The Unique CPA Web Content Guide: This manual will give you ALL the insider secrets of successful Accounting web sites. Further, you will get READY ARTICLES AND CONTENT for a web site. Look at this dynamite manual and what it can do for you...

Creating top-selling CPA web content

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CPA Web Content Guide: Creating web content that gives you new clients
Learn the insider secrets of top-selling CPA Firms online: How to create web content that is guaranteed to keep your visitors glued to their screens and contact you for more information — join the four-percent elite of CPA firms selling Accounting services on the Internet...

Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course

Your CPA web site - an untiring salesman 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - at no cost

Your web site can be an untiring salesman for your Accounting services - at no cost!Finding potential clients for a CPA firm is not easy or inexpensive... well, not with traditional marketing methods anyhow.

Getting a continuous flow of prospective clients interested to sign onto your Accounting services costs a FORTUNE if achieved by traditional Accountancy marketing strategies.

It also normally requires a professional salesperson employed full time.

Great salesmen with high, proven production record are one in a thousand. And they don't come cheap.

But there's one exception.

There's an untiring salesman willing to work 24/7 without any pay (or employer fees), constantly increasing his results month to month, year by year.

That salesman is a specially designed CPA Prospecting Web Site with precisely the correct approach and content.

The Internet is merely a vehicle for this — an inexpensive (practically free-of-charge) medium for conveying the correct message... giving your top salesman an unending flow of prospects!

We want to help you to get that salesman to work for you... and to have a system YOU control without having to depend on any person or thing.

We want to enable you to use the Internet practically at no cost and so you can afford to market continuously without any concern for cost.

And with total certainty of results!

Thanks to the latest developments in Accounting service marketing online and the utilization of the Internet by top-selling CPA firms, it is finally possible.

The Internet offers you an alternative to get new Accounting service clients whenever you want. And you won't have to worry about salary, tax withholding, vacation, sick leaves, bonuses or employer fees!


Finding new potential clients for your CPA services through the Internet - without spending money or time!

Now, I would expect you to be highly sceptical about that headline. After all, the Internet is known as the source of all kind of garbage, con games and whatnot.

There's all kinds on the Internet. And I'm not asking you to approve any of it.

But take away the questionable motives of some online entrepreneurs and you're left with the fact that matters:

The Internet is merely a communications network.

And it is the BIGGEST network ever created with about half a BILLION people connected to it, growing at an incredible speed.

More importantly, the most active of groups online are business owners. The Internet provides a fast and inexpensive channel to find priceless information on how to improve profit, cash flow and making wiser financial decisions.

This is an area that is growing exponentially. Every day, more than seventy thousand new people connect to this information superhighway we call the Internet.

You could say that with Internet, the Accounting Industry has entered a new age of marketing. The ease and no-cost nature of it simply has to be experienced before it can be fully grasped!

But, to achieve that, you need to have a web site that they FIND FIRST whenever someone is looking for a CPA — and you need to have WEB CONTENT that makes them STAY on your site and become more interested as they read on.


The stealth marketing approach for creating interest for your CPA services

It makes a world of difference HOW potential clients are approached and whether the "flow of interest" is originating from the prospect genuinely or not.

That's why it is so crucial to have precisely the RIGHT approach and content for your web site.

Once you have that, the visitors will do the rest and, finally, contact you for more information on your services.

For the individual business owner it might take days, weeks, or even months to get that far... but as there will be HUNDREDS of visitors, it doesn't really matter.

You'll still get a constant trickle of prospective clients!

With the right web site content, THEY will climb that rope all on their own.

And that's what the CPA Web Content Guide can give you – a way to get business owners to actively seek your counsel on their own determinism.

It is quite a luxury to be contacted by active and interested prospects every week, don't you think?

It is simply more pleasant to work with such contacts, with the correct flow of interest already there, with increased awareness on the value of your services, isn't it?


Designing your own CPA firm web site that gets results

But what about web design? What does it cost to GET a web site designed?

Well, the sky is the limit.

But, why not save that huge cost and design your own web site?

It's quite easy, you know — and your Web Content Guide will give you the step-by-step instructions anyone can follow — even if you have absolutely NO prior experience or technical skills!

You'll not only create your own site in a couple of days (saving THOUSANDS!) but, with the insider secrets of top-selling CPA Firms within the CPA Web Content Guide, your site is guaranteed to GET RESULTS... a continuous flow of new potential clients!

