUS his attention on a series of issues and, as he answers, he cannot but formulate the opinion then and there.

One question after another, his awareness increases and he becomes more and more conscious of how MUCH he could benefit from YOUR special services.

And you NEVER have to TELL HIM how good you are, not once. You don't make any claims. You don't use any superlatives about yourself or your services.

You just ask the questions... and HE comes up with those things instead. HE realises you're a very highly-skilled expert. HE coins the idea that you really know what you're talking about.

HE formulates the view that your services are of much higher quality than what he has ever received before. HE understands (by understanding everything you ask and enjoying it) that he will be able to USE your advice because it is so understandable and clear.

And, finally, he concedes (to himself) that HE needs you a lot more than you need him... creating the right flow of "who wants who" which will ensure you GET SALES.

Now, wouldn't that be a nice thing to have?


Ready-to-use tools versus theory — instant functionality and reliability versus untried ideas

To summarize, let me just say that there's a remarkable difference in results between a system based on ready-to-use tools and any other methodology.

It's similar to the difference between having a car versus having a few hazy ideas on a PLAN for a car. One you can use instantly, secure in the knowledge that it has been tested and proven... and this you know simply because IT EXISTS; there's no way to create ready-to-use tools without having DONE what they're for... and done so extensively enough to know how to do it successfully.

Of course, motivational pep talks and interesting ideas are always fun.

But they are light-years behind the priceless value of ready-to-use tools.

So, don't choose ideas which require you to research, test, pilot and develop the tools. Instead, pick Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course because all the research, testing, piloting, developing and troubleshooting are already DONE and the system COMES with ready-to-use tools!

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