Now, wouldn't that be a good idea?

You'll be saving thousands of dollars while also getting the best and most powerful web site content that you could possibly have – and with a good number of visitors contacting you to hear more about your services!

And that's precisely what you can achieve with your CPA Web Content Guide. And, even if you don't want to create your own web site, this information will assist you to direct a web designer precisely so that you get EXACTLY the web site you want — and one that really produces RESULTS!

Created for Certified Public Accountants, this manual gives the best-kept secrets of those very few CPA firm that have already started utilizing the Internet – and get a steady flow of potential clients online with practically NO COST whatsoever!

Did you know, that presently, only 4 percent of CPA firms are successfully obtaining a constant flow of contact requests from local business owners through the Internet? Only 4 percent!

Why not take advantage of their successful actions and harness the true power of Internet to sell your services?


Another little secret – local Internet marketing

Unlike the popular belief, Internet is extremely well suited for local marketing. After all, it is the one interactive AND passive network that reaches most businesses in any industrial country – and yes, regionally too!

I use the word "passive" in the sense that, unlike the phone, the Internet allows visitors to visit your web site without the need of having to talk to another person or even let on that they ARE on your web pages.

A web site with correct content has a very vital role in any marketing strategy.

It is the perfect "hassle-free way" of finding out about your ideas, services and firm in a very private way. It's as if they could come into your office unseen, observe your work and activity just to "check you out" before actually contacting you.

See – calling someone unknown is actually rather a high gradient for most people. Calling someone that might start SELLING is even higher – much higher.

It's a proven fact that is MUCH EASIER to get business owners to visit your web site than it is to get them to fax or call you.

And that is where the vital necessity of a web site with correct content comes to play.

Let's say you send out direct mailing letters or have an ad in the Yellow Pages. In there, you prominently display your Internet web site address. Since it is SO much easier to log onto a web site than to CALL you, a lot of business owners will do just that.

Because it is so EASY, CONVENIENT and PRIVATE to visit a web site, your ad or letter gets a MUCH higher response which will be proven by your web site visitor statistics. In other words - if you didn't HAVE that web site, they would be LOST to you - they'd simply never contact you at all.

With high-interest content, your web site will then increase the interest of the business owner significantly from mere curiosity to high interest simply by way of giving FREE INFORMATION in a specific way.

Your material will allow him to reach high-enough certainty that you understand what he wants and will give him the benefits he expects but isn't getting from his current CPA.

Can you see where I'm coming from?

The fact of the matter is that your web site will "graduate" many of these business owners onto a sufficient level of trust for them to CONTACT you.

Had it not been for that web site, they never would have done so.

Thus, a web site with correctly planned content will absolutely and definitely INCREASE the result of ANY other form of marketing that you have – unequivocally guaranteed!

Of course, it works all on its own too. Untiringly, without pay, presenting your services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – whenever and wherever the business owner gets the urge to obtain information about taxes, finances, Accounting... and a host of related subjects that business owners constantly want more information about.

Compare that to a phone answering machine and you get the difference!


Why not save LOADS of time by getting your prospect do the work...

I saved the best for last. A web site presenting your CPA firm and Accounting services from a correct angle of approach will do most of your presentation work for you. Or, rather, the potential client will do it – by using hours of his time to study the materials that you have on your site.

Now, no matter what some experts say, I claim that a business owner NEEDS to be made more aware of the possibilities of Accounting BEFORE you can have a hope that he would change over to you.

Your CPA Web Content Guide will definitely tell you how to get him to REALIZE that all on his own. That certainty is needed for him to take action and contact you.

Cleverly planned web site content will simply be SO interesting that business owners can't get ENOUGH of it – and yet, it's all there to SELL YOUR SOLUTION.

What could be easier than to have prospects independently find your sales materials, print them out, read them and thus, sell your services to themselves ... and then contact you...?

Nothing, right? It will save you loads of time and get much more results than you ever imagined possible!


CPA Web Content Guide will give you ALL of the tools and knowledge to get an amazing booster to prospecting

When you purchase your CPA Web Content Guide, you will get result-producing information beyond comparison.

Much of this knowhow is not available anywhere else - in fact, ALL of the specific insider tips on how to market Accounting services are the best kept secrets of those that already GET a constant flow of new clients from their web sites.

Here's a brief list of what you get with your CPA Web Content Guide:


How to create high-interest web content?

We will give you the precise details on what kind of content business owners will find highly interesting – guaranteed. This is the way successful CPA firms currently get a constant flow of new, year-round clients with their web sites.

You also get the basic theory - the big secret, really - of what it is that clients are looking for and interested it... and how to utilize this demand in your web site content.

Unless you know these underlying factors there's no way knowing WHICH CPA firm web site WORKS and which doesn't. Only full knowledge of these basic factors will allow you to estimate quite accurately how much RESULTS each site gets. You don't want to take ideas from a non-productive site now, do you?


What precise approach is required to make the visitor see you as their best choice – and something way above competitors?

Know the basic misconceptions about the Internet that, unless known, will always make you take the WRONG approach to web content. There are some terrible falsities accepted as "truth" about Internet that you need to know to understand what to avoid.

Here you also get the full briefing on why traditional Accounting service presentation won't work online... and what WILL sell your services at a good rate!


How to structure your web content into pages, themes and subjects?

Each of your pages has a definite JOB to do. Your web site needs to create certain effects in the visitor, take him along a definite route to create the realizations and understanding NEEDED for him to contact you.

There's a very specific expertise about web site structuring. Each page has to have certain elements in a certain order. Each subject has to have definite consistence and way of being presented to really produce the effect you aim for.

Theme pages on your site will also increase your search engine ranking markedly. In your CPA Web Content Guide, you get it all as a step-by-step easy-to-follow list and this massive challenge turns into a walk in the park!


Building correct, gradual steps to get visitors to contact you for services

Lack of the correct gradient is one of the major reasons for no results with CPA service web sites. As you know, it is a major decision for any business owner to change from one CPA to another. While there's INTEREST, it's a really high threshold for them to actually commit themselves to contacting you.

Lowering the contact threshold is something that will absolutely increase the number of prospects you get from your web site... and your CPA Web Content Guide will give you SEVERAL ways of doing just that.

This information alone will make your web site produce more prospective clients - that's money in your pocket!


How to make your web content attract the best type of client?

In this part, you get the incredibly simple way to plan your web content so that the prospects you get are mostly the kind you also want as clients. Define your Ideal Client Profile and use the tools to make your content all but irresistible for those... and repel the worst kind of client!

Here you also get a brilliant way of gradually changing your clientele to include more and more of the type of clients that you enjoy working with... and how to get rid of the bad apples without any risks or problems!


Web Design - visual

Learn to estimate the delicate balance in visual appearance of your web site to correctly target the audience that will bring you new clients. Too fancy can scare people off, even make your site less believable – and too amateurish can do much the same.

Learn to use the subtle color selections and use graphics the clever way so that people will be impressed while you maintain the "people's Accountant" visual image that the majority of target audience trusts most.

Here, you get actual simple layouts to use and many tools that make it very easy to create the visual side of your web site without any technical expertise. You need absolutely no artistic abilities or experience to succeed with these instructions.


Web Design - technical

The simple solutions on creating web sites, spicing them up with simple systems that won't make your pages slow-loading. Learn the basics of web design – how to create web sites without any technical knowledge – and the most important technical things so you won't make basic mistakes that end up costing you money and time.

You also get ready codes for things such as how to get your links to change colour when touched by a mouse and things like that – all with specific, easy to understand instructions on how to use this without any problems. And it's all in layman terms, simple English – guaranteed to be understandable for any Accounting Professional!


Search Engine Optimization

Learn how to optimize your web site and pages for high ranking on the major search engines. With this advice, you are almost guaranteed to get to the top 5-10 sites in your service category and area.

This requires specific knowledge on keywords, web page codes, domain names and page structure as well as links – both within your site and to and from other sites.

With this data, you'll get a major advantage within the online Accounting Industry. Only about 4 percent of Accounting service -related sites KNOW how to do this correctly – and once you get this data, you'll be able to analyze competitors' sites and see for yourself.

Just imagine what it would mean to be and stay number one in all major search engines!


Ready Accountancy web site pages and content articles

You get a full 12-page web site content, page per page – and additional articles and material that you can freely use any way you want on your own web site (but not to promote the services of other Accounting Professionals or firms).

This content alone would cost you well over two thousand dollars to have done, provided you could find someone able to do it. Alternately, it would take you DAYS or weeks to write on your own material as it is a LOT that is needed. But why would you reinvent the wheel?

So, it's a major time saver – you get the full text materials here without even lifting a finger. You can either publish the content as it is or implement any and all the changes you want.


Accounting Industry Online Analysis

You get a huge amount of unique information on what the specific requirements and needs and circumstances are as to Accounting Industry Internet presence and commerce.

With this data, you will understand the true potential of Internet and also see how most industry sites just won't be able to compete with you – the big boys included!


Some of these revelations will absolutely amaze you...

Additional to these parts listed, there is much more information, a full glossary of terms, hard-to-find Internet facts and bonus surprises!

The CPA Web Content Guide is truly the most comprehensive online web content and design guide ever published for Accounting Professionals!


An exact, step-by-step procedure to create a CPA web site that brings RESULTS

CPA Web Content Guide - getting year-round clients at no cost!New information opening new possibilities is always interesting - but will the CPA Web Content Guide bring you tangible results also?

A very pertinent question and the whole point of the CPA Web Content Guide.

It's interesting but that's only a byproduct of obtaining a full step-by-step programme to achieiving results and a long-term system to acquire a constant flow of prequalified potential clients.

Anything in the CPA Web Content Guide is selected with a very definite set of criteria. The information, content materials, tools and advice included are chosen only if it has been used to achieve RESULTS.

It isn't just stories, you know - CPA firms with successful web sites bringing a constant flow of new potential clients already exist. You want to get among those chosen few to reap the benefits NOW, when there's most to be gained by an early start!

And your CPA Web Content Guide will give you ALL that you need to make possible getting new clients practically at no cost! The insider secrets are that amazing... practically priceless if you compare to what you can achieve with them!

But here's the thing:

Only 4 percent of CPA firms GET great results in terms of a constant flow of new clients through the Internet!

With the CPA Web Content Guide, you'll join that elite...


Imagine the competitive edge you get

It will take YEARS before the mainstream of CPA firms catch onto the effective way to use their web site and Internet in prospecting and sales.

Why not let it be YOU that those thousands of business owners searching the Internet for tips on managing finances find? Why not offer them the information they want - and need to be able to change CPA firms?

It will give you an almost unfair competitive edge over other firms you your region!


Get your CPA Web Content Guide NOW and save 250 dollars!

The CPA Web Content Guide will give you a major competitive edge with these unique, proven data.

It doesn't matter if you have or don't have a web site at this time - this information will give you a uniquely competitive knowhow and the tools to take a significant lead in your area over the other CPA Firms!

The cost of CPA Web Content Guide is $397.00 — and, believe me, it's worth it — but as an Internet marketing test and ONLY FOR A VERY SHORT WHILE, you can get it for only $147.00 - yes, for one hundred and fourty-seven US dollars!

That'll start you with a saving of $250.00 right there, so get yours NOW!

Only knowledge based on proven principles will bring results. Don't lose this opportunity to get these inside secrets of the successful 4 percent top CPA firms. And it's not a small matter to have Internet produce you a constant flow of potential clients at no cost.

There's no limit to how long and how many!

But you do have to be among the first few in your area to USE this system. Otherwise, the competitors reap the benefits. It's definitely a time sensitive opportunity, created by the slow reaction of the Accounting Professionals.

Once the word gets around... well, the amazing, almost unfair competitive edge available to you launching it THEN will also gradually diminish.


12-Month 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to purchase your CPA Web Content Guide with confidence, knowing that we stand behind our product and that it really is what we say it is. For this reason, I give you a 100% full money back guarantee for 12 months.

If you are not happy with what you get - the information, tools, advice and systems within your CPA Web Content Guide - just send us a written request to be refunded with attestation that you have destroyed all materials and copies and haven't given them to third parties - and we will refund you for your full purchase price.

So even if you don't intend to start creating or modifying your web site right now, you can safely purchase this unique and valuable information now to take advantage of this special offer... and rest assured that we stand behind our work whenever you DO use it!

Your CPA Web Content Guide is delivered as a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) download. All newer computers have Acrobat Reader software already installed and if yours doesn't, you can download it free of charge from our download page!

So, get your CPA Web Content Guide now within minutes - you get it with the special price and with a 12-month full 100% money-back guarantee!

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